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DEBATING  (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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Debating is a part of education. It is not only interesting and amusing but also has an educative value in sharpening people’s wits and brightening their intelligence. The students of the reputed school form a society for the purpose of carrying on debates on various subjects. It is known as debating society. In a debate a particular subject is chosen first. The persons of a debating society divide themselves into two groups. One group supports in favour of the subject and another opposes the subject. Both sides try to charm the house by their arguments. The discussion brings out the merits and demerits and ascertains through argument whether it is acceptable or not. At the end, the President clearly explains for and against the subject and closes the debates. Debating develops the power of thinking and expressions of the students. Through this, students get practical training to cultivate reasoning power and the power of thinking. Debating develops a student’s power of speech. It helps pupils to speak logically and relevantly. Debating widens the domain of knowledge. Above all, debating itself is a good education.


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