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HSC Barishal Board -2023 English 2nd Paper Question with Answer

Updated: Feb 26

Barishal Board-2023

Sub Code 1 0 8

Time : 3 hours

English (Compulsory) 2nd Paper

Total Marks : 10

[According to the Syllabus of 2023]

[N.B. The figures in the right margin indicate full marks.]

Part A: Grammar (60 Marks)

1. Complete the text with suitable prepositions: 0.5x10=5

Speaking ill (a) -- others is a very bad human tendency. It develops a negative inclination (b) — one's mind. This habit tempts one (c) — indulge (d) — a negative approach out of his unsound mind. It leaves bad effects (e) — human individuals and society. It also hampers the happy and smooth run (f) — the society. People very often burst (g) — tears (h) — this heinous act. We all should be aware (i) — it and give (j) — this bad habit.

2. Complete the sentences with suitable words/phrases given in the box 0.5x10=5

had better would rather 1 what's.... like used to as soon as

what does look like feel like as if there what if

(a) Jolly is my friend. She — sing in a choir, but she gave it up for some unavoidable reasons.

(b) The world economy is passing through a great crisis due to war situation. The world leaders — concentrate on the economy and security of the common people.. . (c) We went to John's office yesterday. He behaved—he had not known us.

(d) — a dinosaur —? Have you ever seen it?

(e) We are waiting outside. — you finish your dinner, don't delay to join us.

(f) He is so honest that he — die than cheat.

(g) — the ice had cracked? You would have disappeared into the icy water.

(h) You told me about a French novel. — the novel —?

(i) I am very thirsty. I — having a nice cool glass of lemonade.

(j) — exists no life on the Mars.

3. Completing the following sentences with suitable clauses/phrases: 1 x 10=10

(a) Patriotism is a noble virtue. We all should have patriotism —.

(b) Our freedom fighters risked their lives in the war of liberation so that —.

(c) He was not hungry at all. Had he been hungry, —.

(d) They continued to walk until —.

(e) She can't ride a bicycle, let alone —.

(f) Corruption is rampant in the country. It is high time the government —.

(g) 21st February is a red-letter day in our national history, because -L.

(h) There goes a proverb —.

(i) Mira has not been able to recall where —.

(j) No sooner had she crossed the main gate —.

4. Read the text and fill in the gaps with correct form of verbs: 0.5x 14=7

On 26 March, 1971, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (a) — (declare) the independence of Bangladesh. (b) — (follow) this declaration, a war began between the freedom-loving Bangalees and the brutal forces of West Pakistan, (c) — (result) in the independence of Bangladesh. The Pakistani Military Janta (d) — (base) in West Pakistan (e) — (launch) the Operation Searchlight against the unarmed people of East Pakistan (f) ¬(initiate) genocide in Bangladesh. In response to the violence, members of Mukti Bahini (g) — (start) a mass guerrilla war against the occupation forces. People from all walks of life (h) — (respond) to the call of Bangabandhu and joined the war (i) — (liberate) their dear motherland. The war (j) — (continue) for about nine months. The heroic sons of the soil made the supreme sacrifices with a view to (k) — (snatch) away the long-cherished freedom and thus (l) — (establish) Bangladesh as an independent country in the world map. Now, it (m) — (be) our bounden duty (n) — (uphold) the freedom of the country.

5. Change the narrative style of the passage by using indirect speeches: 7

"How is your mother, Habib?," said Fahim. "She is better today," said Habib. "Did you take her to any doctor?" "Yes, and the doctor has x-rayed her." "Now, take a good care of her and ensure all medications as prescribed," said Fahim. "Of course, thank you a lot," said Habib.

6. Read the following text and use modifiers as directed: 0.5x10=5

Kazi Nazrul Islam is called the Shelley of Bangla literature. He was a (a) — (pre-modify the noun) poet. He wrote (b) -- (post-modify the verb) in almost all branches of Bangla literature. Nazrul, (c) — (post-modify the noun with appositive), won the attention of everybody in his early childhood. He wrote ceaselessly until the death of (d) — (use possessive to pre-modify the noun) poetic flair. He Composed (e) — (pre-modify the noun) songs (f) — (post-modify the noun with an adjective clause). His literary works have enriched (g) — (pre¬modify the noun with noun adjective) literature. His poems and songs played a great role (h) — (post-modify the verb with an infinitive phrase) in our war of liberation. He .(i) — (pre-modify the verb) sang the songs of equality in his poetry. He is (j) — (pre-modify the noun with determiner) pride, no doubt.

7. Use appropriate sentence connectors in the blank spaces of the following text. 0.5x14=7

Scientists have always wondered (a) — there is life anywhere out in the space. They have joined together in a major project called the communication with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (b) — seeks to establish contact with any other living beings in the universe. (c) —, they are beaming out radio signals into the space. It was thought (d) — there exists life on Mars. (e) — two viking spacecrafts (f) — landed on Mars in 1976 did not provide much evidence of life there. The pictures sent by them showed (g) — the Mars has a sky; (h) —, the sky is red instead of a blue one like ours. Its gravity is about half (i) — strong (j) — that of Earth. (k) —, the atmosphere is also much thinner than that of our planet. It has deserts, high mountains, canals, volcanoes, craters etc. as well as summer (l) — winter. (m) —, there are no trees, (n) — life forms.

8. Read the passage and write the synonym or antonym of the words as directed: 0.5x14=7

Hospitality means friendly and generous treatment and entertainment towards guests or strangers, especially at one's home. There was a time when hospitality was encouraged in our country. People could travel hundreds of miles with having a single penny. Gone are those days! Nowadays, people have become commercial and self-centred in their etiquette and manners. In all religions, hospitality is encouraged, because hospitality brings peace and amity in the society. To form a better society, we need to cultivate it at home and away.

(a) hospitality (synonym) (b) friendly (antonym) (c) generous (synonym)

(d) treatment (synonym) (e) entertainment (antonym) (f) stranger (antonym)

(g) encourage (synonym) (h) travel (synonym) (i) having (synonym)

(j) self-centred (antonym) (k) etiquette (synonym) (1) peace (antonym)

(m) amity (antonym) (n) cultivate (synonym)

9. There are fourteen errors in the use of punctuation marks in the following text. Re-write the text correcting the errors: 0.5 x 14=7

Ishtiak : Excuse me where is the nearest hospital

Fuad : Its about 2km from here You will have to hire a taxi You can also go there by bus

Ishtiak : I see is there a bus station near here

Fuad : Yes there is a bus stop at the corner

Ishtiak : Thank you

Fuad : Dont mention it

Part B: Composition (40 Marks)

10. Write an application to the Chairman of Union Parishad requesting him/her to issue you an online birth certificate. 10

11. Write a paragraph on "The Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone" in about 200 words. 15

12. Write a cause-and-effect paragraph on "Price Hike', briefly describing the causes and its impacts on our daily life. 15

Key to   Barishal Board-2023

1. (a) of; (b) in; (c) to; (d) in; (e) on; (f) of; (g) into; (h) for/at; (i) of; (j) up.

2. (a) used to; (b) had better; (c) as if-, (d) What does look like; (e) As soon as; (f) would rather; (g) What if-, (h) What's like; (i) feel like; j) There.

3. (a) We all should have patriotism so that we can develop our country properly.

(b) Our freedom fighters risked their lives in the war of liberation so that they could make our country independent./Bangladesh could become an independent state.

(c) Had he been hungry, he would have ordered a meal for himself.

(d) They continued to walk until they reached their destination.

(e) She can't ride a bicycle, let alone a motorcycle.

(f) It is high time the government took steps to stop it.

(g) 21st February is a red-letter day in our national history, because we sacrificed our, lives on this day to uphold the dignity of Bangla language.

(h) There goes a proverb that courtesy begets courtesy.

(i) Mira has not been able to recall where she kept her purse.

j) No soon sooner had she crossed the main gate than she met with the accident.

4. (a) declared; (b) Following; (c) resulting; (d) based; (e) launched; (f) initiating; (g) started; (h) responded; (i) to liberate; j) continued; (k) snatching; (l) establishing; (m) is; (n) uphold.

5. Fahim asked Habib how his mother was. Habib replied that she was better that day. Fahim again asked him (H), if he (H) had taken her to any doctor. Replying in the affirmative Habib said that the doctor had x-rayed her. Then Fahim advised him (11) to take a good care of her and ensure all medications as prescribed. At this, Habib assured him and thanked him a lot.

6. (a) rebel/great/famous; (b) successfully/brilliantly; (c) our national poet/a literary genius; (d) his; (e) his/many; (f) which are very melodious/which are loved by all; (g) Bangla; (h) to inspire the freedom fighters; (i) always; our.

7. (a) if/whether; (b) that/which; (c) For this/Accordingly; (d) that; (e) However/But; (f) that; (g) that; (h) but/ however; (i) as; j) as; (k) Besides/Again; (1) and; (m) Unfortunately/Yet/But; (n) let alone.

8. (a) generosity/cordiality; (b) unfriendly/hostile/inhospitable; (c) benevolent/kind; (d) care/hospitality/ behaviour/dealing; (e) bummer/boredom/gloom; (f) acquaintance/familiar-, (g) motivate/promote; (h) wander/ roam; (i) possessing; j) philanthropic/altruistic/selfless; (k) manner/decorum; (l) hostility/instability/restlessness/ antagonism; (m) hostility/ animosity/enmity/disagreement; (n) foster/nurture/develop.

9. Ishtiak: Excuse me. Where is the nearest hospital?

Fuad: It's about 2 km. from here. You will have to hire a taxi. You can also go there by bus.

Ishtiak: I see. Is there a bus station near here?

Fuad: Yes, there is a bus stop at the corner.

Ishtiak: Thank you.

Fuad: Don't mention it.

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