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DUTY TOWARDS PARENTS  (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

Paragraph Writing


Duty towards parents is a great virtue. Indeed parents are second to none in this world except God. They are the only source of our lives on earth. Parents are our best friends and well-wishers on earth. When we were born first, we were quite helpless. They tenderly brought us up and looked after us during our infancy. So to speak, there is none to love us more like them. We have many duties to be done for our parents. As parents sacrifice everything for our happiness, it is our bounden duty to serve them and look after them in all possible ways. Particularly we should look after them when they become old, helpless as we were in our childhood. We should supply their needs properly. When they become weak, sick and infirm in old age, we should look after and nurse them with tenderness and care. We should fulfill all their wishes. We should not do anything that may hurt their feelings. A son who is not obedient to his parents can never prosper in life. On the contrary, obedience and performing duties to parents bring happiness, pleasure and satisfaction in life. In short, duty to parent is endless. So, every son every son and daughter should serve parents by obeying their orders, their advice and by looking after them with due care and heartfelt love.


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