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A Street Hawker (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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A Street Hawker

A street hawker, an itinerant petty businessman, conducts his trade in a variety of wares informally and publicly, advertising his goods through vociferous hawking. Given his familiarity, such hawkers are ubiquitous, appearing in large numbers at locations such as schools, fairs, street corners, and railway stations. Other hawkers, in contrast, purchase a range of items such as empty bottles, old newspapers, magazines, books, plastic and tin containers, and broken household items, which they then sell for profit. Donning a nondescript shirt and pajamas along with a large turban on his head, a street hawker carries his materials on his head, in hand, or occasionally in a small cart. Often, he carries a bell in his right hand and a cane stand in the left, and skillfully employs his cunning to attract the attention of potential customers such as schoolchildren, villagers, and passersby. Although a street hawker purchases goods at a lower cost, his profit margins are respectable. Moreover, such hawkers offer convenience, selling goods at cheaper prices than those available in markets, but their offerings may also be spurious and sub-standard. Therefore, one must exercise caution while purchasing goods from street hawkers. Hawkers are valuable members of society, serving us in many ways by providing ready access to goods on our streets during sweltering summers and biting winters. Their services save our time and prevent inconvenience. Nevertheless, the life of a street hawker is arduous and fraught with difficulties. We ought to be sensitive and compassionate towards them and respect their dignity of labor.


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