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HSC Jashore Board -2023 English 2nd Paper Question with Answer

Updated: Feb 26

Jashore Board-2023

Sub Code 1 0 8

Time : 3 hours

English (Compulsory) 2nd Paper

Total Marks : 100

[According to the Syllabus of 2023]

[N.B. The figures in the right margin indicate full marks.]

Part A : Grammar (60 Marks)

1. Complete the text with suitable prepositions: 0.5x10=5

Books are really our best friends as we can rely (a) — them when we are bored, upset, depressed, lonely or annoyed. They share (b) -- us information and knowledge whenever we need. They enable us to have a glimpse

(c) — cultures, traditions, arts, history, geography, health, psychology and many other subjects and aspects of life. Good books always guide us (d) — the right path (e) — life. Reading good books helps us understand the world (f) — us better. While readingbooks, we build new and creative thoughts, images and opinions (g) — our mind. This habit helps us explore life (h) -- different perspectives. In other words, it has several positive effects (i) — our body, mind and soul. In fact, the habit of reading is one (j) — the best qualities that a person can possess.

2. Complete the followingsentences with suitable phrases/wordsliven tithe box:0.5x10=5

was born as soon as would rather what does....look like I had better

what's... like have to/has to let alone there it

(a) Manners make a man. Students — practise good manners in everyday life.

(b) You look exhausted. You — take rest to refresh yourself.

(c) Raihan has not yet got 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine, — booster dose.

(d) Our spring is very charming. During spring, various kinds of flowers bloom. — seems that everything has got a new life.

(e) Ria : — the frozen mountain peak --? Purnima `. It looks like a white dome.

(f) Kazi Nazrul Islam is our rebel poet. He — in Churulia of West Bengal.

(g) The sky is cloudy and it may storm at any moment. So, we should start our journey — possible.

(h) — your family —? I belong to a nuclear family.

(i) I — learn than quarrel with them.

(j) — was a time when people used to travel on foot or riding animals.

3. Completing sentences using suitable clauses/phrases: 1 x10=10

(a) Florence Nightingale wanted to be a nurse with a view to —.

(b) If I had the wings of a bird, I —.

(c) Unity is strength. United we stand, —.

(d) Time plays a very crucial role in human life. We cannot prosper in life unless —.

(e) Whenever my uncle comes to our house, he —. I have never seen him coming to our house empty-handed.

(f) It is high time you —. It is detrimental to health.

(g) The box is very heavy. Are you strong enough —?

(h) John is fond of reading. Whenever he goes to the book fair, —.

(i) Rima is a good singer. She sings so well that —.

(j) Since Bangladesh is an agricultural country, --. We should put emphasis on our agricultural sectors.

4. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs as per subject and context: 0.5x14=7

Dhaka, the world's densest and fastest growing city, (a) — (face) unbearable traffic jams. There (b) — (be) many reasons fbr this. The ever increasing number of vehicles and population (c) — (be) the main reason. During a traffic jam, people (d) — (has) to suffer much. They have to (e) — (move) inch by inch. They have to wait on roads hours after hours (f) — (face) unbearable sufferings. Again, the roads of Dhaka city (g) — (be not) spacious. Only seven percent of Dhaka city is (h) — (cover) by roads, compared with around 25 percent of Paris and Vienna. If anybody falls in a traffic jam, he (i) — (not know) when he will reach home. Sometimes, a distance of lkm (j) -- (take) an hour to cross. Office and school goers find it very difficult (k) — (reach) their destination in time. Our goveinment (1) -- (try) heart and soul to solve this problem. Flyovers (m) — (build) in different places in order to control traffic jam. Besides, traffic police and sergeants (n) — (see) filing cases against vehicles breaking road transport rules. But still it is becoming impossible to control traffic jam.

5. Change the narrative style by using indirect speeches: 7

"I have won a lottery and got 10 lakh taka," said Samira. " Congratulations!" I said. "What do you intend to do with the large amount of money?" "I want to serve my poor 'village people. So, I have made up my mind to establish a hospital in our rural area," Samira replied. "Thank you," I said. "I shall also help you in this respect."

6. Read the following text and use modifiers as directed in the blank spaces: 0.5x10=5

Language plays a (a) -- (pre-modify the adjective with an intensifier) important tole in our life. We use langliage from the time we wake up (b) -- (post-modify the verb) till we go to bed at night. We use langu, Ere not only in our (c)

— (pre-modify- the noun) hours, but also in our .dreams. We use language (d) — (post-modify the verb with an infinitive) what we feel and to say what we like or dislike. We also use language (e) — (post modify the verb with an infinitive) information. Language is (f) — (pre-modify the adjective) present in our life. It is an (g) — (pre-modify the noun) part of our life. As an (h) — (pre-modify the noun) nation we also have a language. But we had to struggle (i) — (use adverb to post-modify the verb) to establish the right to our language. Many (j) --- (pre-modify the noun with an adjective) sons of our country sacrificed their lives for our mother-tongue.

7. Use appropriate sentence connectors/linkers in the blank spaces of the following passage. 0.5x14=7

Leisure is the moment (a) — a man is totally free from his work. In leisure, a man is (b) — free from work but also from worries and tension. (c) --, it is a time (d) — a man is his own master and the mind is relaxed (e) ¬the body is at rest. (f) — our life is full of duties. By performing our duties one after another, it seems (g) — our life is an exhausting business. This is the tragedy of our life that we cannot avoid our work and worries. (h) leisure helps us to break this chain and enable us to refresh ourselves and revive our spirit. Leisure breaks the monotony of existence with a touch of variety. (i) -- we look into developed countries, we will see that people love to spend their leisure in different ways. (j) —, they never idle away their leisure time. (k) —, it is seen that some people love to go for travelling, some enjoy sight-seeing in different places. (l) —, some people spend their free time playing different types of games. (m) — leisure is always a source of joy. (n) --, everybody should try to find leisure to enjoy it to make the life happy and peaceful.

8. Read the passage and then write the antonym or synonym of the words as directed below. 0.5 x 14=7

Illiteracy is a curse. It retards all development work of a country. It is said that an illiterate nation gropes in darkness with no definite goal. In fact, an illiterate person is conservative, superstitious and blind. He can contribute very little to his society and country. He is unconscious and unaware of his right and responsibilities. The whole country is responsible for this. Most of our people are illiterate and poor. In fact, illiteracy, caused by poverty, stands in the way of success. All should be practical and pragmatic while* addressing this problem. Effective measures must be taken by all concerned to remove illiteracy and thus make the nation enlightened.

(a) curse (antonym) (b) retards (synonym) (c) illiterate (antonym)

(d) darkness (antonym) (e) goal (synonym) (f) conservative (antonym)

(g) little (synonym) (h) unconscious (synonym) (i) whole (synonym)

(j) success (antonym) (k) responsibilities (synonym) (1) measure (synonym)

(m) poor (antonym) (n)' remove (synonym)

9. There are fourteen errors in the use of punctuation marks in the following text. Rewrite the text correcting the errors. 0.5x14=7

Rodela : Hello Rahela what are you doing

Rahela : Im reading a newspaper

Rodela : Do you read them regularly

Rahela : Yes everyday before breakfast Don't you

Rodela : No I don't. Whats the use of it

Rahela : Newspaper is an indispensible part of our life It helps us in many ways.

Part B: Composition (40 Marks)

10. Suppose, you are a student of class XII of 'X' college. Write an application to the Principal of your college for ensuring safe drinking water in the college campus. 10

11. Write a paragraph on 'The Padma Bridge' within 200 words. 15

12. Write a paragraph on 'The causes and effects of failure in English' within 200 words. 15

Key to   Jashore Board-2023

1. (a) on; (b) with; (c) of, (d) to; (e) of/in; (f) around; (g) in; (h) from; (i) on; 0) of.

2. (a) have to; (b) had better; (c) let alone; (d) It; (e) What does .... look like; (f) was born; (g) as soon as, (h) What's; (i) would rather; 0) There.

3. (a) Florence Nightingale wanted to be a nurse with a view to serving the. ailing people.

(b), If I had the wings of a bird, I would fly in the sky.

(c) United we stand, divided we fall.

(d) We cannot prosper in life unless we make the best use of it.

(e) Whenever my uncle comes to our house, he brings different types of food for me.

(f) It is high time you gave up smoking.

(g) Are you strong enough to lift it/carry it?

(h) Whenever he goes to the book fair, he buys some books.

(i) She sings so well that we cannot help praising her.

0) Since Bangladesh is an agricultural country, her economy largely depends on agriculture.

4. (a) faces; (b) are; (c) is. (d) have; (e) move; (f) facing; (g) are not; (h) covered; (i) does not know; takes; (k) to reach; (l) is trying; (m) are being built; (n) are seen.

5. Samira told me that she had won a lottery and got'10 lakh taka. I congratulated her and asked her what she intended to do with the large amount of money. Samira replied that she wanted to serve her poor village people and so she had made up her mind to establish a hospital in their rural area. I thanked her and told her that I would also help her in this respect.

6. (a) very; (b) in the morning; (c) waking/active; (d) to express; (e) to share/to transfer/to record/to exchange;

(f) ever/constantly/always; (g) inseparable/essential/important; (h) independent; (i) hard/earnestly/persistently; j) valiant/ brave/heroic.

7. (a) when; (b) not only; (c) Basically/Actually; (d) when; (e) and/as well as; (f) Needless to say/Undoubtedly; (g) that; (h) But/However/In this regard; (i) If, 0) And/Remarkably/In fact; (k) For example/Often; (1) Also Besides/Moreover; (m) ThusiNo doubt; (n) This is why/So.

8. (a) blessingiboon; (b) hinders/impedes/postpones; (c) literate/learned/educated; (d) light; (e) aim/ambition/ target; (f) liberal/unorthodox; (g), slightly/nominally/negligibly; (h) unaware/ignorant/uninformed; (i) entire; 0) failure; (k) duties; (1) step/action; (m) rich/wealthy; (n) eradicate/eliminate.

9. Rodela Hello! Rahela, what are you doing?

Rahela 'I'm reading a newspaper.

Rodela Do you read them regularly?

Rahela Yes, everyday before breakfast. Don't you?

Rodela No, I don't. What's the use of it?

Rahela Newspaper is'an indispensable part of our life. Whelps us in many ways.

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