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A HAWKER (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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A hawker is a common figure in Bangladesh. His long-drawn trade call draws the attention of the women-folk of the house. They respond to the call the send for him. There are two classes of hawkers. Some want to sell articles and some want to buy old and used articles. The hawker who sells articles is more in number. He moves from door to door. He is seen on almost all the streets. The hawker who wants to buy old and worn out articles from the houses has a peculiar way of declaring the list of the articles he wants. He comes to the house at noon when the male-folks are away from the houses. So he can easily cheat the women-folks in price and in weight. He buys food grains, worn-out clothes and shoes, old books and newspapers. The street hawker is perhaps one of the cleverest men. They know the art of winning the heart of his customers. His manners enchant them. He does not always make a very high profit. His only point is to sell something. In spite of his wit and art, the hawker is very poor. He is too poor to maintain his family

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