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College Campus (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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College Campus

Our college campus is an ideal one in the Upazila. Ours is an ideal and renowned college. It has a good reputation all over Bangladesh for its better education, good results and extra-curricular activities. It has a vast area. Our college campus consists of five academic buildings, one administrative building, a rich library building, a big auditorium, a modern science laboratory building, a modern computer club building, a big college canteen building, two modern hostels, a modern beautiful mosque and a big temple. There are also a big pond, a big playground, a beautiful Shaheed Minar in our college campus. About 4,000 students both male and female are studying here. The whole college campus covers 6 acres of high land near the river. There are hundreds of fruit and medicinal trees around the college compound. So the natural scenery of the college campus is matchless and spectacular. Really, our college campus is worth-seeing . It is never flooded . There is a big car park in front of the main gate of the college. Our principal room is housed in the main building. The four academic buildings and the administrative buildings are four storied each. The classes are held in the four-academic buildings. All the building are modern and south facing. So they are well-lighted and well-airy. A disciplined and lively atmosphere exists here. Our college campus is free from any chaos and disturbance. On holidays, the students from remote areas come to our college to make a picnic. We feel proud of it. We always keep it neat and clean.


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