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Complaint Letter Writing for the Examination

Complaint Letter
1.    Write a complaint letter to the Superintendent of Police for taking steps against extortionists. 
15 October 2022
The Superintendent of Police
Subject : Application for taking measures against extortionists
We, the inhabitants of West Madarbari, have the honour to draw your kind notice that recently a number of extortionists are ruining the peaceful life of the inhabitants. Businessmen, house owners, tenants, shopkeepers, teachers -none can escape from these extortionists. They very often collect tolls at the gun point. No one's property or money is secure.
We, therefore, hope that you would be kind enough to take immediate steps to curb the menace of the extortionists and bring back the peace in our locality.
Faithfully yours
Maksadul Haq Shadheen
(On behalf of the people of West Madarbari)
2.    Write a letter to the Mayor complaining about insufficient water supply. 15 June 2022
The Mayor
Dhaka South City Corporation Dhaka
Subject : Regarding insufficient water supply
I, on behalf of the inhabitants of Mirpur, Dhaka, have the honour to to invite your kind notice to the fact that water. supply in our area has recently become very insufficient. WASA hardly supplies sufficient water in our locality. Moreover, as it is summer now, everybody feels the necessity of water. Unfortunately, we hardly have sufficient water -for cooking, bathing and washing our clothes. Hence the sufferings of all the people know no bounds. Sometimes, even, the marginal inhabitants have to buy water at a high irate.
1, therefore, hope that you would be kind enough to take proper steps so that WASA supplies us with sufficient water in our locality.
Yours faithfully
Hasanul Haq
(On behalf of the inhabitants of Mirpur)
3.    Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper on the indiscriminate use of different types of loud-speakers.
A.G.B. Colony Motijheel, Dhaka 8th October 2022
The Editor
The Daily Star 229 Tejgaon I/A Dhaka-1208
Subject : Criticism against the indiscriminate use of loudspeaker
Through the esteemed columns of your newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities against the indiscriminate use of the loudspeaker.
Loudspeakers are now being used all the time throughout the day and night at the highest pitch. Even small shopkeepers and hawkers misuse them to attract customers. At the time of marriage all the people on the joyous mood misuse it most of the night: Lavish night parties to celebrate anything make free use of stereos to musically shock the whole locality. Then there is a spate of New Year Celebration, Independence Day Celebration or Sakraine Utshob which by using the highest pitch of the loudspeaker, force audience to keep awake the whole night. Nobody cares whether there are students preparing for examination or patients requiring undisturbed peaceful rest, people after a long hard toil are longing to sleep.
There is, a need for restriction to the use of the loudspeaker. There should be special permission and time limit for the use of the loudspeaker, and different punishment for the infringement of orders. Public should be made aware that loudspeakers create noise pollution and is dangerous for health.
Hoping that useful measures are taken by the authorities against the, issue as soon as possible. Thanking you
Yours sincerely Roudiya
4.    Write a complaint letter for repairing the damaged roads. 17 April 2022
The Upazila Chairman Umarpur Union, Hpbiganj
Subject : Application for repairing the damaged roads of the village Palashpur
With due respect I, on behalf of the people of Umarpur Union, have the honour to draw your kind attention to our sufferings caused by the damaged roads of the village Palashpur.
The, people of this village are suffering greatly for the damaged roads. Thousands of people move to Umarpur through the roads. As the roads are badly damaged by the recent flood, no vehicle can ply on them. Even walking on foot at night has become dangerous, as there are big holes at different points of the roads. Hundreds of students go to and come back from schools and colleges daily along the roads. About three months :have passed but the roads have not been repaired yet. So, now it is very essential to'repair the roads for the greater welfare of the villagers.
In the circumstances, I would request your honour to take immediate steps to repair the damaged roads and remove the untold sufferings of the villagers.
Yours faithfully,
Rajib Ahsan
On behalf of
The people of Palashpur 
5.    Write a letter complaining about frequent power failure in your area. 09 July 2022
The Chairman
Gazipur Electricity Board
Ref : About frequent power our area
Dear Sir,
I would like to share the problem of my locality with you so that,you could take it seriously and solve it with generosity.
Ours is an industrial area. Several big and small industries are located here. Yet life is frequently paralysed due to power failure in this locality. The owners of those industries are having a crucial time because their productions have been hampered -much due to frequent power failure. Consequently, some industries declared partial day-off.
The students find it difficult to study. Moreover, anti social people get indulged in various criminal activities during power failure at might.
We, hereby draw your kind attention to look into the matter and ensure regular supply of electricity in our area. -
Yours ever,
Ahammad Hossain Auchpara, Tongi
6.    Write a complaint letter for taking steps against anti-social activities in your locality. 15 April 2022
The Police Commissioner Rangpur Metro Politan Police Rangpur
Subject : Complaint to stop antisocial activities
I, on behalf of the residents of Kamal Kasna area in Rangpur, woUid like to request you to look into the ongoing antisocial activities in this area. Kamal Kasna has always been reputed for its peaceful neighborhood. But recently some miscreants are commonly seen sitting in the tea stalls even in front of the society gate. They often take drugs and tease the girls. They are also found involved in mugging innocent people. In a word, they have become a nuisance for the whole society. They must be stopped and brought to book soon.
I, therefore, request you to take necessary steps to stop these miscreants so that the people of the locality can live and move as freely as before.
Yours faithfully,
Ahmadul Haq
(On behalf of the people of Rangpur) 
7.    Write a letter to the Railway authorities for missing goods. 21 November 2022
The Chief Operating Officer Bangladesh Railway, Khulna
Subject : Complaint for missing goods.
I have the honour to draw your kind attention that I started for Khulna at 7 am by Sundarban Express. I booked four packets of goods as luggage. But to my utter regret, the packets were not available after the train had arrived at Khulna. Booking authorities were duly informed of it. immediately.
1, therefore, earnestly request you to take necessary legal steps to find out the missing goods at the earliest.
Yours sincerely Hawn Mustafa Sutrapur, Dhaka
S. Write a letter of complaint to the Mayor for taking proper initiative about the disposal of waste from the garden.
June 18, 2022
Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Nagar Bhaban
Subject : Regarding the poor maintenance of the garden and improper waste disposal
I am Naila Aziz, a resident of Keraniganj area. I am writing to bring to your notice the poor maintenance of the garden near our residential area and the improper disposal of waste. The garden near the residential area was watered regularly, and grass shrubs were trimmed and maintained neatly in the beginning. It has been more than a month now since any kind of maintenance is done in the garden. We have tried to contact the person in charge, but every effort has just been in vain.
Another growing issue is the problem of waste disposal. There were people from the corporation collecting garbage for disposal every two days, but it has been more than a week now since they have collected any garbage from our area. This has led to the accumulation of waste, and people have started dumping it in the corner of the street as they have no other choice. Kindly look into this matter and the maintenance of the garden as it would become a huge mess if this continues. It would be highly appreciated if you could also inform the residents that all garbage would be collected and not to throw them out around the street corners.
Thank you in advance.
Yours faithfully,
Signature Naila Aziz
9. Write a letter of complaint to the appropriate authorities informing the damaged product. July 26, 2022
The Manager
Customer Service Department BD Mega Shop
Dhaka - 1000
Subject : Complaint about a damaged product received
I had purchased a black top from your online store. I received the product today, and I tried filing a return request as the size is smaller than the one I had ordered, and the cloth is torn on the left side. For some reason, the return request is not being filed. The page is either getting redirected or stuck. I have tried multiple times, and I could not go through with it. Can you please check and let me know if the return request has been filed for the order no. 3049. If not, kindly let me know what I should do to return the product.
I am attaching herewith photographs of the damaged portion of the top and the opening video for your reference.
Thank you in advance
Yours sincerely, Signature
Sabrina Yeasmin

10.    Write a letter of complaint to the Councillor of your ward to take quick step to install street lights.
The Councillor
Ward No. 47
Faridabad, Dhaka-1204
Subject : Regarding installation of new street lights in our area
I am writing to bring to your kind attention that there are no street lights in our area and it has become a huge problem as it has started raining. It is very difficult for people who travel through this area because it is very dark at night, and with continuous rains, our area floods up. It becomes really difficult to drive as the roads are damaged, and there have been constant accidents because of this. Besides, inhabitants of our area often victimised by snatchers at night and lose everything valuable. Therefore, I request you to kindly take some action at the earliest and install street lights in our area as it is a danger if it is left like this.
Thank you for your time and cooperation in advance.
Yours faithfully, Signature
Mohammad Ali
11.    Write a complaint letter to the Mayor about mosquito menace.
The Mayor
Dhaka South City Corporation
Phoenix Road, Fulbaria, Dhaka-1000
Subject : Complaint about mosquito menace
Mosquito menace is nothing new for the residents of Dhaka. But, recently it has become a serious problem at Lalbag, especially in old Dhaka as this menace has gone out of hand. As the warm season comes, the menace increases.
People in different parts of this capital city are now complaining about intolerable mosquito bite throughout day and night. Mosquito coils, spray and mosquito nets have proved futile in stopping mosquito menace. Numerous people are suffering from dengue and malaria due to this menace. It is reported that some of the children in our locality already died of dengue.
Under the circumstances, it is prayed and hoped that you would kindly take immediate measures to stop mosquito menace in our area and help us to lead a healthy life.
Yours faithfully,
Mr. Anisuzzaman
On behalf of the locality

12.    Write a complaint letter about reckless driving. 6 June, 2022
The Editor
The Bangladesh Observer Dhaka
Subject : Complaint against reckless driving of motor cars
Dear Sir,
I shall be grateful if you could find a space in your widely circulated daily to publish the following letter.
Reckless Driving in the Streets
Street accidents have become common experience in our daily lives. Though we know that there are many factors responsible for the increasing number of road accidents across the country, reckless driving of motor cars is to be placed as the main factor.
In the recent years, the number of motor cars in Dhaka along with all other divisional headquarters has rapidly increased. Anyone with capacity of buying vehicles buys and uses them on their will. Asa result each of the upper class and even upper middle class families living in Dhaka city owns and uses more than one motor cars. Concurringly, the young member of these families often prefer to drive cars recklessly while playing music with loud speaker. In the busy city streets drivers frequently violate the traffic laws. They try to overtake others in the streets. This is a very bad practice which often causes street accidents. Also, many drivers of these motor cars do not have formal training in driving.
To overcome the crisis driving test should be fair and also vehicles law that permits people buying and driving of motor cars should be strict and implemented. To ensure the safety of the people and to bring the traffic jam to a bearable extent, the concerned authorities should pay attention to this problem.
Sincerely yours, Md. Raqib
13.    Write a complaint letter on unusable goods. 
70/A, Char Para, Mymensingh
25 May 2022
The Manager
Messer's RK Brothers and Co. Mymensingh
Subject : Supply of unusable goods
Dear Sir,
I would like to inform you that your delivered parcel of some stationary items is at our hub now. But it is a matter of regret that some of the items are not useable. They are damaged. We are really disheartened finding the quality of some papers, pens, rubbers, etc. Besides, some of the packets are almost damp. These items cannot be sold at all. Please take it seriously and change the items as soon as possible. Otherwise, it~will be difficult for us to continue our contract with your company any longer.
Therefore, I request you to replace the same fresh items at your earliest convenience.
Yours faithfully, Rakib Ahmed





14. Suppose, you are an inhabitant of Kishoreganj Sadar. Write a letter to the Railway station Master complaining about late running of trains.
10 June 2022
Railway Station Master, Kishoreganj 
Subject : About late running of trains.
1 have the honour to draw your kind attention to the fact that the intercity trains of Kishoreganj do not maintain timetable in leaving and reaching train stations. Asa result, people especially the office-goers, businessmen and students are suffering greatly. They cannot reach their respective destination in time. They have to regularly undergo bitter experience of waiting
for trains for long time. So, people living in Kishoreganj and surrounding areas are very dissatisfied with this negligence and mismanagement on the part of the train authority. I, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to take proper steps against it and help people get proper train-service and oblige thereby.
Yours faithfully,
Eman Hosen
On behalf of the inhabitants of Kishoreganj Sadar.
15. Suppose, you are an inhabitant of Narinda, Dhaka. The people of your locality suffer greatly due to unhygienic condition of the locality. Now, write a letter to the Mayor complaining about the fact.
26 June 2022
The Mayor
Dhaka South City Corporation, Dhaka
Subject : Complaint about unhygienic condition of Narinda, Dhaka.
I, on behalf of the inhabitants of Narinda, Dhaka, would like to draw your kind notice to the fact that the people living here are suffering greatly due to unhygienic condition on the roads caused by the garbage and wastes thrown on the roads of our area. As there is no proper waste management system here, people dump their household wastes on the roads. Consequently, people have to suffer from foul odour. It is an additional problem in the time of COVID-19 pandemic. People being directly exposed to these wastes,'feel greatly uncomfortable.
I hope that you would be kind enough to address this unhygienic condition and thus enable the inhabitants of Narinda to live a healthy and comfortable life.
Yours faithfully,
Tafsir Ahmed
On behalf of the people of Wari, Dhaka
16. Suppose, you are Abdul Majid of a village, Mirbag, Kaunia, district Rangpur. Recently, drug-addiction has become very rampant on your area. It has caused a great havoc. Write a letter of complaint to the DC of Rangpur and urge him to take necessary measure.
27 July 2022
The Deputy Commissioner Rangpur
Subject : For taking action against drug addicts
I would like to inform you that the only playground in our city has been under the control of local drug addicts for the last one year. The criminals openly use it for taking drugs. As a result, anti¬social activities are on the increase in the locality. For buying drugs, those drug addicts are robbing the passers-by of their valuables. Sometimes, they wander about with illegal arms and ammunition and threaten the people moving on the road to snatch away money from them.
In these circumstances, I would be grateful if you could take all-out steps against the drug addicts so that the playground again becomes open for all.
Abdul Majid
Mirbag, Kaunia, Rangpur
17.    Suppose, you are an inhabitant of Barishal town. The law and order situation of the town is deteriorating day by day. The people of the town have-been passing their days in an insecure condition. Now, write a letter to the Deputy Commissioner complaining about the fact.
21 /B, Sadar Road, Barishal. 10 October 2022
The Deputy Commissioner Barishal
Subject : Deterioration of the law and order situation
The law and order situation of the Barishal town is deteriorating day by day. People have been passing their days in panic. They are in an insecure condition as killing, hijacking and many other antisocial activities are going on even in board day-light. Some extortionists are raising money from almost all the shops and business centres. If anybody protests against this kind of antisocial activities, then his life will be under constant threat. People cannot move freely, because they are not safe. Local police force are reluctant to take any action against them. Murder, robbery, hijacking are not being noticed by the law enforcement agencies. So, criminals are moving freely. We, the sufferers of the town, want an immediate remedy for this condition.
Therefore, we pray and hope "that you would kindly investigate the matter and take necessary measures, so that the innocent people can pass their life in a peaceful way.
Yours truly, A K Azad 
18.    Suppose, you are Farin. Eve-teasing is a common phenomenon in your locality. Now, write a letter to the Police Super complaining about the nuisance of eve-teasing in your locality.
29 June 2022
The Superintendent of Police Chattogram
Subject : Application for preventing the nuisance of eve-teasing.
On behalf of the people of Nadimpur village in Chattogram, I would  like to draw your kind attention to the situation that the nuisance of eve-teasing has become a regular phenomenon in our locality. It is increasing day by day at an alarming rate. The vagabond youths indulge in teasing the female students and even the office-goers. Now, this alarming situation has taken a serious turn. We have lodged complaints with and even the office goers the local authority in this regard but all attempts were in vain.
We, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind and prompt enough to take all the necessary steps to prevent eve-teasing.
Sincerely yours,
Farm Rahman
On behalf of the people of Nadimpur village.

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