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Favourite TV Program The TV Programme I Enjoyed Most (Paragraph / Composition / Essay)

Paragraph Writing

Model Answer-3

Composition / Essay Writing

The TV Programme I Enjoyed Most

I have many favourite TV programs. Of them I like ‘Ityadi’ most. ‘Ityadi’ is broadcast on BTV. Its duration is one hour. This is a magazine program. This is basically a social satirical program with entertainment.

‘Ityadi’ has been being broadcast for more than 25 years. It is one of the longest running shows on Bangladesh Television. This proves the popularity of this program among all sorts of people in Bangladesh and abroad. Hanif Sonket is the designer, director and presenter of ‘Ityadi’. He shows mini dramatic sketch, songs, dance, quiz contest, documentary report, letters from the audience, interview etc. Ityadi also helps to promote Bengali culture among the young generation in age of cultural diversity due to globalization. It also brings many intellectual persons in music, drama or education into light.

Hanif Sonket upholds many bad practices and social evils in his program. Hanif actually gives mild slap to the worst people in the society. Thus ‘Ityadi’ serves the purpose of public awareness.

Hanif Sonket shows some exclusive documentary reports on different extra-ordinary performances from selective people throughout the country. The people who have talents but cannot flourish because of poverty or lack of scope get chance to show their charisma in the ‘Ityadi’.

The reports on the foreigners and foreign historical places are really excellent. Hanif Sonket gives Bangla dialogues to some selected parts of English films which become very comical and entertaining. Besides, he introduces many famous historical places that are very enjoyable and knowledgeable.

Actually ‘Ityadi’ is favourite for many reasons. It gives sharp entertainment as well as lesson to the audience. Behind every item of ‘Ityadi’ there is a specific purpose. The purpose is creating social awareness of the people. Ityai always shows something different from any other TV program in Bangladesh. So ‘Ityadi’ is my favourite TV program. (Words : 304)


My Favourite TV Program

One of my favorite TV programs is called 'Ityadi,' which airs on BTV and lasts for about an hour. It is a magazine-style show that combines entertainment with social satire.

'Ityadi' has been on air for over 25 years, making it one of the longest-running shows on Bangladesh Television. This long duration shows how much people in Bangladesh and even abroad enjoy watching it. Hanif Sonket is the creator, director, and host of 'Ityadi.' He presents various segments such as dramatic sketches, songs, dances, quiz contests, documentary reports, letters from the audience, and interviews. 'Ityadi' also plays an important role in promoting Bengali culture among the younger generation in a time when many cultures are mixing due to globalization. It also highlights talented individuals in music, drama, and education.

Hanif Sonket uses 'Ityadi' to address social issues and criticize bad practices in society, offering mild criticisms to those who deserve it. This makes 'Ityadi' not only entertaining but also educational, raising public awareness.

The show also features exclusive documentary reports on extraordinary performances by talented people from different parts of Bangladesh. These segments give a platform to talented individuals who may not have had the opportunity otherwise due to poverty or lack of exposure.

Additionally, 'Ityadi' includes reports on foreign countries and historical places, providing viewers with excellent insights. Hanif Sonket adds Bangla dialogues to selected parts of English films, which adds humor and entertainment value. Moreover, he introduces famous historical sites that are both enjoyable and educational.

'Ityadi' is my favorite TV program for several reasons. It offers entertaining content while also teaching valuable lessons to the audience. Each segment of 'Ityadi' serves a specific purpose of creating social awareness among people. Its unique format sets it apart from other TV programs in Bangladesh, making it a standout choice for me.

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