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Most Important Synonyms and Antonyms for HSC Examination

Updated: May 31

Most Important Synonyms and Antonyms for HSC Examination

(All of them are collected from Board and Test Examinations)

able: Synonyms: capable, competent, skilled, proficient, talented, qualified, capable, efficient, adept, accomplished. Antonyms: unable, incapable, incompetent.

abode: Synonyms: accommodation, residence, dwelling, home, house, habitation, lodging, abode, domicile, living place. Antonyms: departure, exile, homelessness.

abuse: Synonyms: waste, misuse, squander, exploit, maltreat, mistreat, ill-treat, abuse, mistreat, harm. Antonyms: use properly, treat well.

accomplish: Synonyms: do, achieve, fulfill, complete, execute, perform, carry out, accomplish, achieve, realize. Antonyms: fail, abandon.

accountability: Synonyms: liability, responsibility, answerability, obligation, charge, duty, accountability, answerability. Antonyms: irresponsibility, unaccountability.

acknowledge: Synonyms: admit, accept, recognize, confess, concede, grant, acknowledge, affirm, avow, own up to. Antonyms: deny, dispute, reject.

acquire: Synonyms: earn, obtain, attain, gain, acquire, achieve, procure, secure, get, receive. Antonyms: lose, forfeit.

active: Synonyms: busy, engaged, lively, energetic, dynamic, vigorous, animated, active, bustling, vibrant. Antonyms: inactive, passive.

affluence: Synonyms: wealth, prosperity, opulence, riches, abundance, plenty, luxury, well-being, affluence, comfort. Antonyms: poverty, scarcity, need.

all: Synonyms: indefinite, every, each, every single, all the, each and every, all and sundry, everybody, everyone. Antonyms: none, nothing, zero.

always: Synonyms: constantly, continuously, perpetually, invariably, consistently, forever, regularly, all the time, invariably, consistently. Antonyms: sometimes, occasionally, rarely.

always: Synonyms: constantly, continuously, perpetually, invariably, consistently, forever, regularly, all the time, invariably, consistently. Antonyms: sometimes, occasionally, rarely.

amateur: Synonyms: non-professional, non-expert, layperson, novice, beginner, dilettante, hobbyist, enthusiast, neophyte, dabbler. Antonyms: professional, expert, seasoned, skilled, proficient.

amazing: Synonyms: miraculous, extraordinary, astonishing, incredible, fantastic, astounding, marvelous, wondrous, breathtaking, surprising. Antonyms: ordinary, unremarkable.

amusement: Synonyms: entertainment, diversion, fun, pleasure, recreation, enjoyment, delight, amusement, pastime, recreation. Antonyms: boredom, tedium, dullness.

ancient: Synonyms: old, antique, ancient, archaic, aged, historic, historical, venerable, antique, olden. Antonyms: modern, contemporary.

ancient: Synonyms: old, antique, ancient, archaic, aged, historic, historical, venerable, antique, olden. Antonyms: modern, contemporary.

apathetic: Synonyms: uninterested, indifferent, unconcerned, impassive, disinterested, lukewarm, passive, uncaring, unresponsive, aloof. Antonyms: interested, enthusiastic, passionate, concerned, eager.

apathy: Synonyms: indifference, lethargy, passivity, apathy, insensitivity, impassivity, disinterest, indifference, unconcern, detachment. Antonyms: enthusiasm, passion.

appear: Synonyms: seem, emerge, surface, show up, materialize, manifest, present, become visible, look, resemble. Antonyms: disappear, vanish, hide.

arrange: Synonyms: organize, sort, order, systematize, coordinate, structure, plan, set up, prepare, manage. Antonyms: disarrange, disorder, disorganize.

as: Synonyms: like, similar to, in the same way as, such as, equivalent to, identical to, comparable to. Antonyms: unlike, different from, dissimilar to.

assessed: Synonyms: evaluated, appraised, judged, examined, estimated, analyzed, valued, gauged, measured, graded. Antonyms: ignored, neglected, disregarded.

assume: Synonyms: look, seem, appear, assume, presume, expect, believe, suppose, guess, infer. Antonyms: doubt, question.

astonished: Synonyms: surprised, amazed, astounded, astonished, shocked, dumbfounded, flabbergasted, surprised, stunned, stupefied. Antonyms: unsurprised, unaffected.

attain: Synonyms: achieve, accomplish, reach, gain, obtain, attain, acquire, secure, procure, accomplish. Antonyms: fail, miss.

attained: Synonyms: gained, achieved, acquired, attained, reached, obtained, secured, gained, won, earned. Antonyms: lost, forfeited.

attempt: Synonyms: try, endeavor, strive, undertake, venture, aim, make an effort, tackle, pursue, assay. Antonyms: abstain, refrain, avoid, neglect, abandon.

attraction: Synonyms: curiosity, interest, fascination, allure, charm, appeal, magnetism, enticement, allurement, enchantment. Antonyms: repulsion, aversion, indifference.

avoided: Synonyms: ignored, neglected, overlooked, dismissed, forgotten, disregarded, omitted, overlooked, neglected, ignored. Antonyms: noticed, acknowledged.

bad: Synonyms: negative, poor, inferior, substandard, unacceptable, faulty, defective, wrong, undesirable, harmful. Antonyms: good, excellent, superior, positive.

band: Synonyms: group, team, band, party, crew, ensemble, company, band, group, troop. Antonyms: individual, single.

beast: Synonyms: animal, creature, brute, mammal, living being, organism, beast, being, wild animal. Antonyms: human, human being.

beautiful: Synonyms: pretty, lovely, attractive, gorgeous, stunning, charming, elegant, graceful, delightful, captivating. Antonyms: ugly, unattractive, plain, unappealing.

benefit: Synonyms: advantage, privilege, gain, profit, benefit, boon, merit, asset, blessing, favor. Antonyms: disadvantage, drawback, loss.

black: Synonyms: dark, ebony, inky, sable, coal-black, pitch-black, jet-black, obsidian, shadowy, dusky. Antonyms: white, bright, light, fair, pale.

blessing: Synonyms: benefit, advantage, boon, gift, favor, help, advantage, blessing, privilege, asset. Antonyms: curse, misfortune.

blessing: Synonyms: boon, benefit, advantage, gift, blessing, favor, boon, benefit, advantage, godsend. Antonyms: curse, misfortune.

block: Synonyms: prevent, demote, obstruct, block, stop, hinder, hamper, inhibit, impede, thwart. Antonyms: facilitate, assist.

boring: Synonyms: uninteresting, dull, tedious, monotonous, tiresome, dreary, humdrum, bland, insipid, unexciting. Antonyms: interesting, exciting, engaging, captivating, stimulating.

broad: Synonyms: wide, spacious, extensive, vast, large, ample, roomy, comprehensive, expansive, wide-ranging. Antonyms: narrow, limited, restricted.

business: Synonyms: occupation, profession, trade, industry, enterprise, company, commerce, job, work, vocation. Antonyms: leisure, pastime, hobby, unemployment.

calm: Synonyms: pleased, tranquil, serene, composed, collected, relaxed, peaceful, unruffled, quiet, untroubled. Antonyms: agitated, upset, anxious, worried, tense.

calm: Synonyms: quiet, peaceful, serene, calm, tranquil, placid, composed, collected, calm, still. Antonyms: agitated, restless.

calmness: Synonyms: pleasure, delight, satisfaction, contentment, serenity, tranquility, composure, poise, peace, equanimity. Antonyms: agitation, unrest, anxiety, turmoil, stress.

capacity: Synonyms: capability, ability, capacity, aptitude, competence, potential, capacity, power, talent, proficiency. Antonyms: incapacity, incompetence.

care: Synonyms: concern, attention, consideration, mindfulness, thoughtfulness, solicitude, care, caution, watchfulness, diligence. Antonyms: negligence, indifference.

ceremony: Synonyms: custom, ritual, tradition, formal, rite, observance, celebration, ceremony, protocol, procedure. Antonyms: informality, casualness, spontaneity.

certainly: Synonyms: definitely, surely, indeed, certainly, unquestionably, undoubtedly, positively, absolutely, definitely, no doubt. Antonyms: doubtfully, uncertainly.

certainly: Synonyms: definitely, surely, indeed, certainly, unquestionably, undoubtedly, positively, absolutely, definitely, no doubt. Antonyms: doubtfully, uncertainly.

certainly: Synonyms: definitely, undoubtedly, assuredly, positively, without a doubt, unquestionably, clearly, no doubt, definitely, indeed. Antonyms: doubtfully, uncertainly, possibly.

certainly: Synonyms: obviously, surely, definitely, undoubtedly, unquestionably, absolutely, positively, indeed, without a doubt. Antonyms: doubtfully, uncertainly, possibly.

charm: Synonyms: enchantment, fascination, allure, appeal, attraction, charisma, charm, magnetism, magic, allure. Antonyms: repulsion, aversion.

cheap: Synonyms: inexpensive, economical, affordable, low-cost, budget-friendly, reasonable, economical, affordable, low-priced. Antonyms: expensive, costly, extravagant.

cheap: Synonyms: valueless, inexpensive, low-cost, budget-friendly, reasonable, economical, affordable, cheap, low-priced. Antonyms: expensive, costly, extravagant.

check: Synonyms: impede, restrain, inhibit, restrict, hinder, obstruct, curb, check, control, suppress. Antonyms: facilitate, encourage, promote.

clear: Synonyms: transparent, lucid, obvious, evident, apparent, plain, explicit, unambiguous, distinct, understandable. Antonyms: opaque, unclear, ambiguous.

colonialism: Synonyms: imperialism, imperialism, colonization, expansion, subjugation, dominion, control, colonialism, imperialism, hegemony. Antonyms: independence, freedom.

comfort: Synonyms: ease, contentment, solace, consolation, comfort, relief, well-being, satisfaction, tranquility, serenity. Antonyms: discomfort, distress.

comfort: Synonyms: ease, solace, consolation, contentment, pleasure, satisfaction, reassurance, relaxation, relief, coziness. Antonyms: discomfort, distress, unease, agony, hardship, misery.

comfortable: Synonyms: cozy, snug, pleasant, comfortable, convenient, restful, relaxing, comfy, easy, enjoyable. Antonyms: uncomfortable, uneasy.

common: Synonyms: general, ordinary, usual, commonplace, widespread, standard, prevalent, regular, familiar, typical. Antonyms: rare, uncommon, unique, exceptional.

common: Synonyms: widespread, prevalent, ordinary, usual, commonplace, general, popular, typical, ordinary, regular. Antonyms: rare, uncommon, unique, exceptional.

compassion: Synonyms: generosity, mercy, sympathy, empathy, kindness, benevolence, pity, charity, understanding, clemency. Antonyms: cruelty, indifference, harshness.

compassion: Synonyms: love, empathy, sympathy, kindness, benevolence, charity, understanding, clemency, tenderness, warmth. Antonyms: cruelty, indifference, harshness.

confidentially: Synonyms: privately, secretly, discreetly, privately, clandestinely, covertly, privately, privately, hush-hush, covertly. Antonyms: openly, publicly.

consciousness: Synonyms: awareness, perception, cognizance, consciousness, mindfulness, realization, comprehension. Antonyms: unconsciousness, unawareness.

constitute: Synonyms: comprise, form, make up, compose, constitute, create, establish, organize, construct, shape. Antonyms: dismantle, disintegrate, break up.

continuously: Synonyms: rigorously, constantly, continuously, perpetually, persistently, unceasingly, incessantly, continuously, unendingly, relentlessly. Antonyms: intermittently, sporadically.

contrary: Synonyms: opposite, conflicting, contradictory, contrasting, contrary, different, opposing, divergent, opposite, reverse. Antonyms: similar, identical, same.

corrupt: Synonyms: indecent, immoral, dishonest, unscrupulous, unethical, depraved, wicked, venal, crooked, fraudulent. Antonyms: honest, ethical, upright, moral, virtuous.

crack: Synonyms: break, fracture, split, crack, break, snap, split, crack, break, rupture. Antonyms: mend, repair.

created: Synonyms: made, formed, produced, created, generated, originated, fashioned, formed, crafted, designed. Antonyms: destroyed, dismantled.

criticize: Synonyms: humiliate, condemn, censure, denounce, rebuke, reproach, fault, disapprove, chastise, berate. Antonyms: praise, commend, applaud, compliment.

criticize: Synonyms: humiliate, ignore, underestimate, berate, condemn, censure, denounce, rebuke, reproach, fault. Antonyms: praise, commend, compliment, applaud.

cry: Synonyms: weep, sob, wail, mourn, bawl, howl, whimper, blubber, lament, shed tears. Antonyms: laugh, giggle, chuckle.

cultivated: Synonyms: used, engaged, employed, utilized, practiced, developed, nurtured, refined, sophisticated, polished. Antonyms: uncultivated, unused, neglected.

curb: Synonyms: check, control, restrain, suppress, contain, curb, limit, restrict, regulate, manage. Antonyms: unleash, release.

curiosity: Synonyms: wish, desire, eagerness, inquisitiveness, interest, inquisitiveness, curiosity, exploration, investigation. Antonyms: indifference, disinterest.

dedication: Synonyms: loyalty, devotion, commitment, allegiance, faithfulness, fidelity, sincerity, dedication, loyalty, steadfastness. Antonyms: disloyalty, inconstancy, infidelity.

deed: Synonyms: action, act, feat, achievement, accomplishment, deed, exploit, feat, performance, accomplishment. Antonyms: failure, inaction.

deep: Synonyms: profound, deep-seated, intense, heartfelt, heartfelt, thorough, penetrating, significant, meaningful, deep. Antonyms: shallow, superficial.

denial: Synonyms: refusal, rejection, decline, repudiation, negation, dissent, disavowal, contradiction, denial, dissent. Antonyms: acceptance, approval, acknowledgment.

departure: Synonyms: exit, leaving, departure, withdrawal, exit, going, retreat, departure, leaving, exit. Antonyms: arrival, entrance.

desire: Synonyms: zeal, aspiration, longing, wish, craving, yearning, ambition, passion, hunger, lust. Antonyms: indifference, apathy, disinterest, aversion.

destroy: Synonyms: repeal, dismantle, annihilate, ruin, devastate, demolish, eradicate, obliterate, eliminate, abolish. Antonyms: build, create, construct, preserve.

detrimental: Synonyms: harmful, damaging, injurious, detrimental, adverse, deleterious, negative, hurtful, detrimental, pernicious. Antonyms: beneficial, advantageous.

dictator: Synonyms: autocrat, despot, tyrant, oppressor, totalitarian, ruler, leader, autocrat, tyrant, authoritarian. Antonyms: democrat, liberal, egalitarian.

differ: Synonyms: disagree, vary, contrast, deviate, diverge, dissent, distinguish, differ, oppose, conflict. Antonyms: agree, conform, coincide, match, harmonize.

different: Synonyms: distinct, diverse, various, dissimilar, separate, unique, unlike, disparate, contrasting, varied. Antonyms: same, identical, similar.

disappear: Synonyms: vanish, fade, evaporate, fade away, dissolve, cease to exist, evaporate, fade out, evaporate, pass away. Antonyms: appear, materialize, emerge.

discourage: Synonyms: dissuade, deter, demotivate, discourage, dishearten, dampen, deter, dissuade, prevent, hinder. Antonyms: encourage, motivate.

discourteous: Synonyms: rude, impolite, disrespectful, ill-mannered, uncivil, impertinent, insolent, boorish, offensive, inconsiderate. Antonyms: courteous, polite, respectful, considerate, well-mannered.

dishonour: Synonyms: disrespect, insult, dishonor, discredit, shame, disgrace, indignity, dishonor, humiliation, ignominy. Antonyms: honor, respect.

dislocated: Synonyms: displaced, dislodged, misaligned, shifted, out of place, dislocated, disturbed, disordered, disarranged. Antonyms: aligned, in place, undisturbed.

disorder: Synonyms: chaos, confusion, disarray, disorganization, mess, jumble, untidiness, turmoil, anarchy, mayhem. Antonyms: order, organization, arrangement, system, tidiness.

dispel: Synonyms: banish, dismiss, eliminate, disperse, drive away, clear, dissipate, scatter, evaporate, quell. Antonyms: attract, gather, accumulate, collect, retain.

disqualify: Synonyms: disentitle, debar, invalidate, exclude, prohibit, reject, disable, incapacitate, disqualify, bar. Antonyms: qualify, allow, enable.

disregarded: Synonyms: ignored, neglected, overlooked, dismissed, forgotten, disregarded, omitted, omitted, neglected, ignored. Antonyms: noticed, acknowledged.

dissimilar: Synonyms: different, unlike, diverse, distinct, varied, unalike, disparate, distinct, separate, unrelated. Antonyms: similar, alike, identical, homogeneous, uniform.

distress: Synonyms: pains, agonies, suffering, hardship, misery, torment, anguish, adversity, affliction, trouble. Antonyms: comfort, ease, joy, happiness.

diversity: Synonyms: variety, multiplicity, assortment, heterogeneity, range, difference, diversification, variety, heterogeneity, disparity. Antonyms: uniformity, similarity, sameness.

do: Synonyms: perform, execute, carry out, accomplish, achieve, do, complete, fulfill, undertake, undertake. Antonyms: neglect, ignore, abandon.

domestic: Synonyms: local, home, household, family, national, internal, residential, indigenous, homegrown, native. Antonyms: foreign, international, overseas.

dominated: Synonyms: controlled, governed, ruled, dominated, mastered, controlled, governed, ruled, supervised, overseen. Antonyms: liberated, emancipated.

dullness: Synonyms: boredom, monotony, tedium, ennui, weariness, dreariness, flatness, dullness, monotony, uninteresting. Antonyms: excitement, interest.

earlier: Synonyms: previous, former, prior, preceding, antecedent, past, earlier, former, anterior, earlier. Antonyms: later, subsequent, following, future, afterward.

earnestness: Synonyms: honesty, sincerity, genuineness, truthfulness, seriousness, commitment, devotion, earnestness, sincerity, wholeheartedness. Antonyms: insincerity, dishonesty.

earth: Synonyms: ground, soil, dirt, land, terrain, globe, planet, world, earth, ground. Antonyms: sky, heaven, space.

easy: Synonyms: simple, effortless, uncomplicated, easy, straightforward, painless, facile, easy, elementary, plain sailing. Antonyms: difficult, challenging, complicated.

educative: Synonyms: instructional, educational, informative, enlightening, enlightening, educational, instructive, pedagogical, didactic, edifying. Antonyms: uneducational, uninformative, non-instructive.

effect: Synonyms: outcome, result, influence, impact, consequence, effect, aftermath, implication, repercussion, result. Antonyms: cause, reason, source.

elegant: Synonyms: charming, graceful, sophisticated, stylish, refined, tasteful, polished, exquisite, chic, fashionable. Antonyms: clumsy, inelegant, crude, tacky.

emphasis: Synonyms: stress, importance, accent, prominence, weight, significance, emphasis, highlight, focus. Antonyms: de-emphasis, understatement.

encircled: Synonyms: surrounded, enclosed, circled, encompassed, bounded, enclosed, encased, encircled, bordered, enveloped. Antonyms: open, unenclosed.

encourage: Synonyms: motivate, inspire, stimulate, boost, spur, urge, support, encourage, promote, foster. Antonyms: discourage, dissuade.

ended: Synonyms: concluded, finished, completed, terminated, concluded, wrapped up, finalized, ceased, accomplished, closed. Antonyms: ongoing, continuing, in progress, unfinished, unresolved.

ended: Synonyms: finished, concluded, completed, terminated, closed, over, done, finished, concluded, terminated. Antonyms: ongoing, continuing, unfinished.

endlessly: Synonyms: continuously, constantly, perpetually, incessantly, ceaselessly, unceasingly, eternally, persistently, always, forever. Antonyms: intermittently, occasionally, sporadically.

enemy: Synonyms: foe, adversary, opponent, rival, antagonist, competitor, competitor, opposition, hostile, nemesis. Antonyms: friend, ally, supporter.

enjoy: Synonyms: relish, savor, delight in, appreciate, revel in, cherish, take pleasure in, indulge in, enjoy, love. Antonyms: dislike, hate, loathe.

entrance: Synonyms: entry, arrival, access, entrance, entry, admission, access, entry, ingress, entrance. Antonyms: exit, departure.

eradicate: Synonyms: dispel, withdraw, eliminate, abolish, remove, eradicate, wipe out, exterminate, destroy, obliterate. Antonyms: retain, keep, preserve.

error: Synonyms: fault, mistake, blunder, inaccuracy, oversight, flaw, slip, miscalculation, misunderstanding, gaffe. Antonyms: accuracy, correctness, precision.

established: Synonyms: settled, fixed, confirmed, entrenched, rooted, established, traditional, recognized, accepted, conventional. Antonyms: new, unestablished.

ethical: Synonyms: moral, virtuous, righteous, principled, honest, upright, just, good, honorable, ethical. Antonyms: immoral, unethical, dishonest, corrupt, unprincipled.

examination: Synonyms: consideration, analysis, study, scrutiny, inspection, review, assessment, evaluation, investigation, inquiry. Antonyms: neglect, oversight, disregard, ignorance, carelessness.

exclude: Synonyms: omit, eliminate, leave out, remove, bar, reject, ban, prevent, prohibit, disregard. Antonyms: include, admit, incorporate.

expert: Synonyms: specialist, professional, adept, skilled, proficient, knowledgeable, experienced, master, authority, guru. Antonyms: novice, beginner, amateur, layperson.

fade: Synonyms: wither, wilt, shrivel, droop, decline, diminish, vanish, fade, wane, dwindle. Antonyms: grow, develop.

failure: Synonyms: defeat, loss, downfall, disappointment, fiasco, non-success, flop, setback, disaster, debacle. Antonyms: success, triumph, victory, achievement.

failure: Synonyms: defeat, loss, failure, flop, downfall, collapse, failure, defeat, fiasco, debacle. Antonyms: success, victory.

fascinate: Synonyms: enchant, captivate, charm, enthrall, mesmerize, bewitch, fascinate, attract, intrigue, beguile. Antonyms: bore, repel.

faulty: Synonyms: defective, flawed, imperfect, damaged, impaired, incorrect, erroneous, unreliable, unsound, weak. Antonyms: flawless, perfect, impeccable, sound, reliable.

few: Synonyms: several, few, some, a handful of, a small number of, a few, several, few, not many. Antonyms: many, numerous.

finally: Synonyms: eventually, ultimately, at last, finally, in the end, lastly, conclusively, ultimately, eventually, finally. Antonyms: initially, initially.

fixed: Synonyms: still, motionless, immobile, stationary, stable, unchanging, firm, steady, constant, resolute. Antonyms: moving, shifting, variable.

flourishing: Synonyms: thriving, successful, prosperous, booming, flourishing, blooming, successful, thriving, flourishing, prospering. Antonyms: declining, failing.

foe: Synonyms: rival, opponent, adversary, enemy, antagonist, competitor, challenger, competitor, opposition, antagonist. Antonyms: friend, ally, supporter, collaborator.

foreign: Synonyms: alien, external, overseas, international, exotic, non-native, unfamiliar, external, outlandish, external. Antonyms: domestic, local, native.

foreigner: Synonyms: immigrant, outsider, alien, non-native, newcomer, stranger, expatriate, foreign national, expat, settler. Antonyms: native, citizen, local, resident.

forget: Synonyms: disregard, ignore, neglect, forget, overlook, omit, skip, neglect, ignore, overlook. Antonyms: remember, recall.

formerly: Synonyms: previously, earlier, before, once, formerly, hitherto, previously, before, previously, before now. Antonyms: currently, presently.

friend: Synonyms: comrade, companion, pal, chum, confidant, friend, buddy, mate, ally, acquaintance. Antonyms: enemy, foe.

fruit: Synonyms: fruit, produce, yield, crop, harvest, fruitage, outcome, result, consequence, effect. Antonyms: seed, origin.

fully: Synonyms: quite, completely, fully, entirely, totally, thoroughly, wholly, fully, absolutely, perfectly. Antonyms: partially, incompletely.

genocide: Synonyms: ethnic cleansing, mass extermination, annihilation, extermination, holocaust, massacre, eradication, destruction, genocide. Antonyms: preservation, protection.

give: Synonyms: provide, convey, carry, deliver, bestow, furnish, grant, offer, present, supply. Antonyms: take, receive, withhold.

goal: Synonyms: aim, purpose, objective, goal, target, ambition, intention, aspiration, destination, end. Antonyms: non-goal, aimlessness.

goal: Synonyms: objective, aim, target, purpose, ambition, intention, destination, aspiration, mission, end. Antonyms: aimlessness, purposelessness, lack of direction.

good: Synonyms: decent, virtuous, righteous, kind, benevolent, ethical, noble, moral, upright, exemplary. Antonyms: bad, evil, immoral.

good: Synonyms: excellent, great, fine, superb, admirable, outstanding, superior, positive, favorable, valuable. Antonyms: bad, poor, inferior, terrible, negative.

good: Synonyms: honest, virtuous, righteous, upright, moral, ethical, good, honorable, decent, noble. Antonyms: bad, evil, wicked.

goodness: Synonyms: morality, virtue, righteousness, integrity, goodness, ethicality, uprightness, decency, honesty, probity. Antonyms: evil, wickedness, immorality, corruption, malevolence.

grudge: Synonyms: resentment, bitterness, animosity, grudge, enmity, hostility, rancor, bitterness, ill will, spite. Antonyms: forgiveness, goodwill.

hampers: Synonyms: obstruct, hinder, impede, restrain, curb, hamper, hinder, block, inhibit, encumber. Antonyms: facilitate, aid, assist.

hate: Synonyms: detest, loathe, despise, abhor, abominate, dislike, disdain, resent, antipathy, animosity. Antonyms: love, like, admire.

help: Synonyms: favor, assistance, support, aid, backing, encouragement, aid, relieve, succor, facilitate. Antonyms: hinder, obstruct, impede.

honour: Synonyms: regard, esteem, respect, veneration, reverence, admiration, recognition, dignity, glory, tribute. Antonyms: disrespect, dishonor, contempt.

honour: Synonyms: respect, esteem, admiration, reverence, glory, recognition, tribute, accolade, veneration, homage. Antonyms: dishonor, disrespect, contempt.

hope: Synonyms: goal, aim, ambition, aspiration, dream, hope, wish, desire, expectation. Antonyms: despair, hopelessness.

hostility: Synonyms: unfriendliness, animosity, enmity, antagonism, animus, bitterness, malice, antipathy, hostility, ill will. Antonyms: friendliness, goodwill, amicability, harmony, affection.

humane: Synonyms: kind, compassionate, merciful, benevolent, considerate, sympathetic, gentle, tender, humane, good-hearted. Antonyms: cruel, inhumane, unkind.

hypothetically: Synonyms: theoretically, suppositiously, theoretically, speculatively, allegedly, theoretically, supposed, potentially, tentatively. Antonyms: practically, really, actually.

idea: Synonyms: view, concept, notion, opinion, thought, belief, impression, understanding, perception, conception. Antonyms: ignorance, unawareness, misunderstanding.

idle: Synonyms: inactive, inert, sluggish, lazy, lethargic, unoccupied, unemployed, dormant, slothful, indolent. Antonyms: busy, active, industrious, energetic, productive.

idle: Synonyms: inactive, unemployed, unoccupied, inactive, unused, dormant, vacant, still, motionless, stationary. Antonyms: active, busy, occupied.

ignore: Synonyms: avoid, neglect, disregard, overlook, dismiss, slight, snub, pass over, omit, exclude. Antonyms: notice, acknowledge, recognize.

ignore: Synonyms: neglect, overlook, disregard, omit, disregard, pass over, slight, snub, overlook, ignore, bypass. Antonyms: notice, acknowledge, recognize, attend to.

ignoring: Synonyms: upsetting, disappointing, discouraging, disheartening, dismaying, dispiriting, ignoring. Antonyms: pleasing, satisfying.

immense: Synonyms: great, huge, vast, enormous, gigantic, colossal, massive, immense, mammoth, monumental. Antonyms: tiny, small, minute, insignificant, negligible.

immorality: Synonyms: wickedness, sinfulness, depravity, immorality, corruption, vice, evil, iniquity, wrongdoing, licentiousness. Antonyms: morality, virtue, righteousness.

impeccable: Synonyms: perfect, unblemished, faultless, flawless, spotless, pristine, irreproachable, immaculate, exemplary, faultless. Antonyms: flawed, imperfect, faulty, blemished.

imperfect: Synonyms: flawed, faulty, deficient, incomplete, blemished, defective, inaccurate, weak, substandard, inadequate. Antonyms: perfect, flawless, faultless, impeccable.

impiety: Synonyms: irreverence, blasphemy, sacrilege, impiety, godlessness, irreverence, disrespect, ungodliness, wickedness. Antonyms

Importat synonym and Antonyms from board Questions

impossibility: Synonyms: despair, hopelessness, futility, impracticality, impossibility, unfeasibility, unattainability. Antonyms: possibility, feasibility.

impossible: Synonyms: unachievable, unattainable, hopeless, impracticable, infeasible, unfeasible, impossible, inconceivable, unworkable. Antonyms: possible, achievable.

inattentive: Synonyms: callous, inconsiderate, negligent, heedless, indifferent, unconcerned, thoughtless, careless, unobservant, uninterested. Antonyms: attentive, considerate, caring, observant, concerned.

inborn: Synonyms: instinctive, inherent, innate, natural, inborn, inherent, intrinsic, native, congenital, inbred. Antonyms: acquired, learned, taught.

incapability: Synonyms: incapacity, inability, incompetence, inadequacy, disability, powerlessness, weakness, ineptitude, helplessness, incapacity. Antonyms: capability, ability, competence, proficiency.

include: Synonyms: have, contain, encompass, comprise, incorporate, involve, embrace, cover, enclose, subsume. Antonyms: exclude, omit, remove, leave out.

incompetence: Synonyms: ineptitude, incapability, inadequacy, inefficiency, inability, unskilled, incapacity, lack of ability, unqualified. Antonyms: competence, capability, proficiency, skillfulness, expertise.

incorrect: Synonyms: mistaken, erroneous, wrong, inaccurate, flawed, false, faulty, untruthful, misguided, imprecise. Antonyms: correct, accurate, precise.

independence: Synonyms: freedom, autonomy, self-reliance, sovereignty, self-government, liberty, self-determination, emancipation, liberation, autonomy. Antonyms: dependence, subjugation, oppression.

indolent: Synonyms: lazy, slothful, idle, indolent, sluggish, lethargic, inactive, inactive, inert, listless. Antonyms: diligent, industrious.

inferior: Synonyms: substandard, poor, lower, inferior, lesser, lower-grade, second-rate, second-class, mediocre, lower-quality. Antonyms: superior, better.

initiation: Synonyms: beginning, start, commencement, inception, introduction, launch, kick-off, opening, origin, onset. Antonyms: conclusion, end, termination, completion, finale.

inner: Synonyms: internal, inside, interior, innermost, intrinsic, inward, intimate, deep, hidden, private. Antonyms: outer, exterior, external, surface, superficial, outside, externalized, apparent, exposed, peripheral.

insincerity: Synonyms: dishonesty, hypocrisy, deceitfulness, falseness, duplicity, deception, insincerity, deceit. Antonyms: sincerity, honesty, truthfulness.

instruct: Synonyms: teach, educate, train, coach, guide, direct, inform, tutor, school, enlighten. Antonyms: misinform, misguide, deceive, confuse.

integrity: Synonyms: honesty, uprightness, probity, righteousness, integrity, honor, decency, virtue, morality, sincerity. Antonyms: dishonesty, deceit, corruption.

internal: Synonyms: inward, inner, interior, inside, innermost, internal, inner, intrinsic, inherent, innate. Antonyms: external, outward, outside.

irregularly: Synonyms: sporadically, intermittently, erratically, irregularly, occasionally, haphazardly, infrequently, irregularly, randomly, unpredictably. Antonyms: regularly, consistently.

issue: Synonyms: subject, topic, matter, issue, question, concern, theme, subject, problem, point. Antonyms: answer, solution.

joy: Synonyms: delight, happiness, pleasure, ecstasy, jubilation, elation, bliss, contentment, satisfaction, gratification. Antonyms: sorrow, sadness, grief.

justice: Synonyms: fairness, impartiality, equity, justice, righteousness, honesty, integrity, morality, uprightness, rightness. Antonyms: injustice, unfairness.

keep: Synonyms: retain, preserve, hold, maintain, store, save, uphold, guard, protect, look after. Antonyms: release, let go, discard, abandon, give up.

knowledge: Synonyms: understanding, wisdom, awareness, comprehension, insight, information, knowledge, cognition, awareness, intelligence. Antonyms: ignorance, unawareness.

known: Synonyms: named, identified, recognized, familiar, acknowledged, established, known, well-known, famous, renowned. Antonyms: unknown, unfamiliar, unidentified.

largely: Synonyms: extensively, broadly, mostly, largely, predominantly, primarily, mainly, greatly, chiefly, substantially. Antonyms: minimally, slightly.

late: Synonyms: delayed, overdue, belated, behind schedule, tardy, behind time, not on time, behind, last-minute. Antonyms: early, on time, punctual.

later: Synonyms: afterward, subsequently, afterwards, following, subsequently, afterward, later on, eventually, in the future. Antonyms: earlier, before.

laziness: Synonyms: indolence, sloth, laziness, idleness, inactivity, lethargy, sluggishness, laziness, slowness, inertia. Antonyms: diligence, industriousness.

lazy: Synonyms: idle, slothful, indolent, lethargic, inactive, sluggish, unmotivated, inert, shiftless, apathetic. Antonyms: industrious, hardworking, diligent.

liberal: Synonyms: progressive, tolerant, open-minded, broad-minded, permissive, lenient, free-thinking, generous, charitable, open. Antonyms: conservative, narrow-minded, intolerant.

liberty: Synonyms: freedom, independence, autonomy, self-determination, emancipation, liberation, sovereignty, free will. Antonyms: captivity, bondage, restraint.

lie: Synonyms: deceit, falsehood, untruth, lie, deception, dishonesty, fib, fabrication, falsehood, dishonesty. Antonyms: truth, honesty.

lifestyle: Synonyms: way of life, living, life, habits, routine, customs, traditions, culture, behavior, existence. Antonyms: non-lifestyle, atypical lifestyle, unconventional lifestyle.

local: Synonyms: regional, community, neighborhood, native, domestic, provincial, district, municipal, local, indigenous. Antonyms: national, international.

logical: Synonyms: sensible, rational, reasonable, coherent, consistent, sound, well-founded, valid, convincing, plausible. Antonyms: illogical, irrational, unreasonable, nonsensical.

lose: Synonyms: misplace, mislay, forfeit, suffer loss, fail, be defeated, be deprived of, miss, drop, squander. Antonyms: win, gain, keep, find, retrieve.

love: Synonyms: liking, affection, fondness, adoration, devotion, passion, admiration, love, tenderness, infatuation. Antonyms: hatred, dislike, aversion.

luxurious: Synonyms: opulent, lavish, extravagant, sumptuous, deluxe, upscale, grand, luxurious, posh, plush. Antonyms: modest, plain, simple, basic.

made: Synonyms: posed, caused, created, produced, made, formed, shaped, constituted, generated, originated. Antonyms: destroyed, dismantled.

make sure: Synonyms: secure, guarantee, confirm, ensure, ascertain, verify, validate, affirm, establish, safeguard. Antonyms: endanger, risk, jeopardize, doubt, question.

manifest: Synonyms: obvious, evident, clear, apparent, visible, distinct, overt, evident, plain, unmistakable. Antonyms: hidden, concealed, obscure, ambiguous, unclear.

matt: Synonyms: dull, flat, lusterless, non-shiny, unpolished, unglazed, muted, unburnished, drab, lackluster. Antonyms: glossy, shiny, polished, gleaming.

mind: Synonyms: mentality, personality, psyche, intellect, understanding, consciousness, mind, intellect, reasoning, intelligence. Antonyms: body, physicality.

minimum: Synonyms: smallest, lowest, least, minimal, slightest, tiniest, least possible, least amount, minimum, lowest. Antonyms: maximum, largest, greatest.

misguide: Synonyms: mislead, deceive, misdirect, misinform, lead astray, delude, beguile, trick, manipulate, bamboozle. Antonyms: guide, direct, lead, inform, enlighten.

mismatch: Synonyms: discrepancy, inconsistency, disagreement, disparity, dissimilarity, incongruity, imbalance, misfit, discord, variance. Antonyms: match, agreement, harmony, compatibility.

mood: Synonyms: disposition, temperament, state of mind, mood, attitude, feeling, emotion, mood, spirit, humor. Antonyms: attitude, temperament.

murdered: Synonyms: killed, assassinated, slain, massacred, executed, murdered, slaughtered, put to death, butchered. Antonyms: spared, saved.

narrow: Synonyms: slim, thin, limited, restricted, small, tight, slender, skinny, narrow-minded, constricted. Antonyms: wide, broad, spacious.

narrow: Synonyms: small, limited, restricted, narrow, confined, tight, cramped, narrow, slender, thin. Antonyms: wide, broad.

narrowness: Synonyms: beastliness, baseness, triviality, narrowness, meanness, pettiness, littleness, narrowness, tightness. Antonyms: broadness, width.

naturally: Synonyms: spontaneously, instinctively, naturally, unconsciously, inherently, innately, naturally, instinctively, automatically, involuntarily. Antonyms: intentionally, deliberately.

need: Synonyms: requirement, necessity, demand, essential, requisite, urgency, obligation, want, lack, desire. Antonyms: surplus, abundance, excess, luxury, abundance.

neglect: Synonyms: avoid, shun, ignore, neglect, disregard, overlook, omit, skip, bypass, abandon. Antonyms: attend to, care for, look after.

neglect: Synonyms: disregard, ignore, overlook, ignore, omit, forget, abandon, forsake, desert, neglect. Antonyms: pay attention, attend, care for, take care of.

news: Synonyms: report, news, story, information, account, communication, news, notification, tidings, update. Antonyms: silence, secrecy.

noisy: Synonyms: loud, clamorous, cacophonous, noisy, boisterous, raucous, tumultuous, noisy, uproarious, clamorous. Antonyms: quiet, silent.

nothing: Synonyms: zero, nil, naught, empty, void, non-existent, nothingness, emptiness, absence, lack. Antonyms: something, somethingness, presence.

nowhere: Synonyms: not anywhere, in no place, nowhere, not in any place. Antonyms: everywhere, somewhere.

obese: Synonyms: overweight, plump, corpulent, chubby, fat, portly, heavy, rotund, stout, hefty. Antonyms: slim, thin, slender, lean.

orator: Synonyms: speaker, lecturer, public speaker, rhetorician, declaimer, talker, speechmaker, orator, speechifier, elocutionist. Antonyms: listener, audience.

ordinary: Synonyms: common, regular, usual, typical, standard, average, normal, commonplace, everyday, plain. Antonyms: extraordinary, exceptional, unusual, remarkable.

ordinary: Synonyms: common, regular, usual, typical, standard, average, normal, commonplace, everyday, plain. Antonyms: extraordinary, exceptional, unusual, remarkable.

ordinary: Synonyms: common, usual, typical, regular, normal, everyday, commonplace, average, routine, standard. Antonyms: extraordinary, exceptional, uncommon, rare, unusual.

paradox: Synonyms: incongruity, contradiction, absurdity, inconsistency, enigma, mystery, paradox, puzzle, riddle, contradiction. Antonyms: coherence, consistency.

pardon: Synonyms: forgive, excuse, condone, pardon, absolve, acquit, exonerate, forgive, reprieve, amnesty. Antonyms: punish, condemn.

parity: Synonyms: equality, equivalence, sameness, uniformity, similarity, likeness, correspondence, parity, similarity. Antonyms: disparity, inequality, difference.

patient: Synonyms: tolerant, forbearing, enduring, uncomplaining, long-suffering, understanding, composed, calm, steady, resilient. Antonyms: impatient, intolerant, irritable.

patronize: Synonyms: condescend, look down on, treat as inferior, talk down to, snub, belittle, demean, insult, slight. Antonyms: respect, treat as equal, honor.

permit: Synonyms: allow, authorize, consent, grant, let, license, sanction, tolerate, enable, empower. Antonyms: forbid, prohibit, ban.

persons: Synonyms: humans, individuals, people, beings, creatures, folks, men, women, individuals, mortals. Antonyms: animals, non-human, creatures, beings.

plan: Synonyms: strategy, scheme, project, design, blueprint, proposal, arrangement, program, agenda, outline. Antonyms: improvisation, spontaneity, disorganization, disorder, chaos.

pleasant: Synonyms: comforting, agreeable, enjoyable, delightful, satisfying, pleasurable, nice, gratifying, soothing, lovely. Antonyms: unpleasant, disagreeable, displeasing.

pleasure: Synonyms: enjoyment, delight, pleasure, satisfaction, happiness, joy, bliss, pleasure, contentment, gratification. Antonyms: displeasure, dissatisfaction.

plenty: Synonyms: much, abundance, ample, copious, plentiful, profusion, plenitude, plethora, bountiful, numerous. Antonyms: scarcity, lack, shortage, dearth, insufficiency.

pointed: Synonyms: sharp, pointed, spiky, spiked, pointed, edged, barbed, pointed, spiky, acute. Antonyms: blunt, dull.

policy: Synonyms: method, approach, strategy, plan, course of action, procedure, tactic, policy, principle, guideline. Antonyms: disorder, chaos, anarchy.

possible: Synonyms: feasible, achievable, attainable, doable, realizable, potential, viable, possible, workable, practicable. Antonyms: impossible, unattainable.

praise: Synonyms: recognition, accolade, acclaim, commendation, applause, tribute, praise, admiration, appreciation, plaudits. Antonyms: criticism, censure.

presumably: Synonyms: perhaps, probably, likely, supposedly, assumedly, supposedly, presumably, allegedly, apparently. Antonyms: certainly, definitely, assuredly.

principle: Synonyms: concept, theory, belief, doctrine, tenet, ideology, moral, value, guideline, rule. Antonyms: disregard, violation, transgression.

productive: Synonyms: efficient, fruitful, effective, creative, industrious, prolific, fruitful, successful, constructive, active. Antonyms: unproductive, idle, inactive, uncreative.

progress: Synonyms: advancement, development, improvement, growth, progress, evolution, headway, advancement, success, prosperity. Antonyms: regress, decline.

progress: Synonyms: advancement, development, improvement, growth, progress, evolution, headway, advancement, success, prosperity. Antonyms: regress, decline.

proper: Synonyms: actual, right, proper, appropriate, suitable, fitting, correct, proper, suitable, fitting. Antonyms: wrong, improper.

prosper: Synonyms: thrive, flourish, succeed, progress, advance, do well, grow, prosper, succeed, bloom. Antonyms: decline, fail.

protect: Synonyms: save, safeguard, protect, defend, preserve, shield, guard, secure, keep, cover. Antonyms: expose, endanger.

quality: Synonyms: characteristic, attribute, feature, trait, quality, property, characteristic, nature, attribute, feature. Antonyms: flaw, defect.

quitted: Synonyms: abandoned, left, vacated, departed, forsaken, exited, relinquished, left, quitted, gave up. Antonyms: stayed, remained.

reading: Synonyms: perusal, study, scrutiny, examination, review, analysis, inspection, reading, perusing, going through. Antonyms: non-reading, skimming.

real: Synonyms: genuine, authentic, true, actual, bona fide, legitimate, valid, sincere, original, bona fide. Antonyms: fake, counterfeit, false.

realize: Synonyms: fulfill, achieve, accomplish, attain, realize, complete, carry out, execute, actualize, achieve. Antonyms: abandon, fail.

reason: Synonyms: cause, rationale, justification, motive, grounds, logic, reason, explanation, purpose, basis. Antonyms: illogicality, irrationality.

receive: Synonyms: accept, get, obtain, take, acquire, welcome, embrace, collect, gather, secure. Antonyms: send, give, refuse.

recommendable: Synonyms: helpful, beneficial, advantageous, recommendable, valuable, useful, beneficial, favorable, advisable, commendable. Antonyms: unhelpful, detrimental.

respect: Synonyms: esteem, admiration, respect, reverence, honor, regard, veneration, respect, appreciation, esteem. Antonyms: disrespect, contempt.

restriction: Synonyms: subordination, subjection, restriction, limitation, confinement, constraint, restraint, limitation, curtailment, regulation. Antonyms: freedom, liberty.

revenge: Synonyms: retribution, retaliation, vengeance, reprisal, revenge, payback, vendetta, retaliation, retribution, avengement. Antonyms: forgiveness, pardon.

rudeness: Synonyms: impoliteness, discourtesy, disrespect, incivility, impertinence, insolence, boorishness, offensiveness, inconsideration, brusqueness. Antonyms: politeness, courtesy, respect, consideration, civility.

select: Synonyms: choose, pick, select, elect, opt, prefer, handpick, cherry-pick, single out, decide. Antonyms: reject, decline, dismiss.

sharp: Synonyms: keen, acute, sharp, piercing, penetrating, cutting, pointed, sharp, edged, incisive. Antonyms: blunt, dull.

shine: Synonyms: glow, sparkle, gleam, radiate, beam, shimmer, glisten, shine, glitter, twinkle. Antonyms: dull, fade, dim.

sickness: Synonyms: disease, illness, ailment, malady, disorder, infirmity, sickness, affliction, condition, indisposition. Antonyms: health, wellness, fitness, well-being.

sickness: Synonyms: illness, disease, ailment, malady, disorder, infirmity, sickness, affliction, condition, indisposition. Antonyms: health, wellness, fitness, well-being.

significant: Synonyms: important, meaningful, substantial, notable, considerable, substantial, noteworthy, influential, major, remarkable. Antonyms: insignificant, trivial, unimportant.

simple: Synonyms: uncomplicated, straightforward, easy, plain, basic, elementary, uncomplex, clear, unpretentious, humble. Antonyms: complex, complicated, intricate, difficult, sophisticated.

simplicity: Synonyms: plainness, modesty, straightforwardness, austerity, frugality, unpretentiousness, simplicity, minimalism. Antonyms: complexity, elaborateness, intricacy.

simplicity: Synonyms: plainness, straightforwardness, simplicity, modesty, austerity, frugality, minimalism, simplicity, unpretentiousness, homeliness. Antonyms: complexity, elaborateness.

sincere: Synonyms: dutiful, liable, accountable, trustworthy, responsible, sincere, genuine, authentic, honest, reliable. Antonyms: insincere, dishonest.

sincerity: Synonyms: earnestness, honesty, genuineness, truthfulness, sincerity, integrity, probity, candor, frankness, truth. Antonyms: insincerity, dishonesty.

sincerity: Synonyms: honesty, genuineness, truthfulness, sincerity, integrity, probity, candor, frankness, truth, earnestness. Antonyms: insincerity, dishonesty.

small: Synonyms: tiny, little, miniature, mini, small-scale, diminutive, small, minute, petite, slight. Antonyms: large, big.

small: Synonyms: tiny, little, miniature, mini, small-scale, diminutive, small, minute, petite, slight. Antonyms: large, big.

smallest: Synonyms: tiniest, littlest, minuscule, microscopic, petite, diminutive, small, tiny, miniature, minute. Antonyms: largest, biggest.

smooth: Synonyms: even, flat, level, smooth, flat, even, plain, level, smooth, unblemished. Antonyms: rough, uneven.

solitude: Synonyms: solitariness, aloneness, seclusion, isolation, loneliness, seclusion, privacy, seclusion, retirement, peace. Antonyms: companionship, togetherness, sociability.

sorrow: Synonyms: unhappiness, grief, sadness, sorrow, misery, woe, distress, melancholy, heartache, mourning. Antonyms: joy, happiness, elation, delight.

speech: Synonyms: address, talk, discourse, oration, presentation, lecture, speech, sermon, homily, communication. Antonyms: silence, quiet.

spoil: Synonyms: harm, damage, ruin, spoil, impair, devastate, destroy, wreck, ruin, devastate. Antonyms: preserve, protect.

static: Synonyms: inactive, idle, motionless, stationary, fixed, immobile, still, stagnant, immovable, dormant. Antonyms: dynamic, active, mobile, moving, changing.

stronger: Synonyms: more powerful, more potent, more intense, more forceful, more robust, more vigorous, stronger. Antonyms: weaker, less powerful.

succeed: Synonyms: accomplish, achieve, attain, succeed, prosper, triumph, prevail, succeed, achieve, accomplish. Antonyms: fail, lose.

success: Synonyms: prosperity, success, wealth, affluence, fortune, opulence, prosperity, success, fortune, accomplishment. Antonyms: failure, misfortune.

supply: Synonyms: transmit, convey, carry, supply, transport, deliver, distribute, furnish, provide, equip. Antonyms: withhold, deprive.

surmount: Synonyms: succeed, overcome, conquer, surpass, prevail, beat, achieve, triumph, defeat, master. Antonyms: fail, succumb, yield.

surprise: Synonyms: astonishment, amazement, shock, wonder, bewilderment, startle, revelation, unexpected, surprise. Antonyms: expectation, predictability, anticipation.

take off: Synonyms: lift off, depart, launch, ascend, remove, withdraw, leave, pull out, become airborne, set off. Antonyms: land, touch down, arrive, land, ground, remain, stay.

target: Synonyms: goal, objective, aim, destination, mark, point, purpose, intention, focus, objective. Antonyms: off-target, miss, avoid, nonobjective.

timid: Synonyms: fearful, shy, timid, apprehensive, hesitant, diffident, fearful, timid, nervous, reserved. Antonyms: bold, confident.

tiny: Synonyms: small, little, miniature, mini, tiny, diminutive, small-scale, petite, slight, minuscule. Antonyms: large, big.

trainer: Synonyms: guide, instructor, coach, mentor, teacher, tutor, educator, facilitator, adviser, counselor. Antonyms: student, trainee, learner.

trifling: Synonyms: ordinary, insignificant, trivial, minor, negligible, petty, small, unimportant, inconsequential, paltry. Antonyms: significant, important, substantial.

trust: Synonyms: faith, confidence, reliance, belief, assurance, conviction, credence, trustworthiness, dependability, loyalty. Antonyms: distrust, suspicion, doubt.

type: Synonyms: sort, kind, category, variety, class, style, genre, species, form, class. Antonyms: atypical, unique, exceptional.

unaccepted: Synonyms: disapproved, rejected, denied, declined, unaccepted, turned down, refused, dismissed, repudiated. Antonyms: accepted, approved, acknowledged.

unconvincing: Synonyms: weak, implausible, unpersuasive, flimsy, unconvincing, inadequate, feeble, doubtful, unbelievable, unsatisfactory. Antonyms: convincing, persuasive, compelling, strong.

understand: Synonyms: realize, comprehend, grasp, perceive, fathom, apprehend, interpret, make sense of, discern, know. Antonyms: misunderstand, misinterpret, confuse.

undesirable: Synonyms: unwanted, unfavorable, undesirable, objectionable, unpleasant, distasteful, undesirable, unacceptable, unappealing, unattractive. Antonyms: desirable, favorable, wanted.

unequal: Synonyms: unfair, uneven, disparate, inequitable, imbalanced, uneven, dissimilar, disproportionate, unequal. Antonyms: equal, even, balanced.

unequally: Synonyms: unevenly, disparately, differently, dissimilarly, unequally, disproportionately, inconsistently, diversely, variably. Antonyms: equally, uniformly, consistently.

unethical: Synonyms: immoral, unprincipled, dishonest, corrupt, wicked, deceitful, fraudulent, dishonest, unscrupulous, dishonorable. Antonyms: ethical, moral, virtuous, honest, upright.

unfair: Synonyms: unjust, inequitable, biased, prejudiced, discriminatory, partial, one-sided, unjust, unequal. Antonyms: fair, just, equitable.

unfashionably: Synonyms: outmoded, old-fashioned, antiquated, dated, obsolete, archaic, passé, old-school, behind the times. Antonyms: stylish, fashionable, trendy, modern.

ungrateful: Synonyms: thankless, unappreciative, unthankful, unacknowledging, ungrateful, ingrate, unappreciated. Antonyms: grateful, thankful, appreciative.

unhappy: Synonyms: sad, miserable, sorrowful, unhappy, dejected, gloomy, downhearted, unhappy, disheartened, forlorn. Antonyms: happy, content.

unintelligibility: Synonyms: incomprehensibility, obscurity, complexity, confusion, vagueness, ambiguity, opacity, incoherence, unintelligibility, inscrutability. Antonyms: intelligibility, clarity, coherence.

unjust: Synonyms: wrong, unethical, unfair, unjust, wrongful, immoral, dishonest, unjust, unprincipled, dishonorable. Antonyms: just, fair, ethical.

unknown: Synonyms: unnoticeable, unclear, obscure, anonymous, unfamiliar, inconspicuous, unnoticed, unidentified, mysterious. Antonyms: known, familiar, recognized.

unnaturally: Synonyms: artificially, unnaturally, artificially, affectedly, contrived, forced, strained. Antonyms: naturally, genuinely.

unnecessary: Synonyms: superfluous, surplus, redundant, excess, needless, unnecessary, unneeded, extraneous, excessive, unwanted. Antonyms: necessary, essential, required.

unpleasant: Synonyms: disagreeable, distasteful, displeasing, unpleasant, undesirable, offensive, unpalatable, disagreeable, objectionable, nasty. Antonyms: pleasant, agreeable.

unpopular: Synonyms: disliked, unliked, unloved, unaccepted, unwanted, unappealing, unpleasing, unattractive, unpopular, unliked. Antonyms: popular, liked, well-liked, accepted, favored.

unreliable: Synonyms: untrustworthy, undependable, erratic, inconsistent, flaky, unsteady, questionable, uncertain, doubtful. Antonyms: reliable, trustworthy, dependable.

unrestraint: Synonyms: freedom, liberty, license, abandon, spontaneity, uncontrolled, unreservedness, lack of constraint, free will, boldness. Antonyms: restraint, restriction, control.

unsuitable: Synonyms: inappropriate, unfitting, unsuitable, improper, unsuited, unfit, incompatible, unsuitable, inappropriate, improper. Antonyms: suitable, appropriate.

unwrap: Synonyms: open, unseal, uncover, unwrap, unpack, reveal, unbox, unseal, unwrap, disclose. Antonyms: wrap, seal.

updated: Synonyms: last, newest, recent, current, up-to-date, latest, modern, contemporary, recent, fresh. Antonyms: outdated, old, obsolete.

upsetting: Synonyms: disheartening, distressing, discouraging, saddening, disappointing, unsettling, disturbing, dismaying, vexing, troubling. Antonyms: uplifting, encouraging, comforting, pleasing.

useful: Synonyms: beneficial, advantageous, helpful, valuable, effective, practical, useful, profitable, constructive, productive. Antonyms: useless, ineffective, unhelpful.

useless: Synonyms: valueless, worthless, futile, pointless, ineffectual, inept, unproductive, ineffective, unavailing, unhelpful. Antonyms: valuable, useful, beneficial.

vengeance: Synonyms: reprisal, retaliation, vengeance, retribution, revenge, payback, vendetta, retaliation, retribution, avengement. Antonyms: forgiveness, pardon.

venture: Synonyms: undertaking, enterprise, project, endeavor, risk, gamble, exploration, adventure, scheme, initiative. Antonyms: certainty, safety, sure thing, cautiousness.

vice: Synonyms: immorality, wickedness, sin, evil, vice, corruption, depravity, immorality, wrongdoing, iniquity. Antonyms: virtue, goodness.

views: Synonyms: concept, perception, opinion, standpoint, perspective, belief, point of view, position, outlook, attitude. Antonyms: disagreement, difference of opinion.

vigilant: Synonyms: watchful, observant, alert, attentive, wary, cautious, careful, vigilant, keen, aware. Antonyms: inattentive, careless, negligent, oblivious, unobservant.

villain: Synonyms: evildoer, criminal, wrongdoer, villain, malefactor, culprit, rogue, scoundrel, rascal, criminal. Antonyms: hero, saint.

virtue: Synonyms: goodness, moral, integrity, righteousness, uprightness, nobility, virtue, moral excellence. Antonyms: vice, immorality, wickedness.

w n: Synonyms: unknown, unfamiliar, unidentified, anonymous, nameless, obscure, mysterious, unnamed, undiscovered. Antonyms: known, familiar, recognized.

warrior: Synonyms: fighter, soldier, warrior, combatant, soldier, gladiator, champion, hero, fighter, warrior. Antonyms: pacifist, peacemaker.

watery: Synonyms: liquid, aqueous, fluid, liquidy, dilute, weak, diluted, moist, wet, damp. Antonyms: thick, concentrated, dry.

way: Synonyms: system, method, approach, manner, process, route, path, course, technique, style. Antonyms: disorder, chaos, confusion, disarray.

wise: Synonyms: intelligent, clever, smart, wise, knowledgeable, prudent, sagacious, wise, sensible, astute. Antonyms: foolish, unintelligent.

wish: Synonyms: aim, desire, aspiration, hope, longing, dream, ambition, intention, wish, purpose. Antonyms: reality, actuality.

work: Synonyms: labor, job, task, assignment, employment, occupation, profession, career, vocation, duty. Antonyms: leisure, relaxation, idleness, unemployment.

working-class: Synonyms: laboring, proletarian, blue-collar, wage-earning, working, lower-class, manual, industrial, factory, worker. Antonyms: upper-class, aristocratic, wealthy, affluent, privileged.

worse: Synonyms: inferior, poorer, deteriorated, degraded, deteriorated, deteriorated, deteriorated, worsened, declined, aggravated. Antonyms: better, improved, superior.

worse: Synonyms: inferior, poorer, worse, lesser, lower-grade, second-rate, second-class, deteriorated, degraded, deteriorated. Antonyms: better, superior.

worst: Synonyms: failure, defeat, disaster, calamity, misfortune, adversity, worst, worst-case scenario. Antonyms: best, optimal.

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