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Basic Human Rights (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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Basic Human Rights: A global demand for establishing peace

In the present civilised world everybody has some rights to exercise. The rights to get food, shelter, education, medical treatment etc. are called fundamental rights. But the concept of basic human rights derives from the belief that a man cannot exist in this world without having certain rights in a particular tribe or in the society. The basic human rights are divided into different categories. They are social rights, civil rights, … .political rights, economic rights, religious rights and cultural rights. Social rights mean the rights to move freely, to arrange and attend any social function like meeting, conference, marriage ceremony, birthday party or any other social function. Civil rights refer to the rights of the citizens. Every citizen has the rights to be free from the interference, attack and disturbance of others. Political rights mean the rights to join trade union, to take part in the administration, to give vote and to have the freedom of speech including freedom of expression of opinions. An inhabitant will also exercise the cultural rights, religious rights and economic rights. A person can attend various cultural functions like Pahela Baishakh, carnival, jatra, snake charming, puppet show etc. as well as can arrange them at different times. In the same way people can enjoy various religious festivals like Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha, Christmas day, Swarashati puja etc and all these are their religious rights. Moreover, people of different religions can independently say their respective prayers going to mosque, church, temple or pagoda, and perform other religious activities. Every person can possess properties, establish organisations, support others financially etc —– all these are some examples of economic rights. In the constitution all rights of the people have been obviously mentioned. All citizens are equal in the eye of law and justice. But in many countries of the world including Bangladesh basic human rights are being violated brutally. This violation must be considered crime. And this type of crime is usually committed by the law-enforcing agencies, miscreants and politicians. Definitely they should be punished for violating fundamental human rights. So, some pragmatic measures should be adopted by the govt. as well as by all leading NGO’s. All constitutional writings about basic human rights have to be materialised in no time. Moreover, we have to raise consciousness about the basic human rights among all people through different mass media like radio, television, cinema, newspaper, poster, internet etc. and through political activities, canvass and propaganda so that we can ensure the fundamental human rights for the overall betterment of all.

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