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The Happiest Day In My Life (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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The Happiest Day In My Life


The Most Exciting Day In My Life

Life is indeed a drudgery of routine. Normally we are unable to distinguish one day from the other. There are however some days that have a special significance for us, for example our birthdays or that of our near and dear ones. We do not easily forget them but look forward to them. Besides this, there is day, which is the happiest day of our life. It marks a turning point in our life, which we can never forget.

Ii was just last year when I had appeared for my ICSE examination and after a brief vacation had competed for the National Science Talent Search Examination. I had not done the science paper of the ICSE exams up to my expectations and was feeling quite dejected on this account. As the day for the announcement of results drew nearer my nervousness increased giving me sleepless nights. At time I had terrible nightmares that made my hairs stand on end. I knew my parents had great expectations from me and the thought of letting them down made me paranoid.

It was the tenth of May at about 10 a.m. my friend Mohan, rang up to inform that I had topped in the school. He had just seen the results from the internet site and had rung up to congratulate me. i was speechless, for so numb was I with apprehension, that his words did not immediately register. I was barely able to say ‘Thank you’ and gentle put the phone down. By this time my parents and sister were crowding round me to know what the matter was. I jubilantly told them about my result. What followed was just indescribable. While my parents kissed and hugged me my friend came around to congratulate me.

I was indeed enjoying being the cynosure of all eyes and kept pincing myself to ascertain that I was not hallucination. Just then my eyes fell on the daily newspaper which had been lying on the table, completely ignored in the commotion. No sooner had I turned the cover page when my heart skipped a beat, for Lo and Behold! staring me staring in the face was the result of the National Science Talent Search Test. With shaking fingers, I scanned the roll numbers and to my surprise I found my number. I called out to my mother and within no time the news spread throughout the neighborhood. I had indeed become a star overnight. This was something I had just not anticipated, but it meant to me more than anything else. It was indeed a milestone towards my ambition to become a scientist.

Looking back, I feel elated for what happened that fateful day which was the happiest day of my life. This day, which shall always be fresh in my memory for it was the turning point in my life.

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