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E-mail (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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E-mail is one of the most useful and wonderful inventions of modern science. Modern science has made impossible possible by inventing many useful and wonderful tools and devices. It has brought about the whole world to our grip . E-mail is one of the most useful means of communication in this new era E-mail communication is user to user via a computer. It is easier and cheaper than fax, telephone and telex. Telex is also an electric mail. Telex service is terminal to terminal while E-mail service is user to user via a computer. Privacy is fully maintained in E-mail service. Any messages can be sent from one corner to another of the globe within seconds by using E-mail service. Office-files can be exchanged easily and quickly by using this service. Now trade and commerce greatly depend on this rapid communication service. E-mail system has quickened the activities and transactions of any offices and banks, trade and commerce. Our student society enjoys a lot of advantages by using E-mail service. They can discuss with their teachers sitting at home through E-mail. They can also do library works and get necessary academic information through this useful service by staying at home. It has also quickened the globalization process. Besides, E-mail service saves a lot of papers and times. This service has made our life very easier and happier. E¬mail service should be made more popular in order to make our programmes and plans more successful and fruitful.


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Electronic mail, popularly known as ‘e-mail’, is the communication of textual messages via electronic means. E-mail is delivered to individual electronic mail boxes based in computers. In order to operate an e-mail system we need a personal computer, a modem and a telephone connection. An important advantage of e-mail is its ability to reduce the consumption of paper in the office. Internal memos and reports can be exchanged electronically without using paper. Being a computer-based messaging system, files prepared on computers can be instantly copied and easily exchanged as e-mail. E-mail turns out to be a cheaper alternative to telephone conversation and eliminates the time spent in establishing phone calls. E-mail permits communication between two parties without the parties actually being present simultaneously. Privacy is ensured as the mail is delivered to an individual’s mail box which can be accessed or opened only by the intended recipient. E-mail has brought about a revolution in modem communication. Messages can be transmitted from one country to another within seconds. E-mail transmission is very speedy. It is four times faster than FAX and ten tmes faster than telex. Trade and commerce has become greatly dependent on this speedy mode of communication. It has, however, not reached every one, especially in developing countries like ours, as most people cannot afford to have a personal computer. But even here people have started using commercially operated e-mail facilities for important purposes.


Electronic mail or simply E-mail is very much popular now-a-days for its speedy transmission of information’s and cost effectiveness. Hence information provided by a sender is delivered asynchronously to a point where it can be retrieved and processed later on by one or more recipients of the sender’s choice. In an E-Mail system, there is a number and the sender keeps on dialing the desired number till he/she is successful. Once it is connected, the PC terminal of the sender sends the message to the PC terminal of the recipient at a very high speed. There is no need of any physical presence of both the sender and the receiver. The sender can enter the message and the receiver can retrieve it whenever he/she is free. The message will remain in PC’s memory. The transmission of messages is usually done through landlines or satellite communications or through marine cables. E-mail has lot of advantages to its credit. It is cost effective. Very less money is required In comparison to other transmission device. It is time saver. Within very short time messages can be sent. There is no need of presence of either the sender or the receiver. Once the message is entered into PC’s it will remain in the receiver PC’s memory. E-mail transmission is very speedy. It is four times faster than FAX and ten times faster than telex. There is the system of using password which each subscriber can choose to use. Hence E-mail gives security of message.

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