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Verb + Present Participle (-ing form of Verb)

Here is the list of the verbs after which we should use present participle

1. **Acknowledge** (accept or admit the existence or truth of): He acknowledged being at fault.

2. **Admit** (confess to be true or to be the case): She admitted cheating on the test.

3. **Advise** (offer suggestions about the best course of action): They advised taking the early flight.

4. **Allow** (give permission): They allow smoking in this area.

5. **Anticipate** (expect or predict): I anticipate having a good time.

6. **Appreciate** (recognize the full worth of): I appreciate you helping me.

7. **Avoid** (keep away from): He avoids talking to strangers.

8. **Begin** (start): She began crying when she heard the news.

9. **Consider** (think carefully about): We considered moving to another city.

10. **Continue** (persist in an activity): He continued working despite the pain.

11. **Delay** (postpone): They delayed announcing the results.

12. **Deny** (refuse to admit): She denied stealing the money.

13. **Discuss** (talk about): We discussed going on a trip.

14. **Dislike** (feel distaste for): I dislike waiting in long lines.

15. **Enjoy** (take delight in): He enjoys playing the guitar.

16. **Finish** (bring to an end): She finished writing her report.

17. **Imagine** (form a mental image of): I can’t imagine living without a phone.

18. **Involve** (include as a necessary part): The job involves traveling a lot.

19. **Keep** (continue doing): He keeps talking during the lecture.

20. **Mention** (refer to briefly): She mentioned seeing him at the store.

21. **Mind** (be bothered by): Do you mind opening the window?

22. **Miss** (fail to see or notice): I miss seeing my old friends.

23. **Postpone** (delay): They postponed meeting until next week.

24. **Practice** (perform an activity repeatedly): She practices speaking English every day.

25. **Prevent** (stop from happening): They prevented him from entering the building.

26. **Propose** (suggest a plan): She proposed going to the beach.

27. **Quit** (stop doing): He quit smoking last year.

28. **Recommend** (suggest): I recommend trying the new restaurant.

29. **Regret** (feel sorrow or remorse): I regret not studying harder.

30. **Resist** (withstand the action or effect of): She couldn’t resist eating the cake.

31. **Risk** (expose to danger): He risks losing his job.

32. **Suggest** (propose a solution): They suggested going to the museum.

33. **Tolerate** (allow the existence or occurrence of): She can’t tolerate being late.

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