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Banning of Polythene Bags  (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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Banning of Polythene Bags: A step to avert hazard

The menace of polythene is regarded as a threat to our environment because it cannot be burned or destroyed. It is a matter of congratulation that Bangladesh Government has banned polythene bags at length. People were demanding to stop the production, uses and black-marketing of polythene bags. At last in a meeting, presided over by the Prime Minister in the presence of the Environment and Forest Minister, this decision was taken. In this decision it was banned firstly from Dhaka City from 01 January 2002 and from 01 March from the whole country. On an average, 6 million polythene bags were being used everyday only in Dhaka City. About eighty percent of these bags were thrown out into dustbin. Forty percent of these polythene bags find their way into the drain, sewerage line and manhole. As polythene remains unchanged like a strong curtain through which nothing can pass, the dirty water of drains and manhole is overflowed. As aresult, water clogs stagnantly in different places. About 5 million pieces of jute-bags were marketed as alternative immediate after the banning of polythene bags. These bags cost five to seven taka per piece. BJMC also delivers jute bags costing taka two only. After a few days multitude bags are marketed. People are now able to carry these bags in pocket. All types of polythene bags have many disadvantages. It cannot be mixed with soil and thus the fertility of cultivable land is lessened. It spreads skin diseases and causes harm to nutrition of trees. Besides, air is polluted while burning these polythene bags. It also causes some serious chronic diseases like tuberculosis and cancer. We should avoid using as well as producing polythene bags as early as possible with a view to liberating our natural environment from their disadvantages. The specialists think that it may take time to ensure not using the polythene bags anywhere. Now it has been a burning question for us all that we should stop the production, uses and marketing of polythene bags for our own betterment as soon as possible.


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