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A Day Labourer (Paragraph / Composition / Essay on)

Updated: Feb 21

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A Day Labourer

Everything is possible by means of labour. Without it, nothing can be done or achieved. A day labourer is he who has no land of his own and thus earns his bread by the sweat of his brow. He may work as a sweeper, a black-smith, a mason, a carpenter, a goldsmith, a peasant or a porter. His service is, no doubt, essential for the country. Still now a day labourer is very poor. He lives from hand to mouth. He has no fixed income. If he works daily, he gets wages. During the rainy days, he finds no work and he has to starve along with his family. He can hardly buy clothes or fancy things. He works in factories, ships, mines, agricultural fields and even in games and sports for overall prosperity of a country. He builds houses, sky-scrapers, but he himself lives in slums. He sets railway lines and builds highways. He brings mineral from the bottom of the earth. Thus he performs many kinds of works to earn his livelihood. Though he works hard all day long, he lives in misery and want. So, everyone of us should try heart and soul to improve the lot of these day labourers. If we are sympathetic with them, they will be benefited.

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A Day Labourer

Labor is the cornerstone of achievement; without it, nothing can be accomplished. A day laborer is someone who doesn't own land and earns their livelihood through physical work. They may engage in various occupations such as sweeping, blacksmithing, masonry, carpentry, goldsmithing, farming, or portering. Their contribution to the country is undeniable, yet many day laborers live in poverty, barely making ends meet. Their income is inconsistent, dependent on daily work availability. During rainy seasons or times of economic downturn, they struggle to find employment, leading to hardships for themselves and their families. Basic necessities like clothing or luxuries are often out of reach. Day laborers can be found in factories, ships, mines, agricultural fields, and even in sports and entertainment, contributing to the nation's prosperity. They construct buildings, skyscrapers, and infrastructure like railways and highways, yet often reside in slums themselves. Despite their tireless efforts, they endure lives marked by hardship and deprivation. It is incumbent upon all of us to strive diligently to ameliorate the conditions of these day laborers. Through empathy and support, we can make a meaningful difference in their lives.

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A Day Labourer

A day labourer is a very common figure in our agricultural land. A day labourer is a man who lives by unskilled and manual works. He usually lives in a slum or in a small hut. He has no good house of his own. He is a very laborious and strong bodied man. He lives from hand to mouth. He gets up at dawn After taking some stale rice lie goes out of doors in search of work .He works from dawn to dusk. He gets his wages at the end of the day. Then he goes to market. buys daily goods and returns home. He usually works in the agriculture or in the construction fields. Generally he wears old and dirty clothes. He works both in fair and rough weather. His income is very poor. He has to starvewith his family, when he finds no work. He lives below extreme poverty line. He looks older than his age . He hardly enjoy peace and happiness in life. He leads a very sorrowful and miserable life .In a word, he lives in wants and dies in wants. He is unable to educate his children owing to acute poverty. Inspite of unhappy life, he feels happy because he leads an honest life. Our agriculture, construction works and development activities can not be thought of without his honest labour. In fact, a day labourer is our real friend but he has no dignity ('jolts' Cam) and love in bur society. Necessary steps should be adopted to improve his wheels of lot for our greater interest.


A day labourer is he who has no land of his own and thus earns his bread by the sweat of the brow. He may work as a sweeper, a mason, a carpenter, a goldsmith, a peasant and an earth digger. His service is essential for the country. He produces crops by his hard labour. He cleans dirty places and makes them habitable. He builds houses, skyscrapers. He sets railway lines and builds highways. He works in the dockyard. He helps making launches, steamers and barges. He carries heavy loads of earth and digs canals. It is he who also works in ports. He works in mines. Drilling in gas-fields is made possible by his labour. In this way he performs many kinds of works to earn his livelihood. A day labourer is very poor. He can hardly make his both ends meet. He has no fixed income. He gets wages if he can hardly buy clothes or fancy things. He lives in slums. In some cases, he is found passing his time in gambling and drinking. He does not think of the future. So, he leads a hard and miserable life. We should find out ways and means to raise his position.

A Day Labourer

A day laborer is he who usually does hard manual labour to earn his livelihood for each single day m various fields. The picture of a day labourer is quite known to all. He is supposed to be healthy, strong and stout. He lives in a slum with his family, no wakes up early in the morning and goes out to searching of work. He works hard from dawn dusk for his employer and gets his wages in evening. Then he buys his daily necessaries by market and returns his slum. He is always  dependent on his employer. He earns a little which is not enough  to lead a smooth life. So. he and his family usually live from hand to mouth. When gets more work, he earns more and then he and members of his family eat to their heart's comic But in most of the cases it becomes hard for manage a work every day. Then his sufferings no bound. He and his family have to go without The life of a day labourer is full of sorrows and sufferings. He can hardly enjoy peace and happiness. He has to go out in search of work in all weathers. He works hard all day long and earns his livelihood by the sweat of his brow. He does not know what rest is. Though the service of a day labourer is of great importance, he is very much neglected. He is ill paid and can hardly make both ends. Anyway, he helps the rich to lead a comfortable life working in all weathers-foul or fair.

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A Day Labourer

A day laborer is an individual who engages in arduous manual work to earn a livelihood on a daily basis in various fields. The portrayal of a day laborer is well-known; he is typically regarded as sturdy, robust, and physically fit. Often living in impoverished slums with his family, he rises early each morning in search of work. From dawn until dusk, he labors tirelessly for his employer, receiving his meager wages in the evening to purchase his daily necessities from the market before returning to his abode. The day laborer is entirely reliant on his employer and earns a meager wage that is insufficient to sustain a comfortable standard of living, forcing him and his family to exist from hand to mouth. In the event that he obtains more work, he earns more, and then he and his family may enjoy a hearty meal. However, finding work every day is often a challenging task, and in such cases, his hardships know no bounds. The life of a day laborer is fraught with sorrows and suffering, with little room for peace and happiness. He must venture out in all weather conditions in search of work, toiling all day long to eke out a living by the sweat of his brow. He is perpetually without respite. Although the service of a day laborer is of immense importance, he is often neglected, poorly compensated, and struggles to make ends meet. Nonetheless, he aids the affluent in leading a comfortable life, working tirelessly through all weathers, fair or foul.

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