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Responsibility of a Young Boy: One day a boy of class VIII (Story Writing)

Responsibility of a Young Boy



 A young boy by the name of Arif, while returning home from school on foot, stumbled upon a moneybag lying abandoned beside the road. The young boy was initially taken aback and found himself in a perplexing situation, wondering whether to pick up the bag, for fear of being branded a thief, or to leave it there unattended. However, he refused to be deemed as someone who disregarded the well-being of his community and chose to pick up the moneybag and carry it home.


Once he arrived home, Arif, being a responsible and conscientious boy, discussed the matter with his parents and younger sister. His parents advised him to search for the owner of the bag, as he had found a considerable amount of money inside it. In order to accomplish this task, Arif began to search for some identifying information inside the bag. Eventually, he stumbled upon a visiting card, which had a phone number printed on it.


Without hesitation, Arif decided to call the number printed on the card. On the other end of the line, a man with a deep and serious voice answered the call. Arif, with a sense of responsibility and honesty, informed the man of his discovery, and conveyed his identity and the fact that he had found the moneybag. The man, who was relieved and overjoyed, informed Arif that he was indeed the owner of the bag and thanked him for his honesty and responsible conduct.


Arif was still skeptical and cautious of the man's claims and sought to verify his authenticity by conversing further with him. However, during their conversation, Arif was convinced of the man's honesty and confirmed that he was indeed the rightful owner of the moneybag. Arif gave the man his address, and the man arrived at his residence, thanking him for his sense of responsibility and presenting him with a nice storybook as a token of appreciation for his honesty and integrity.


Moral :

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