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E-learning (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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E-learning, which stands for electronic learning, utilizes electronic media and communication technologies to deliver educational content. According to Bernard Luskin, a pioneer in this field, the 'e' in e-learning embodies qualities such as excitement, energy, enthusiasm, emotion, extension, excellence, and education, in addition to representing 'electronic'. E-learning encompasses various media formats including text, audio, images, animations, and streaming videos, and can occur both inside and outside traditional classroom settings. E-learning is particularly well-suited for distance learning and flexible learning arrangements. It offers several advantages over traditional face-to-face courses, including the ability for students to schedule classwork around their work and family commitments, thereby reducing travel time and transportation costs. With access to a computer and internet connection, students can study from anywhere, allowing for greater flexibility and convenience. Additionally, learners have the autonomy to choose the pace and depth of their studies, developing valuable internet and computer skills in the process.

Successfully completing e-learning courses also fosters self-confidence in students. However, there are some drawbacks to consider. Students with poor study habits may struggle to keep up, and there is a risk of feeling isolated from instructors and classmates. Moreover, instructors may not always be readily available to provide assistance when needed. Despite these challenges, e-learning offers numerous benefits and complements traditional learning methods. By leveraging technology, e-learning can enhance the learning experience and provide learners with valuable skills and knowledge that can benefit them throughout their lives and careers.

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E-learning is the use of electronic media and communication technologies in education. Bernard Luskin, a pioneer of e-learning, says that the 'e' should be interpreted to mean "exciting, energetic, enthusiastic, emotional, extended, excellent, and educational" in addition to 'Electronic'. E-learning includes numerous types of media for delivering text, audio, images, animation and streaming video, etc. E-learning can take place in or out of the classroom. It is-suited to distance learning and flexible learning. There are many advantages in online and computer based learning when compared to traditional face-to-face courses and lectures. Class work can be scheduled around work and family. It reduces travel time and transportation costs for students. Students can study anywhere if they have access to a computer and internet connection. Students may select their level of knowledge and interest. They can develop knowledge of the internet and computer skills that will help learners throughout their lives and careers. Successful completion of online or computer-based courses builds self-confidence in students. There are a few disadvantages as well. Learners with bad study habits may fall behind. Students may feel isolated from the instructor and classmates. Instructor may not always be available when students are studying or need help. However, in addition to traditional learning, e-learning can help learners in many ways.

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