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A Street Beggar (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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A Street Beggar

One who begs for alms from street to street is called a beggar. The beggar is a common sight in Bangladesh. Beggars are of different kinds and description. Some are old, some are young. Some can walk, some limp, a few move on push carts. There are singing beggars as well as whining beggars. Begging is regarded as a serious social problem because it encourages idleness and aversion to work. There are some beggars who are professionals. These are idlers. They find it easier to beg than work. But majority of the beggars are homeless and hungry. Nobody employs them. They suffer and ultimately become unfit for work. The first thing that begging creates in a beggar is the loss of his sense of honor. There is no certainty in a beggar’s life. The only certain thing in his life is that each day will be full of misery. He does not have any definite place to live in. His home is wherever he sleeps. There are no fixed hours for his work. If the weather is inclement he suffers most. The fortune of a beggar lies in his capacity to approach people. In fact, he is a man without fortune. He looks forward to the days of religious festivals when people are more charitable than other days. Reasons for begging are many. The unemployment problem and poverty are the two main reasons. Moreover, labour is not always viewed as dignified. Arrangement should be made to turn them into a working force.



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A Street Beggar

A Street hawker, typically a petty businessman, hawks many things informally in public places advertising them by shouting. Being a familiar figure, hawkers are frequent and common everywhere particularly near schools, at fairs, corners of roads or railway stations. There is other type of hawkers who sell nothing but buy things like empty bottles, old newspapers, magazines, books, plastic and tin containers, broken household items, etc. He puts on poor looking shirt, a pair of pajamas and a big turban on his head. He carries his materials on head and sometimes in hand and sometimes in a small handcart. He often carries a bell in his right hand and a cane stand in the left. As a cunning person he knows well how to attract a school boy, or a villager or a passer-by. He generally buys his goods at a cheaper rate and sells them at a good profit. They make the life and buying convenient. Their goods are cheaper than those sold in the market. But sometimes they supply spurious and sub-standard things. Therefore, one has to be cautious while purchasing articles from street hawkers. The hawker is an important member of society. He serves us in many ways. He comes to our street in the burning sun and in the severe cold weather. When we cannot go out to buy anything, they are there in our street to serve us. He saves our time and also inconvenience. A street hawker’s life is not easy and comfortable but it is rather difficult and full of hardship. We should be sensitive and sympathetic towards him. His dignity of labor commands our respect.

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A Street Beggar

A beggar, who wanders from street to street seeking alms, is a ubiquitous sight in Bangladesh. There are a variety of beggars - young and old, able-bodied and disabled, those who walk and those who move on push carts, those who sing and those who whine. However, begging is widely recognized as a serious social problem that engenders idleness and a lack of work ethic. Indeed, some beggars are professionals who prefer begging over working, exacerbating the problem. But the majority of beggars are homeless and hungry, unable to find employment and suffering as a result.Begging destroys a beggar's sense of dignity and honor, instilling a lack of certainty in their lives. Beggars have no permanent place of residence, and their home is wherever they happen to sleep. Additionally, their work hours are not fixed, and inclement weather conditions exacerbate their already tenuous situation. A beggar's fortune lies solely in their ability to approach people, but in reality, they are a people without fortune, struggling with misery each day. Religious festivals offer some respite for beggars, as people tend to be more charitable during those times.The reasons for begging are manifold, with unemployment and poverty being the primary drivers. Unfortunately, manual labor is not always perceived as a dignified profession, further contributing to the problem. A concerted effort must be made to turn beggars into a working force, providing them with the opportunity to contribute to society and lead a more fulfilling life.

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