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DUTY TOWARDS ELDERLY PERSONS  (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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A common saying goes that childhood is a dream, youth a blunder and old age a regret. Many of the old, aged, elderly persons continue to be battered, strangled to death, rendered homeless and forced to live the last few years of their life in loneliness and despair. Elderly persons are the people of greater age, experience and authority. They were the strength of our civilisation. In every locality there are lots of elderly persons. We can take many effective measures for them. We can extend helping hand to elders. We can raise a fund for the welfare of the older persons. By this fund we can establish an older persons’ inn. All the helpless older people of the locality will be able to stay there free of living cost, medical treatment cost etc. With the help of the wealthy section of society we can provide them all kinds of human rights for their recreation and reminiscence. We can arrange gathering for them. Whenever they are in any kind of trouble we can come forth to help them. We can let them know the current information of the world. We can include them in our working opportunity. Social awareness can be raised for the welfare of the elderly persons. We must be kind to them. We must treat them as they treated us when we were helpless babies creeping upon the earth. In a word, the elderly persons should not be neglected anyway.


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