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HOW TO WRITE ANSWERS IN THE ANSWER SCRIPTS(Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

Paragraph Writing


Writing answers in the answer scripts may be an awful experience. However, a little organisation and discipline will help remove this fear. First, when the answerscripts are distributed, we must write down every detail (name, roll number, registration number, subject, subject code, name of the board) on the first page. Second, when the question paper is handed out we must give it a thorough reading. Then we should select and tick those questions for answering which we have learnt well. Next we should answer the questions one by one according to our choice. Then gradually we take up the questions which are less easy. Thus, in answering scripts we should follow an easy-do-difficult method. We should also be very careful of time and our handwriting. Moreover, we should answer all the questions in full, that is, we should leave no question unanswered. We should write offhand using our instant creations in case of answering uncommon questions. In writing answer scripts, we have to bear in mind that the answers should be in short and precise language. Besides, the answers must always be to the point. After writing all the answers, we should revise them whether we have to forgotten to write any major point or done any sort of mistake. Maintaining all these things, a student is sure to achieve a good result in the examination.

Model Answer-2

Model Answer-3


Composition / Essay Writing


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