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Courtesy in the perspective of Bangladesh and other countries​ (Paragraph / Composition / Essay)

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Courtesy in the perspective of Bangladesh and other countries

Courtesy means showing of politeness in ones attitude and behaviour towards others. It costs nothing but buys everything. The measure of a truly great man is the courtesy with which he treats lesser man. Saying courtesy words like thank you are simple acts of courtesy they make an impact on every one and go a long way in building long lasting meaningful relationships. Few are the words which we use with courtesy ….thank you, you are welcome, i am sorry, excuse me. The traditional greeting for Muslims is Asalamu alaikum to which the response is wa alaikum salam. The hand shake is common although they may feel rather limp. If people are of the same age, they use first names. When visiting a Bangladeshi’s home, it is more common to bring pastries, sweets or good quality chocolates. Patterns of behaviour and action vary from individual to individual, class to class, society to society and country to country. These differences are referred to as cultural differences. What is an appropriate mode of behaviour in one culture might prove inappropriate or even rude in another culture. For example, when Latin Americans talk to each other, they stand about 18 to 12 inches apart, measured nose to nose. To stand further away from each other while talking seems unfriendly, to them. In some Arab countries too, the proper and polite distance for a conversation is to be close enough to feel the other person’s breath. But in British or American society, getting so close during a conversation is considered inappropriate. An example is the informal use of first names among staff holding different status at work. Although it would be a blasphemy for a student to call his/her teachers by their first names in Bangladesh, it is quite common in British colleges and universities.

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