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Cyber Café (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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Cyber Café: A site for multidimensional communication

Cyber Café is the centre where the Internet users can have an easy access to get all types of information. In a cyber cafe there are arranged many computers with Internet connection. Here one can use Internet paying the required amount of money. Different types of people come to a cyber cafe in quest of different types of information. The modern cyber cafe is established providing the users with all sorts of facilities including fast food facilities. Most of the students go to a cyber cafe to get help from various educational corners. At times they collect information of different universities of the world for higher education and sometimes for better job. Those days are not so far when the students can take their class lecture from anywhere of the worlds. It is also sure that some users go to a cyber cafe for gossiping with their friends through Internet. Again, one can have a telephone call with the help of net2phone and with other popular programmes and devices. Some users go there with a view to checking their emails. Some are compelled to go to a cyber cafe because their telephone lines at home remain busy with normal phoning. Going to a cyber cafe the users can get the advantages of voicemail, email, telephone, web-phone, fax, telex and even videoconference. But for videoconference the cyber cafe requires a web camera or a digital video camera that gives the facility of enjoying movie-live pictures each other of the users. Nowadays a physician can treat a patient staying in other country through Internet. Moreover, the modern professional doctors are getting opportunities to make themselves up-to-date and becoming familiar with the new and latest systems of treatments. Besides these, all types of learners are to go to a cyber cafe not only for solving their perspective problems but also for having an acquisition of wisdom from the online Encarta Encyclopaedia, Britannica and many others. Browsing homepage and purchase-corner, the users can learn the price, quality etc of different products of different companies; and they can order them sending MasterCard, Visa-Card, Ready-Cash etc. through Internet. One can download freeware software, virus-protection tools and many other essentials from the web-site of Internet. Web-TV, 3-D games, virtual-reality, IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and so on cannot but excite our mind with entertainment. But the youngsters sometimes enjoy the taboo and obscene pictures and movies that may harm their moral characters. Moreover, they may spend time and money more than necessary. After all, we can say that cyber cafe is getting more and more popular day by day for its great importance.


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