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A Morning Walk (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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Walking in the morning is very good for health. One can enjoy the fresh air of the morning and remain fresh the whole day by making a habit of walking in the cool hours of the morning. By leaving the bed early one can come in contact with the outside world in its impressive mood including the flowers, trees, ponds, lakes, birds and insects. People from all walks of life can enjoy the benefits of morning walk. Morning walk is very good for those people who remain awfully busy in their offices. This is also very good for diabetic patients. In our society there are many people who cannot get up early and prepare them for morning walk. It is very natural those people who go to bed late at night cannot get up from bed early in the morning. They are very unfortunate in the sense that they fail to avail the benefits of morning walk in their lives. By taking morning walk we can remain fresh and energetic both physically and mentally and accomplish our various duties efficiently. It relieves our tensions and keeps us cool in the face of busy working days.

A Morning Walk

There are a good number of good habits of a man's life. A morning walk is one of them. It is also a good form of exercise. A life can't be happy. decent. comfortable, long and successful without a morning walk. Both the young and the old man can walk at morning. A morning walk is suitable before sun-rise. The duration of a morning walk varies from person to person. The young person walks at morning for a long period but the old person or the weak person walks for a short period. The morning air is fresh and cool. It is free from pollution. Only the person walking at morning can inhale pure air. The fresh morning air refreshes both his body and mind. At morning the nature looks matchless beautiful. So a man who walks at morning can enjoy the real beauty of the nature and hear the sweet chirping of the birds. It is that walking at morning is very useful to health. It makes a man cheerful, strong and healthy. It removes the monotony of the routine works/life. It keeps a man disease free. A man walking at morning regularly leads a happy and long He is successful in every work. So in order to make life successful and fruitful one should cultivate this good habit from early life.

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