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HSC Cumilla Board -2023 English 2nd Paper Question with Answer

Updated: Feb 27

Cumilla Board-2023

Sub Code 1 0 8

Time : 3 hours

English (Compulsory) 2nd Paper

Total Marks : 100

[According to the Syllabus of 2023]

[N.B. The figures in the right margin indicate full marks.]

1. Complete the text with suitable prepositions: 0.5x10=5

A. craftwork is,an applied form (a) — art, a social and cultural product reflecting the inclusive nature (b) — folk imagination. A craftwork, which usually doesn't bear the signature of its maker, retains a personal touch. When we look (c) — a thirty years old Nakshi Kantha, we wonder (d) --- its motif and designs that point (e) — the artistic ingenuity and the presence of the maker (f) — it. The fact that we do not know her name or any other detail (g) — her does not take anything (h) — from our appreciation (i) — the artist. Indeed, the intimate nature (j) — the Kantha and the tactile feeling it generates animate the work and make it very inviting.

2. Complete the sentences with suitable phrases/words given in the box: 0.5x10=5

there let alone have to had better what does....look like

it would rather ; as soon as was born what's — like

(a) The tennis match restarted — the rain had stopped. (b) In England, most school children — wear a uniform. Is it the same in Bangladesh? (c) In our country, rainy season is very different During this season — rains heavily without any gap. (d) Socrates was a great Greek philosopher. He — in 469 BC. He spoke against the traditional Greek beliefs and so he was, sentenced to death by drinking hemlock. (e) Long ago, — lived a mighty warrior, Kublai Khan. He built an amazing palace in a deep dark and mysterious forest. (f) A warrior — die than surrender to enemies. He loves his country more than his life. (g) We — take an umbrella. It may rain today. (h) — the weather — today? (i) Baby: Mom, — a ghost --? (j) — has been many years since I saw him. So, I cannot recognize him.

3. Complete the sentences using suitable clauses/phrases: 1 x10=10

(a) There is a wise saying that united we stand, So, we must be united to reach our expected goal.

(b) Industry is the key to success. We work hard so that —.

(c) My younger brother is very fond of me. Whenever I go out,

(d) Bangladesh is my motherland. It is blessed with rivers. In spite of that, we do not get water during dry season because —.

(e) If we lose the morning hours of life,

(t) I can't recall his name. It is long since —.

(g) The poem is too difficult The teacher told us to listen to him very carefully.

(h) My childhood was full of joys and happiness. Would that —.

(i) We met a strange person while

(j) Would you mind —? I am very thirsty.

4. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs as per subject and context. 0.5x14=7

Newspaper (a) — (consider) the people's parliament. The newspaper (b) — (play) a vital role in modem civilization. . It (c) — (call) to be the mirror of the world. We must (d) — (develop) the habit of (e) — (read) the newspaper daily. It helps us (f) — (acquire) general knowledge, which (g) — (be) essential for our education. Nobody (h) — (maintain) contact with the outside world without reading the newspaper. Mere bookish knowledge (i) — (be) not sufficient in the struggle of life. A man who (i) — (read) the newspaper daily (k) — (be) like a creature of the narrow well. Being ignorant of current topics, he cannot (1) -- (take) part in the talks and discussions in an enlightened society and he (m) — (live) like a fish out of water in it. Students (n) — (ask) for reading newspaper daily.

5. Change the narrative style by using indirect speeches: 7

"What's a puppet show?" Mita said to her father. Father said, "Let's go inside and you can see yourself." Inside the tent, Mita said, "Flow strange! A doll is dancing and talking." Father said, "A man behind the screen is moving the doll. Do you understand who is talking?"

6. Read the following text and use modifiers as directed in the blank spaces: 0.5x10=5

Amerigo, (a) — (use noun in apposition) lives alone. His parents now live separate and none of them wants (b) — (use infinitive to post-modify the verb) his responsibility. (c) — (use possessive to pre-modify the noun) mother told him to go away because she is married to another man. (d) — (use determiner to pre-modify the noun) streets are now his home. He wanted (e) — (use adjective to pre-modify the noun) money from his father to buy a (f) — (use noun adjective to pre-modify the noun) ticket. But his father did not answer. He earns his living by working hard. (g) — (use adverbial to pre-modify the verb) he finds work. Some of (h) — (use demonstrative to pre-modify the noun) works are very risky for him. Once he sold ice-cream (i) — (use prepositional phrase to post-modify the verb). But he got (j) — (use quantifier to pre-modify the noun) money in return from the owner of the ice-cream shop.

7. Use appropriate sentence connectors in the blank spaces of the following passage: 0.5x14=7

Health (a) — is the root of all happiness can be enjoyed taking adequate care of body and mind. People (b) —

are always under mental stress and suffer from anxieties cannot enjoy a good health. (c) — to enjoy good health,

it is also necessary to keep our mind sound. They are doctors (d) — say that Simple and carefree life is more

conducive to health. Many people, (e) —, are not aware of health rules. They (0 — take physical exercise (g) — take proper food. (h) —, a huge number of people of our country live below poverty line. (i) — they can not afford to eat good food. (j) — they cannot enjoy good health. (k) —, awareness about health rules (1) ¬following them are very important in maintaining good health. (m) — only healthy people can contribute to the national development. (n)— we must be careful of our health.

8. Read the passage and. then write the antonym or synonym of the words as directed below and make sentences with them: 0.5x14=7

Education is one of the basic needs of human being and is essential for any kind of development. The poor socio-economic condition of Bangladesh can largely be attributed to most people's inaccessibility to education. Many illiterate people do not have any knowledge of health, sanitation and population control. if they were educated, they could live a healthy and planned life. Education teaches us how to earn well and how to spend well. It enables us to make the right choices in life and to perform our duties properly. It enhances our ability to raise crops, store food, protect the environment and carry out our social responsibilities.

(a) basic (synonym) (b) essential (synonym) (c) development (synonym) (d) condition (synonym) (e) inaccessibility (antonym) (0 illiterate (synonym) (g) sanitation (synonym) (h) population (synonym) (i) healthy (antonym) (j) teach (antonym) (k) spend (antonym) (1) enable (antonym) (m) properly (synonym) (n) ability (antonym)

9. There are fourteen errors in the use of punctuation marks in the following texts. Rewrite the text correcting them. 0.5x14=7

Laila : I cant see anything. Where am I?

Aunt : Youre safe in your Aunts house. Whats the matter?

Laila : I'm afraid I can hear a sound.

Aunt : But I cant.

Laila : Listen again can you hear it now?

Aunt : Yes I can.

Laila : Is it a ghost?

Aunt : No, its only an owl.

Laila : Owl But it makes a horrible sound.

Aunt : It's a bird only dear.

Laila : Could you sleep with me? .

Aunt : Okay Now go to sleep Laila. You're very fired After your long journey. Laila : You're right.

Part B: Composition (40 Marks) .

10. Imagine you are Arif, a student of 'N' College. Flood has caused a great damage all around your locality. Now, los,

write an application to the Principal of your college to open a relief camp in your college premises so that you can send relief goods to the flood affected people in your locality. 10

11. Write a paragraph of description on "Your Favourite Teacher" within 200 words. 15

12. Write a compare and contrast paragraph on "City life and Rural life" within 200 words. 15

Key To Cumilla Board-2023

1. (a) of-, (b) of, (c) at; (d) at; (e) to; (f) in; (g) about; (h) away; (i) of, j) of

2. (a) as soon as; (b) have to; (c) it; (d) was born; (e) there; (f) would rather; (g).had better; (h) What's .... like; (i) what does ... look like; 0) It.

3. (a) There is a wise saying that united we stand, divided we fall.

(b) We work hard so. that we can shine/succeed in life.

(c) Whenever I go out, I buy/bring something for him.

(d) In spite of that, we do not get water during dry season because the rivers dry up in this season.

(e) If we lose the morning hours of life, we will suffer in the long run./we may fail to achieve success.

(f) It is long since I met him last.

(g) The poem is too difficult for us to understand.

(h) Would that I could be a child again.

(i) We met a strange person while we were going to college.

(j) Would you mind giving me a glass of water?

4. (a) is considered; (b) plays; (c) is called; (d) develop; (e) reading: (f) esquire/to acquire; (g) is; (h) can maintain; (i) is; (j) does not read; (k) is, (1) take; (m) lives; (n) are asked.

5. Mita asked her father what a puppet show was. In reply, father suggested her that they should go inside and then she could see herself Inside the tent, Mita exclaimed with wonder that a doll was dancing and talking. Then father explained to her that a man behind that screen was moving the doll and asked her if she understood who was talking.

(a) a street child; (b) to take; (c) His; (d) The; (e) some: (f) bus; {g) Sometimes; (h) those/these; (i) in the street/ on the beach; (j) no.

7. .(a) which; (b) who; (e) In order; (d) who; (e) however/nevertheless: (f) neither; (g) nor; (h) Unfortunately; (i) As a result/Consequently; (j) So/For this reason; (k) Needless to say/Obviously; (1) and; (in)-To tell the truthTruly/In reality! (n) So/Therefore.

8. (a) Fundamental – Education is a fundamental need for human being.

(b) Necessary – necessary to have education for making any kind of development.

(c) Advancement – If anyone wants to make advancement in life, he must be educated.

(d) Situation – Our economic situation could be improved by modernizing education system.

(e) Accessibility – The new ' road is going to increase the town centre.

(f) Uneducated – Uneducated people cannot shine in life,

(g) Hygiene- The illiterate people don't have the sense of hygiene.

(h) Birth – The birth rate has decreased to a great extent in our country.

(i) Unhealthy – We should lead a healthy life.

0) 'Mislead The criminal misled the police.

(k) Save – We should save money for the future.

(1) .Prevent – Education prevents us from doing misdeeds.

(m) Correctly – You have not pronounced my name correctly.

(n) Inability – Inability to read and write brings about misfortune in our life.

9. Laila I can't see anything. Where am I?

Aunt You're: safe in your aunt's house. What's the matter?

Laila I'm afraid. I can hear a sound.

Aunt But I can't.

Laila Listen again! Can you hear it now!

Aunt Yes, I can'

Laila Is it a ghost?

Aunt No, it's only an owl.

Laila Owl? But it makes a horrible sound.

Aunt It's a bird only, dear.

Laila Could you sleep with me?

Aunt Okay. Now go to sleep, Laila. You're very tired after your long journey.

Laila You're right.

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