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SSC English 1st Board Question -2018


SSC Examination 2018

Read the passage then answer the questions no.1 and 2:

Mainul Islam is a qualified farmer in Naogaon. Mr Islam was very brilliant as a student, He took his. higher education from Bangladesh Agricultural University in Mymensingh. After completing his higher education, Mainul came back home and started advanced farming. He has two other brothers who are graduates in different areas. The speciality of the Islam family is that they all are living in their village and all have fame in their own fields. His younger brother, who is a Rajshahi University graduate, is a science teacher in a local school. His youngest brother is a social science graduate and he too would like to start a local NGO to work for this area. When asked "What makes you decide to stay here in this village?", Mr Islam smiled. He said, "Look, it's true that we could leave this village for a city life. I could be an officer or my brother could be a bureaucrat. But it didn't attract us. We are sons of this soil. Yes, we have education but does education prepare a person only to be an officer? Don't we have any obligation to the soil that has made us what we are?" He also added that every educated individual shouldn't be a job seeker. He continued that since his discipline was Agriculture, after his education he took the occupation of a farmer. In response to the question whether they have any frustrations to live in a village, he confirmed that they were very pleased with their life. He said, “Í work in my own farm, stay with my family members, pass time with my old friends, and sleep at my own home. All these count a lot."

Mr Islam is right. Many people go to cities and they forget or loosen their roots knowingly or unknowingly. Mr Islam and his brothers are great – they never forgot their roots. They not only stuck to their own roots, they have been torch bearers for others to be respectful of their own roots.

1. Choose the correct answer from the following alternatives. 1 x 7 = 7

(a) According to Mr. Islam, - should not be the only motto of education.

(i) acquisition of knowledge (ii) to be aware of responsibilities (iii) job seeking 2013 (iv) fellow feeling  

(b) Mainul along with his brothers – in a village.

(i) live (ii) work (iii) studies (iv) lives

(c) Mainul and his brothers are — with their present life.

(i) frustrated

(ii) dissatisfied

(iii) satisfied

(iv) annoyed

(d) Which quality of Mainul describe him best in the passage?

(i) He is a graduate (ii) He is an educated farmer (iii) He does not like conventional Jobs

(iv) He shows responsibility to his root

(e) Mainul's younger brother graduated from-,

(i) Agricultural University (ii) Rajshahi University (iii) Dhaka University

(iv) Rajshahi College

(f) "People forget their roots" - What does 'root' mean here?

(i) country-side (ii) lower portions of trees (iii) place of birth and its surroundings

(iv) world heritage

(g) Mainul started — farming in his village. .

(i) modern

(ii)traditional (iii) out dated. (iv) conventional

Answer: 1. (a) (iii) job seeking (b) (iv) lives (c) (iii) satisfied (d) (iv) He shows responsibility to his root (e) (ii) Rajshahi University (f) (iii) place of birth and its surroundings (g) (i) modern


2. Answer the following questions, 2 x 5 = 10

(a) What made Mainul Islam come back to his village?

(b) "Every educated individual should not be a job seeker."- Do you agree? Why?

(c) What is the speciality of Islam family?

(d) Why did Mainul become a farmer?

(e) Why are the three brothers great?

Answer: 2.   (a) Mainul Islam's sense of responsibility to his root made him come back to his village.

(b) Yes, I agree. I agree because getting job is not the only aim of education. Education helps us to be self-reliant. Being educated we can establish our own business. We can make our future by our own selves.

(c) The speciality of the Islam family is that they all are living in their village and all have fame in their own fields.

(d) Mainul became a farmer because his discipline was Agriculture.

(e) The three brothers are great because they never forgot their roots. They not only stuck to their own roots but also have been the torch bearers for others to be respectful of their own roots.


3. Read the following text and fill in each gap with a suitable word based on the information of the text: 1x 5 = 5

Fish population is at the risk from global warming, Climate change is increasing the water temperature in lakes, rivers and seas. This indicates there is less food and supply of oxygen available for fish. It again means that fish may not grow properly and may have fewer generation. If temperatures rise even by one of two degrees, some fishes will be extinct from our planet.

Climate change increases the pressure on fish population and these fishes are treated as one of the most valuable biological assets. 40% people of the world depend on fish for their protein. In case of our failure to reduce greenhouse gas emission, we will increase the pressure on fish. Thus, people depending on fish will suffer from malnutrition, hunger and poverty.

The temperature rise of water in rivers, lakes and seas has (a) — in the scarcity of food and oxygen for fish. As a result, the (b) – and reproduction of fishes is being hampered. If temperature rise goes on in this rate, it will cause the (c) -- of some fishes. If this happens people (d) - on fish as the main source of protein will suffer a lot. A possible solution to this problem is the (e) — of greenhouse gas emission.

Answer: 3. (a) resulted (b) growth (c) extinction (d) relying (e) reducing/ reduction


Read the passage on Gustave Eiffel and his Tower and answer the questions no. 4 and 5:

The Eiffel Tower was named after Gustave Eiffel, a Frenchman who designed the tower. He was born in a prosperous family in 1832. He took his graduan from the Central School of Engineering in Paris went to work for a railway construction comp His mother thought that he would not go far. patient, mum. I've got some ideas. You Gustave assured his mother.

For years Gustave made plan alter plan for factories, stations and structures of great SK buildings. All over Europe engincers copied the middle of 1880's. a group of Frenca industrialists persuaded the government to organies a World Fair in Paris, Gustave proposed a 98 tower of iron as a symbol of the fair. construction of the tower began in January 180 Forty engineers and designers worked under Gustave's direction for two years. The tower was. finally completed in March 1889. It is the highest structure of iron made by man.' No such structure had ever been constructed before. It is regarded as one of the wonders of the world.


4. Complete the table below with information from the above passage : 1 x 5=5

Gustave Eiffel


Designer of the highest structure of iron] made by man.



The construction of the tower began in (i)......


Who/ What





(ii) .......


in 1832

in a  prosperous


: Gustave

started working


for a railway construction



(iv) .......


persuaded the government to organise a fair

in 1880’s


Answer: 4.(i) January 1887 (ii) was born (iii) after taking graduation (iv) A group of French Industrialists (v) in Paris


5. Write a summary of the above passage in your own words.

Answer: 5. Summary : Gustave Eiffel is the architect of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. He was born in 1832 in France. As an engineer he made plans of structures of great size by working for many years. Engineers from all over Europe followed him. At that time a World Fair was going to be organized in Paris. Gustave proposed to build a 989 feet tower of iron as a symbol of the fair. The construction of the tower began in 1887 and ended in 1889. It is the highest structure of iron made by man and was named Eiffel Tower.


 6. Match the parts of sentences in column A, B and C to write five complete sentences : 1 x 5 = 5

Column A

Column B

Column C

(a) substances called acids

(i) be very acidic in



(i)and damage to human health

(b)ordinary rain water

(ii)are at risk

(ii)known as acidity

(c) But rain can

(iii) between acid rain

(iii) slightly acidic

(d)There is a link

(iv) is

(iv) due to acid severe acid rain

(e) Many world famous building

(v) have a sharp taste

(v) severely polluted areas

Answer: 6.   (a+v+ii) Substances called acids have a sharp taste known as acidity.

(b+iv+iii) Ordinary rain water is slightly acidic.

(c+i+v) But rain can be very acidic in severely polluted areas.

(d+iii+i) There is a link between acid rain and damage to human health.

(e+ii+iv) Many world famous buildings are at risk due to severe acid rain.


7. Put the following parts of the story in correct order to make the whole story. Only the corresponding numbers of sentences need to be written :1 x 8 = 8

(a) He made his first appearance in lite writing Liza of Lambeth", a realistic on the life of low neighbourhood in London.

(b) Some of his well-known playsa Cardilac, Lady Frederick and so on.

(c) He was born in Paris in 1874.

(d) This brought for him a good name.

(e) . He wrote a few other novels too.

(f) william Somerset Maugham was one greatest short story writers of modern time.

(g)Despite being a doctor, he gave for literature because of having nocharm. (h) Then he took to writing plays.





















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