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Employment of Women / Women’s Role from Past to Present in Bangladesh (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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Employment of Women / Women’s Role from Past to Present in Bangladesh

About half of the population in our country are women. In the past, opportunities for women to work were very limited, but they have been increasing over time.

Previously, women were restricted to their homes and had few chances to work outside. Their roles were primarily as mothers, wives, and homemakers, responsible for raising children and managing household affairs. They had low status in both family and society.

Today, however, women play significant roles in all aspects of our country. They are no longer confined to their parents' or husbands' homes. Women contribute substantially to their families by earning income. They manage both household duties and work outside the home, making vital contributions to our economy and nation.

With higher education and training, women now hold various professional positions such as teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers, administrators, pilots, engineers, and more. Many women work in family planning and healthcare sectors, serving both rural and urban communities. Additionally, a growing number of women are employed in non-traditional fields such as factories, construction, pharmaceuticals, and small-scale businesses.

The ready-made garment industry is a major source of foreign currency for Bangladesh, and it heavily relies on female workers. Approximately 90 percent of the workforce in garment factories are women, highlighting their crucial role in this sector.

In conclusion, women have transitioned from limited roles within their households to becoming integral contributors to our nation's workforce and economy. Their increasing participation in diverse fields signifies progress towards gender equality and economic empowerment in Bangladesh.

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