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IELTS Speaking Part-3 Movies

  1. Is going to the cinema to watch a movie popular in your country?

  2. What kinds of films are popular in your country?

  3. Do many people enjoy watching foreign films in your country?

  4. Do you think it’s better to have subtitles or dubbing in a foreign film?

  5. What does it take for a film to become successful?

  6. Which do you think are more important to the success of a film: the director or the stars?

  7. Are drama series popular in your country?

  8. Do you think people prefer watching films at home or in the cinema?

  9. Are there any films which are not suitable for children to watch?

  10. Do you think films about real-life events should be 100% true to the actual facts?

While factual accuracy is important, a bit of artistic license is acceptable in filmmaking. Filmmakers often need to dramatize events to engage the audience and convey emotions effectively. As long as the essence of the story remains true and the deviations do not distort historical facts significantly, a balance between cinematic storytelling and historical accuracy can be achieved. It's about striking a delicate balance between entertainment and staying true to the actual events.

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