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A Bridal Party(Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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A woman on her wedding day or a newly married woman is called a bride. Hence a bridal party is a party which consists of the bride and her friends and attendants. This party is formed to observe certain rites peculiar to women both before and after solemnization of marriage. They also make arrangement for rejoicings and merry-making. They sing nuptial songs while they help the bride observe various rites and ceremonies. As for example, they perform the ceremony of smearing the person of the bride or bridegroom with turmeric preparatory to marriage. They also welcome the bridegroom and his friends when they arrive at the bride’s house. After solemnization of marriage the ‘ruyyat’ ceremony is observed under the supervision and guidance of the bridal party. It is the young girls of the bridal party that take the bridegroom to the ‘Zenana’ where in a room the richly decorated bride adorned with precious ornaments is kept waiting. She is surrounded by the jovial ladies and gay young girls of the bridal party. The bridegroom is made to sit on the right side of the bride. A big mirror is placed before the bride and the bridegroom. Then they have to exchange looks and to go through certain other rites. The witty devices that the girls and ladies of the bridal party take to put the bridegroom to feminine harassment draw forth a peal of laughter from the assemblage in the ‘Zenana’. In fact, the bridal party, like the bridegroom’s party, plays a vital role in bringing the bride and bridegroom into a happy wedlock.




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