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HSC Chattogram Board -2023 English 2nd Paper Question with Answer

Updated: Feb 26

Chattogram Board-2023

Sub Code 1 0 8

Time : 3 hours

English (Compulsory) 2nd Paper

Total Marks : 100

[According to the Syllabus of 2023]

[N.B. The figures in the right margin indicate full marks.]

1.Complete the text with suitable prepositions.                                                                                         .5x10=5

Corruption is a curse (a) ~~ a nation. It is a great hindrance (b) ~~ development. (c) ~~ corrupt people, a nation will surely sink (d) ~~ oblivion. Corrupt people are hated by all. The common people have no respect (e) ~~ them. They are devoid (f) ~~ honesty. They stick (g) ~~ their evil activities. They do not abide (h) ~~ the social rules. Morality does not have any effect (i) ~~ them. They bring nothing for the nation. It is high time we stood (j) ~~ them.

2. Complete the sentences with suitable phrases/words given in the box.                                                                  .5x10=5

as soon as

had better

has to

would rather

what's it like

what does......... look like



was born

let alone

(a)     A good citizen ~~ perform a lot of things. These things will enable him to become a true patriot.

(b)    ~~ is no fish here. It's a swimming pool.

(c)     Mr. Habib is an honest man. He ~~ starve than take bribe.

(d)    ~~ walking alone through a forest? I had never faced such a situation.

(e)    ~~ she finished her work, she called her father.

(f)      Sumi : Mom, ~~ a fox ~~? Mother : Well, it is somewhat like dog.

(g)     He is very miserly. He doesn't help his neighbours, ~~ the villagers.

(h)    I went to my village home on foot. ~~ took me two hours to reach there.

(i)      The weather is getting worse. I ~~ start for home. My parents will be anxious for me.

(j)      Tennyson was a great victorian poet. He ~~ in England.

3. Complete the sentences using suitable clauses/phrases.                                                                                  1x10=10

(a)     We take physical exercise so that ~~.

(b)     Air is polluted in many ways. It is high time ~~.

(c)     Prosperity does not come in one's life automatically. If ~~, you can't prosper in life.

(d)     Time is very important in our life. You can't succeed in life unless ~~.

(e)     He wrote very quickly. He had finished the exam before the ~~.

(f)      A village doctor is a person who ~~. He is the best friend to the villagers.

(g)     We all are attracted to gold. But ~~ is not gold.

(h)     I am fond of cricket. I wish ~~.

(i)      He walks slowly lest ~~.

(j)      He is dull headed. The poem is too difficult ~~.

4. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs as per subject and context. .5x14=7

While (a) ~~ (eat) food, we should (b) ~~ (bear) in mind that we don't eat just to (c) ~~ (satisfy) hunger or to (d) ~~ (fill) the belly. We eat to (e) ~~ (preserve) our health. For good health, a man (f) ~~ (eat) good food. Sometimes, it so (g) ~~ (happen) that people who (h) ~~ (live) even in the midst of plenty do not (i) ~~ (eat) the food they need for good health. Actually, they (j) ~~ (have) no knowledge of health and nutrition. They don't know how to (k) ~~ (select) a balanced diet from the many foods that (l) ~~ (be) available to them. Besides, foods are being (m) ~~ (adulterate) in many ways nowadays. So, it is high time we (n) ~~ (select) right kind of foods for avoiding health hazard.

5. Change the narrative style by using indirect speeches.                                                                                                          7 "What's your dream? Do you have any dream?" said Zayed. "Yes, I have a dream. My dream is a full plate of rice." said Robi. "Come with me. I am going to materialize your dream." "How kind you are!" said Robi.

6. Read the following text and use modifiers in the blank spaces as directed.                                                                  .5x10=5

We know that (a) ~~ (use quantifier to pre-modify the noun) species are important for maintaining (b)  ~~ (pre-modify the noun) balance. If one is lost, the whole natural environment changes (c)   ~~ (post-modify the verb). In order to protect the environment from being spoilt, we should protect (d) ~~ (use possessive to pre-modify the noun) wildlife. (e) ~~ (use determiner to pre­modify the noun phrase) good news is that many countries are taking action (f) ~~ (use infinitive phrase to post-modify the verb). George Lay Cock, (g) ~~ (use appositive to post-modify the noun) writes, "Mankind must develop a concern for wild creatures and determine that (h) ~~ (use demonstrative to pre-modify the noun) wild species will not perish (i) ~~ (use prepositional phrase as post-modifier). We have to save wild animals (j) ~~ (use relative clause as post-modifier).

7. Use appropriate sentence connectors in the blank spaces of the following passage.                                                .5x14=7

Early rising is one of the best habits (a) ~~ a man can possess. (b) ~~, the benefits of early rising are many. (c) ~~, if we get up early, we get enough time to work. (d) ~~, we can enjoy the fresh air of the morning which refreshes our body and mind. (e) ~~, we can take some exercises or a walk. (f)     ~~, in the morning nature smiles with colourful flowers and chirping of birds. (g)    ~~, early rising takes us to close contact with wonderful world of nature. (h) ~~, if we do not get up early in the morning, we will suffer a lot. (i) ~~, we do not have enough time to do our work. (j) ~~, we cannot finish our work in time. (k) ~~, late rising from bed tells upon our health. (l) ~~, we can never enjoy the freshness of nature. (m) ~~, early rising keeps us safe and sound both physically and mentally. (n) ~~, we should make a habit of early rising.

8. Read the passage below and then write the synonym or antonym of the words as directed. .5x14=7

A good writer may be a good reader. A good reader may be a good speaker or make a good recitation.  Nothing of this is impossible for a man if he is not lazy. The main thing is sincerity. Seriousness  should also be taken under consideration. If a man is serious, he can make impossible possible. If we become serious in our intention, we can shine in life. Otherwise, we will suffer a lot and our life will fill up with unhappiness.

(a) writer (synonym); (b) good (antonym); (c) speaker (synonym); (d) recitation (synonym); (e) impossible (synonym); (f) lazy (antonym); (g) sincerity (antonym); (h) seriousness (synonym); (i) consideration (synonym); (j) possible (antonym); (k) intention (synonym); (l) shine (synonym); (m) suffer (synonym); (n) unhappiness (antonym).

9. There are fourteen errors in the use of punctuation marks in the following text. Rewrite the text correcting the errors.  .5x14=7

Student : May I come in Sir

Principal : Yes come in. What is your problem

Student : I want to change my 4th subject Sir.

Principal : Why

Student : Sir Mathematics is now my 4th subject but it seems to me very difficult. So I want to

take biology instead of Mathematics.

Principal : Do you think biology is an easy subject

Student : Not easy. Sir but easier than mathematics.

Principal : Ok Write an application. Remember your application must be endorsed by your

guardian. Otherwise, it will not be accepted.

Part B : Composition (40 Marks)

10. Suppose, you are a student of 'X' College. There is no multimedia classroom in your college.

Now, write an application to the Principal for setting up multimedia classrooms.                                                          10

11. Write a paragraph on "The War of Independence of Bangladesh" within 200 words.                                                      15

12. Write a paragraph on "Environment Pollution" mentioning its causes and effects within 200 words.

Key To Chattogram Board-2023

English : Paper II

Part A : Grammar

1. Use of prepositions

(a) to/of; (b) to; (c) For; (d) into; (e) for; (f) of; (g) to; (h) by; (i) on; (j) against.

2. Use of phrases/words

(a) has to; (b) There; (c) would rather; (d) What's it like; (e) As soon as; (f) what's does look like; (g) let alone; (h) It; (i) had better; (j) was born.

3. Completing sentences

(a) We take physical exercise so that we can keep our body fit.

(b) Air is polluted in many ways. It is high time we stopped air pollution.

(c) Prosperity does not come in one's life automatically. If you do not work hard, you can't prosper in life.

(d) Time is very important in our life. You can't succeed in life unless you utilize your time properly.

(e) He wrote very quickly. He had finished the exam before the final bell rang.

(f) A village doctor is a person who treats the sick villagers. He is the best friend to the villagers.

(g) We all are attracted to gold. But all that glitters is not gold.

(h) I am fond of cricket. I wish I were a cricketer/I could be a cricket player in our national team.

(i) He walks slowly lest he should fall down on the wet and slippery road.

(j) He is dull headed. The poem is too difficult for him to understand it fully.

4. Right form of verbs

(a) eating; (b) bear; (c) satisfy; (d) fill; (e) preserve; (f) should eat; (g) happens; (h) live; (i) eat;

(j) have; (k) select; (l) are; (m) adulterated; (n) selected.

5. Changing the form of speech Zayed asked Robi what his (R) dream was. He (Z) again asked him if he (R) had any dream. Robi tenderly replied in the affirmative that he (R) had a dream. He (R) added that his (R) dream was a full plate of rice. Instantly, Zayed told him (R) to go with him (Z). He (Z) added that he (Z) was going to materialize his (R) dream. Robi exclaimed in wonder that he (Z) was very kind.

6. Use of modifiers (a) all; (b) ecological; (c) often for worse/greatly/certainly; (d) our; (e) The; (f) to protect their endangered species; (g) author of several books on wildlife; (h) these; (i) owing to our callousness; (j) that save ourselves.

7. Use of sentence connectors

(a) that; (b) However/In fact/ Truly speaking; (c) Firstly/First; (d) Secondly; (e) Thirdly; (f) Besides/Moreover; (g) Thus/So; (h) On the contrary/Contrarily/On the other hand; (i) Firstly;

(j) Secondly; (k) Thirdly; (l) Moreover; (m) Thus; (n) So/Therefore/Hence.

8. Use of synonym and antonym

(a) author; (b) bad; (c) lecturer/orator; (d) rendering/recital/reading/narration; (e) unachievable

/unattainable/unfeasible/impracticable; (f) active/industrious/diligent/ persevering;(g)insincerity/indifference/apathy; (h) sincerity/solemnity/earnestness/ commitment/resolution; (i) thought/mind/mentality; (j) impossible; (k) desire/wish/aim; (l) prosper/thrive/progress; (m) endure/experience; (n) happiness.

9. Use of punctuation marks

Student : May I come in, Sir?

Principal : Yes, come in. What is your problem?

Student : I want to change my 4th subject, Sir.

Principal : Why?

Student : Sir, Mathematics is now my 4th subject, but it seems to me very difficult. So,

I want to take Biology instead of Mathematics.

Principal : Do you think Biology is an easy subject?

Student : Not easy, sir, but easier than Mathematics.

Principal : OK. Write an application. Remember, your application must be endorsed by your

guardian; otherwise, it will not be accepted.

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