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Self-employment / Rafin's Success: Rafin is an unemployed educated youth... (Story Writing)




Rafin, an unemployed youth, had relentlessly strived to secure a lucrative job, but despite his best efforts, had failed to do so. Disheartened, he set out for Dhaka, the capital city, in search of better employment prospects, but all his endeavors ended up in vain. Returning to his hometown, Rafin was met with mockery and ridicule from his peers, who taunted him for his futile pursuit. Undeterred by the disparaging remarks, Rafin turned to vegetable cultivation, an occupation that he found solace in.


Initially, Rafin encountered numerous challenges, and his efforts were met with little success. However, he persevered and worked tirelessly in his field, honing his skills and gaining expertise. Subsequently, he enrolled in the training programme organized by the National Horticulture Board and underwent extensive training in vegetable cultivation. Encouraged by his newfound knowledge, Rafin leased a piece of land and applied his newly acquired techniques, which resulted in a profit of Taka 25,000 in the first year. The following year, he diversified his crop selection and cultivated high-quality cauliflowers, which fetched him a substantial profit of Taka one lakh.


Bolstered by his success, Rafin acquired additional land and dedicated it entirely to cauliflower cultivation. Furthermore, he commenced breeding hi-breed cows for milk production and manure generation, thus expanding his income streams. His fortune had turned for the better, and he expressed his delight at having become self-sufficient. "I am elated to have achieved financial independence," Rafin said with a contented smile. "Previously, I had nothing to call my own, but now I possess so much. It has been possible only through my unwavering hard work and methodical approach. I am also grateful to the National Horticulture Board for their support," he added.


The officer-in-charge of the National Horticulture Board lauded Rafin's perseverance and dedication, stating that he could serve as an inspiration to countless other youths in the country. Indeed, Rafin's story attests to the fact that hard work, coupled with a steadfast resolve, is the key to success.    


Moral :

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