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Part A-Grammar

Question No 1 Gap Filling Activities without Clues (for prepositions)

Question No 2 Gap Filling Activities with Clues (use of special words/phrases)

Question No 3 Completing Sentences (with clauses/phrases)

Question No 4 Use of Verbs (right form of verbs and subject-verb agreement asper context)

Question No 5 Narrative Style (direct to indirect and vice-versa)

Question No 6 Use of Modifiers

Question No 7 Use of Sentence Connectors

Question No 8 Use of Synonym and Antonym

Question No 9 Punctuation

Part B- Writing


For permission to arrange a freshers' reception

For full free studentship,

For setting up a Debating Club' in your college/ English Debating Club

For setting up 'English Language Club'/'Language Club/ English Speaking Club'

For setting up a gymnasium in college campus

For providing / installing sound system/loud speaker in the large classrooms

For installing internet connection in your library

For increasing library books and other library facilities

For permission to stage a drama in the college auditorium

To the UNO for arranging a vaccination program against COVID-19

For changing an elective subject

For improving / increasing computer lab facilities

For improving sports room facilities

For prohibiting cell phone in the class room

For querying the procedure of library membership

For proposing a business idea or project to help the poor students

For permission to arrange a vaccination campaign COVID-19

For a seat in the college hostel

To set up a literary club For a transfer certificate

For opening a relief camp for the flood affected people.

Complaint against the insufficient water supply in your locality

To DC/ Union Council Chairman/ UNO for relief and medical aid for flood affected people

To Union Parishad Chairman/ Mayor for repairing a-road in your area

To Chairman for constructing a bridge in your area

To DC/ Superintendent of Police for taking steps against the anti- social activities in your area

For arranging extra classes on English for weak students

To the Editor of an English daily for recent price hike in Bangladesh

For complaining about the missing goods

To the principal to arrange a science fair in the college campus .


To the Admission Section asking about admission procedure for overseas students

To the organizer seeking detailed information about the seminar on 'language study,

To the manager of the travel agency to cancel the booked ticket

To friend to invite for joining your birthday party

Listing Paragraphs

Internet /The Uses and Abuses of/Internet/Merits and Demerits of Internet

International Mother Language Day

Impact of Facebook on Our Young

Generation/ Merits and Demerits of

Facebook/ Uses and Abuses of Facebook/ Facebook/ Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

A Book Fair/Ekushey Book Fair

Tree Plantation/ Afforestation


Our National Flag

Mobile Phone /The Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone

Students and Social Service

Your First Day at College

Childhood Memories

A College Canteen

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Father of Our Nation

Digital Bangladesh

Female Education/ Importance Female Education

Gender Discrimination/ Ways of Gender Equity

The Padma Multipurpose Bridge / Importance of the Padma Bridge

Qualities of an Ideal Student/Duties of Students

Brain Drain

Street Hawker

Celebration of Pahela Baishakh

Necessity of Education on Becoming the Warrior of Light/ Necessity of Education

Bangladesh/ Your Country Liberation War of Bangladesh-

Importance of Games and Sports

Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

Metro Rail/ Dhaka Metro Rail

Water Pollution

Smart Bangladesh

Your Future Plan of Life

Importance of Reading Newspaper

Qualities of a Good Citizen

Rohingya Repatriation

Compare and Contrast/ Cause and Effect Paragraph

Comparing and Contrasting Technical

Education and General Education

Offline and Online Classes/ Online Class and Traditional Class

Life before and after

Digitalization in Bangladesh

Cyber Bullying and its Causes and Effects on an Individual

The Causes and Effects of Moral Degradation of Young Generation

Price Hike/ Price Hike of Daily Commodities/ Causes of Recent Price Hike

The Effects of Social Media on Mental Health

Life of the Young before and after Getting Used to Social Networks

The Reason and Result of Environment Pollution

Sound Pollution

Advantages and Disadvantages of City Life

Entertainment in Rural and Urban Areas of Bangladesh

Impact of Social Media on Our Life

Dowry System Global Warming

Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh/

Problems and Prospects of Employment

Causesand Effects of Climate Change/Climate Change Is a Threat to Our Survival on Earth/ Impact of Climate

Change/ Climate Change

Causes and n d Effects ffects of Road o ad Accident in Bangladesh

Causes and Results of Greenhouse Effects High School Comparing and Contrasting

Life and College Life

Environment pollution

Dangers of Drug Addiction/ Drug Addiction/ Causes and Effects of Drug Addiction

Early Marriage in Bangladesh

The Natural Calamities

Food Adulteration Showing Its Causes and Effects

Positive and Negative Impacts of Facebook/ Uses and Abuses of Facebook/ Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

The Natural Calamities in Bangladesh

Uses and Abuses of Satellite TV Channels

Causes and Effects of deforestation/ Indiscriminate Cutting of Trees

Country Life and City Life/ Country vs City Life Country Life and Rural Life

Comparing and Contrasting Democracy and Autocracy

Comparing and Contrasting the Nuclear Family Life and Hostel Life

Comparing ring and Contrasting Family and Extended Family

Comparing and Contrasting Fast Food and Home-cooked Food

Causes of Corruption in Bangladesh and How to Remove It

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