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HSC Mymensingh Board -2023 English 2nd Paper Question with Answer

Updated: May 28

Mymensingh Board-2023

Sub Code 1 0 8

Time : 3 hours

English (Compulsory) 2nd Paper

Total Marks : 100

[According to the Syllabus of 2023]

[N.B. The figures in the right margin indicate full marks.]

Part A: Grammar (60 Marks)

1. Complete the text with suitable prepositions: 0.5x10=5

The orphanage is high (a) — the Carolina mountains. The writer was there (b) the autumn. She preferred peaceful environment to pen some troublesome writing. She wanted the mountain air to blow (c) the malaria from too long a time (d) — the subtropics. She was homesick (e) — the flaming (f) — maples (g) — October and for many other things. She found them all living (h)-- a cabin belonging (i) -- the orphanage, half a mile (j) —orphanage farm.

2. Complete the following sentences with the words/phrases given in the boxes: 0.5x10=5

what's .... like there have to/has to let alone had better

what does .... look like was born as soon as it would rather

(a) These kids are fun-loving. They — play than study.

(b) She is an irresponsible person. You can't trust her with your dog, with your child.

(c) A: — your new office —?

B : I love it. The environment. is very peaceful.

(d) The show resumed —the power supply was restored. It was a great relief for the spectators.

(e) I have to meet my aunt in 15 minutes. I — go now or I will he late.

(f) The weather is very hot and humid. — is expected that it will rain this evening.

(g) —goes a proverb that unity is strength. So, we must be united till we reach our goal.

(h) In England, school children — wear uniforms. What about Bangladesh?

(i) Shakespeare — and raised in Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

(j) Son : Dad, — an Arctic fox —?

Father : I've no idea. But you can always Google the term and find out.

3. Complete the sentences with suitable clauses/phrases: 1 x 10=10

(a) There was a little rain yesterday. If it had rained heavily, —.

(b) Though junk foods look appetizing, —. We should avoid them.

(c) Opportunity does not always come. You would have succeeded in life provided that —.

(d) The old man is very weak. He walks very slowly lest —.

(e) The amount of waste is growing rapidly all over the world and polluting the environment. It is high time —_

(f) I wish I —. I would express my feelings in my poems.

(g) English is an international language. We need to learn it as —.

(h) Kiran got a foreign scholarship. She was so happy that—.

(i) It was my first lecture. I was too nervous —.

(j) Manners define a man. We always appreciate a person —.

4. Read the text and fill in the gaps with correct forms of verbs: 0.5x14=7

Cricket (a) — (be) a popular game. Now-a-days, people (b) — (long) to watch it to get pleasure. Cricket (c) ¬(call) a gentlemen's game too. A bond of friendship (d) -- (create) among the playing nations. The Bangladesh national cricket team is popularly (e) — (know) as the Tigers. Our cricket team (f) — (be) very organized. It already (g) — (prove) its worth in many an international match. Our cricketers (h) — (be) capable of (i) — (compete) with the renowned cricket teams of the world. The prestige of our country already (j) — (go) up in the international arena; thanks to our cricket team. In spite of its renown, sometimes our cricket team (k) — (shock) us by (I) — (perform) poorly. Even after that, we believe, our cricketers (m) — (outshine) all other competitors in future. However, they (n) — (need) more vigorous practice to reach their goals.

5. Change the narrative style by using indirect speeches: 7

"What kind of stories did Aesop tell?" asked Anwar. "Fables," replied Mr. Rahman. "Do you know what fables are?" "No," replied Anwar. "Well," continued Mr. Rahman, "Fables are stories with a moral. And Aesop entertained people by telling these stories."

6. Read the following text and use modifiers in the blank spaces as directed within the brackets: 0.5x 10=5

The purpose of education is to bring about (a) — (use an adjective to pre-modify the noun) changes in (b) — (use a possessive to pre-modify the noun) behaviour. It also brings changes in our lives and society (c) — (use a relative clause to post-modify the noun). if it fails to do so, it can't be called education. Education is not only receiving certificates and getting grades. It is (d) — (use an intensifier to pre-modify the adjective) more than that, we can apply our (e) — (use a past participle to pre-modify the noun) knowledge in our engagement with the world that k lies, (f) — (use an adverb to post-modify the verb). We can do that in (g) — (use an adjective to pre-modify the noun) ways. One way is civic engagement whicftis (h) — (use an adverb to pre-modify the verb 'appreciated') appreciated all over the world. Civic engagement means working to make difference in civic life (i) — (use a prepositional phrase to post-modify the noun `life'). A person (j) — (use a past participle to post modify the noun) civically is concerned about civic issues like injustice, discrimination and other forms of social ills.

7. . Use appropriate sentence connectors in the blank spaces of the following passage: 0.5x14=7

Time, by its very nature, is fleeting. (a) —, time once gone is gone forever. (b) — the sincere people realize the value of time. (c) —, not everyone is aware of the value of time. (d) —, it is seen that many of us waste time. (e) —, we realize the significance of lost time when it is too late. (f) —, we suffer in life. (g) —, all of us should make the best use of time. (h) —, proper time management is the key to success in student life. (i) --, we find that an ideal student is the one who makes the best use of time. (j) —, a lazy student fails to make the grade as he kills time. (k) —, the teachers advise their students not to waste time. (1) —, they warn the students against their addiction to social networking sites and gaming. (m) —, students should follow the advice of their teachers. (n) —, they will suffer in the long run.

8. Read the following passage and then write the antonym and synonym of the words as directed: 0.5x 14=7 Sumi is a good-looking young women. Her large dark eyes are beautiful. Her complexion is flawless and she has got a lovely smile. Her long black hair is full and shiny. She is tall and slender, and her movement is graceful. And, she always dresses stylishly. Everyone appreciates her beauty. But Sumi worries that people do not notice her talents and hard work. She wants people to know that a woman can have beauty, ambition and a bit of intelligence too.

(a) good-looking (synonym) (b) dark (synonym) (c) flawless (synonym)

(d) shiny (antonym) (e) slender (antonym) (f) graceful (synonym)

(g) stylishly (antonym) (h) appreciate (antonym) (i) worries (antonym)

(j) notice (antonym) (k) talent (synonym) (1) beauty (antonym)

(m) ambition (synonym) (n) intelligence (synonym)

9. There are fourteen errors in the use of punctuation marks in the following text. Re-write the text correcting the errors: 0.5x14=7

Son : Did you keep a diary during the Liberation War

Father : Yes I did

Son : Can I have a look at it

Father : Im afraid Ive lost it.

Son : Do you remember anything about it

Father : Yes I remember one event there were lots of sounds and bangs outside one night you wanted to look out but we didnt let you.

Son : Why

Father : Becauit it was very dangerous. You were only four years old then.

Part B: Composition (40 Marks)

10. Suppose, you are a student of 'X' College, Dhaka. Now, write an application to the Principal of your college

for providing multimedia facilities in the classrooms. 10

11. Write a paragraph within 200 words describing the importance of "Tree Plantation". 15

12. Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting between "Village life and City life" within 200 words. 15

Key To Mymensingh Board-2023

1. (a) in; (b) in; (c) out; (d) in; (e) for; (f) of; (g) in; (h) in; (i) to; 0) beyond.

2. (a) would rather; (b) let alone; (c) What's .... like;. (d) as soon as; (e) had better; (f). It; (g) There; (h) have to; (i) was born; j) what does .... look like.

3. (a) If it had rained heavily, the roads would have been.

(b) Though junk foods looks appetizing, they are harmful to health.

(c) You would have succeeded in life provided that you had utilized your opportunities.

(d) He walks very slowly lest he should fall down.

(e) It is high time we reduced the amount of our waste.

(f) I wish I were a poet.

(g) We need to learn it as we cannot communicate globally without it.

(h) She was so happy that she could not hold her tears.

i) I was too nervous to deliver my lecture properly.

j) We always appreciate a person who is good mannered.

4. (a) is; (b) long; (c) is called; (d) is created; (e) known; (f) is; (g) has proved; (h) are; (i) competing; j) has gone; (k) shocks; (l) performing; (m) will outshine; (n) need.

5. Anwar asked Mr. Rahman what kind of stories Aesop had told. Mr. Rahman replied that he (A) had told fables. Then Mr. Rahman asked Anwar if he knew what fables were.. Anwar replied in the negative. Mr. Rahman then continued that fables are stories with a moral. He (R) added that Aesop had entertained people by telling those stories.

6. (a) positive; (b) our; (c) in which we live; (d) much/far-, (e) learnt/obtained/acquired; (f) outside; (g) man,. different; (h) highly; (i) of the community; j) engaged.

7. (a) So/As a matter of fact/Thus/That is why; (b) Only; (c) In other words; (d) Often/Consequentl% (e) Unfortunately/Most regrettably/Finally; (f) Consequently/Asa consequence/As a result; (g) Therefore Hereafter/ So; (h) Undoubtedly/'Unquestionably/InfactN6 doubt, (i) For example/In this case/That being the case; j) On the other hand/In contrast/Contrastingly; (k) For this/So/Therefore; (l) Not only that/Besides!ln addition; (m) Anyway/No doubt/Under the circumstances; (n) Otherwise.

8. (a) charming/beautiful/lovely/attractive; (b) black; (c) perfect/immaculate/spotless; (d) math/dull/roughened; (e) obese/fat; (f) elegant/sophisticated; (g) awkwardly/unfashionably/shabbily; (h) denounce/criticize/despise;

(i) relaxes/enjoys; j) overlook/neglect/ignore; (k) skill/merit/intelligence; (l) ugliness/unattractiveness; (m) desire/dream/aspiration; (n) wisdom/intellect/'insight.

9. Son : Did you keep a diary during the Liberation War?

Father : Yes, I did.

Son : Can I have a look at it?

Father: I'm afraid I've lost it.

Son :'Do you remember anything about it?

Father : Yes, I remember one event. There were lots of sounds and bangs outside one night You wanted to look out but we didn't let you.

Son Why?

Father: Because it was very dangerous. You were only four years old then.

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