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YOUNG HEROES A hero is one who is admired for his or her noble qualities or courage. But to be a hero one need not be essentially adult or grown up. Sometimes a young person also does outstanding deeds and becomes a hero. Anwar, Kashem and Rina are such young heroes who have performed something responsible. Rina, Anwar and Kashem are classmates and they read in class 8 in Nurpur High School. These young heroes behaved responsibly when once Mrs. Murshed, Rina’s grandmother had an accident. Anwar and Kashem came to know about the accident. Then after Anwar, leaving her under Kashem’s care, rushed to inform Rina’s mother about the accident. Next they helped to arrange a push cart to take Mrs. Murshed to hospital for treatment. In the mean time Rina also behaved responsibly. She managed her younger brother in absence of her mother by telling interesting stories. Besides, all these young people regularly visited Mrs. Murshed at hospital. Eventually Rina’s grandmother came round and left school. This great deed proves that Anwar, Kashem and Rina are young heroes who acted responsibly during a mishap.

YOUNG HEROES A hero is someone who is admired for their noble qualities or courage, and age does not necessarily determine heroism. Sometimes, young individuals perform outstanding deeds and become heroes themselves. Anwar, Kashem, and Rina are such young heroes who displayed responsibility and bravery.Anwar, Kashem, and Rina are classmates studying in the 8th grade at Nurpur High School. These young heroes demonstrated their sense of responsibility when Mrs. Murshed, who happens to be Rina's grandmother, had an accident. Anwar and Kashem quickly learned about the accident and, in a moment of urgency, Anwar left Mrs. Murshed under Kashem's care and rushed to inform Rina's mother about the incident. Following this, they worked together to arrange a pushcart to transport Mrs. Murshed to the hospital for medical treatment. During this challenging time, Rina also exhibited remarkable responsibility by taking care of her younger brother in her mother's absence, keeping him engaged with interesting stories. Additionally, these young individuals consistently visited Mrs. Murshed at the hospital to offer their support and companionship.Eventually, thanks to their efforts and the medical care she received, Rina's grandmother recovered and left the hospital. This significant act of kindness and responsibility serves as clear evidence that Anwar, Kashem, and Rina are indeed young heroes who acted admirably during a crisis.

YOUR FAVOURITE SPORTSMAN Sachin Tendulkar is my favourite sportsman. It is said that talents are not created rather they are born. To me, Sachin is an example of that divine power. He is one player the name of whom will ever be written in golden words in the history of cricket. He is called the ‘Cricketing God’ or ‘Little Master’ for his unbelieving performance. He can bat well, he can field well, he can even bowl when the team requires. He is superb in his technique, timing and placement. His strokes are nothing but the reflection of his talent. He is the Highest run scorer in One Day International cricket. He is the highest centurian in both ODI and Test matches. He is the first ever batsman to score 10,000 runs in ODI history. But there are other reasons why he is my favourite sportsman. Despite of being in top of fame, he always remained as an icon of courtesy. He is well reputed for his modesty and well manner. I think he possess a lot of qualities which can be followed in my own life. That’s why, he is my favourite sportsman. YOUR FAVOURITE SPORTSMAN Sachin Tendulkar holds a special place in my heart as my favorite sportsman. It is often said that talents are innate, not created, and Sachin is a prime example of this divine gift. He is a player whose name will forever be enshrined in golden letters in the annals of cricket history. Known as the 'Cricketing God' or 'Little Master,' his incredible performances have earned him these titles.Sachin's versatility sets him apart - he excels in batting, fielding, and can even bowl when the team needs it. His technique, timing, and placement on the field are nothing short of exceptional. His strokes are a direct reflection of his innate talent. He boasts numerous records, including being the highest run-scorer in One Day International cricket, holding the most centuries in both ODIs and Test matches, and being the first batsman to achieve the remarkable milestone of 10,000 runs in ODI history.However, what truly makes Sachin my favorite sportsman extends beyond his on-field prowess. Despite his immense fame and success, he has always remained an icon of grace and courtesy. His reputation for modesty and impeccable manners is well-deserved. I believe he possesses a multitude of qualities that can serve as inspiration in my own life. For all these reasons, Sachin Tendulkar is my favorite sportsman, a living legend whose impact extends far beyond the cricket pitch.

My sweet home, my dear home is in the countryside. It is not a big one. It covers only a few bighas of land. It faces the south. The front side of my home is open. A big canal flows by it. There are five houses in my home. All of them are made of tin. Two of them are bigger and have pucca plinth and floor. My father and mother live in one of these houses. My elder brother, with his wife lives in another one. I also live in a fairly large house. We have a kitchen garden inside our home and a flower garden in front of our house. These gardens add to the beauty of my home. Moreover, my home is surrounded by mango groves and many other fruit trees and flower plants. In spring there is feast of flowers and fragrance in my home. Birds sing in them all day long. From a distance my home then looks like a fine painted picture. To me my home is the sweetest place on earth to live in. It is indeed dearer to me even than paradise

Your Home

My charming abode, my beloved residence, is situated in the countryside. It is not particularly large, covering only a few acres of land, facing southward. The front side of my home remains open, adjacent to a sizable canal. Within my dwelling, there are five houses, all constructed from tin. Two of these houses are more substantial, featuring solid foundations and floors. One of these is inhabited by my parents, while my elder brother and his spouse occupy another. I, too, reside in a relatively spacious dwelling. Within the confines of our home, we maintain a kitchen garden and adorn the front with a splendid flower garden, enhancing the overall aesthetics. Furthermore, my residence is enveloped by lush mango groves, numerous fruit-bearing trees, and vibrant flower plants. During the spring season, my home transforms into a captivating spectacle of blossoms and enchanting fragrances. Birds serenade us throughout the day. When viewed from a distance, my home resembles a finely crafted painting. To me, my home is the most delightful place on Earth, even more cherished than paradise itself.

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