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IELTS Speaking Part-3 Gender roles

Is it possible for women to join the army in your country?

Absolutely! In my country, women can definitely join the army. In fact, over the past few years, there has been a positive shift in societal attitudes, and it's now widely accepted that both men and women can serve in the armed forces. It's a great stride towards gender equality, and it reflects the changing dynamics in our society.

Is it compulsory for men to join the army in your country?

No, it's not compulsory for men to join the army in my country. While there is a military service option, it's not mandatory, and individuals have the freedom to choose whether they want to pursue a career in the military or not. This approach allows people to follow their interests and passions, contributing to a diverse range of professions across different sectors.

In your country, are the responsibilities of a mother the same as the responsibilities of a father to their families?

Well, the responsibilities of a mother and a father in my country are evolving, and there's a growing acknowledgment that parenting duties should be shared. Traditionally, mothers were often associated with caregiving, but nowadays, fathers are actively participating in child-rearing and household responsibilities. It's becoming more of a team effort, fostering stronger family bonds.

What are the responsibilities of a father/mother in a family?

The responsibilities of a father and mother in a family extend beyond just providing financial support. While traditionally fathers were seen as breadwinners, today both parents are expected to be actively involved in nurturing and raising their children. It involves not only earning a living but also emotional support, guidance, and creating a harmonious home environment.

What behaviors are deemed as appropriate for men but inappropriate for women?

In terms of behaviors, societal norms have changed, and there's a broader acceptance of diverse expressions of masculinity and femininity. Previously, certain behaviors were stereotypically associated with gender, but now, it's more about individual choices and personal preferences rather than strict gender expectations.

What habits are deemed as appropriate for men but inappropriate for women?

I believe that habits are more about personal choices rather than strict gender norms nowadays. While there might be lingering stereotypes, society is becoming more accepting of individual preferences. Both men and women can pursue the habits they enjoy without being confined by outdated expectations.

What jobs are deemed as appropriate for men but inappropriate for women?

Fortunately, the perception of suitable jobs for men and women is changing. In the past, certain professions were stereotypically associated with gender, but now there's a greater understanding that individuals should pursue careers based on their skills and interests rather than conforming to gender norms. So, both men and women have the freedom to choose diverse career paths.

Are men and women equal in ability and intelligence?

Absolutely! Men and women are equal in ability and intelligence. It's essential to recognize that capabilities are not determined by gender but by individual potential and dedication. The idea of equality is gaining momentum, and people are increasingly valuing skills and abilities over outdated gender stereotypes.

Are more doctors female or male in your country?

Interestingly, there has been a notable increase in the number of female doctors in my country. Women are making significant strides in the medical field, and it's becoming more balanced. This shift reflects the changing dynamics in educational and professional opportunities, providing women with the chance to pursue careers in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Are more professional musicians female or male in your country?

In the realm of professional musicians, the gender balance has been shifting, and it's becoming more equitable. While there might have been a time when the industry was predominantly male, now we see a diverse mix of talented female and male musicians, contributing their unique styles to the music scene.

Are more teachers female or male in your country?

Teaching is a profession where we often see a higher representation of females in my country. It's a positive trend as it brings diverse perspectives into education. However, there's also a growing awareness that both male and female teachers contribute significantly to the development of students, and efforts are being made to encourage more gender diversity in the teaching profession.

What things can either men or women do that the other cannot do and why?

While there are biological differences, in terms of abilities and capabilities, there's not much that one gender can do that the other cannot. Modern society is moving towards recognizing individual strengths and talents rather than imposing limitations based on gender. Both men and women can excel in a wide range of fields and activities.

Is it OK for men to cry?

Absolutely! It's perfectly okay for men to cry. Expressing emotions is a natural and healthy part of being human, irrespective of gender. Society is becoming more understanding, acknowledging that everyone, including men, needs a way to release emotions. It's a positive shift toward breaking down stereotypes and promoting emotional well-being.

Is it common for women and men to take part in sporting activities?

Yes, it's quite common for both women and men to actively participate in sporting activities in my country. Sports have become a universal platform where gender distinctions are fading away. Whether it's on the field, in the gym, or in recreational settings, people of all genders are embracing a more inclusive approach to sports and physical activities.

Are there more male or female managers and executives? Why do you think this is?

Currently, there is still a higher representation of male managers and executives in my country. This can be attributed to historical gender biases and stereotypes that have influenced leadership roles. However, there is a growing awareness of the importance of gender diversity in leadership, and efforts are being made to create more opportunities for women to excel in managerial and executive positions.

What jobs do men do and women don’t in your country?

In my country, there's a shift away from strict gender-based job roles. While there might still be some lingering stereotypes, more and more men and women are breaking through traditional barriers and pursuing careers based on their skills and interests rather than conforming to outdated norms. The idea is to encourage diversity and equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender.

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