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IELTS Speaking Part-3 Media & News

1. How do most people get their news in your country?

In my neck of the woods, folks usually stay in the loop by catching up on the news through their favorite news apps or by tuning in to the evening news on TV. It's pretty common for people to scroll through their social media feeds too, just to get the gist of what's happening around. I reckon it's a mix of traditional and tech-savvy ways to stay informed.

2. How do you think people will get their news in the future?

Well, I reckon the grapevine suggests that folks might increasingly lean on online platforms and streaming services to catch up on current affairs. It's like the news is going digital, you know? Maybe we'll see more bite-sized updates and videos popping up on people's screens, making it easier for everyone to stay in the know on the fly.

3. Do you believe everything you read in the newspapers?

Oh, not for a minute! You've got to take everything with a grain of salt these days. I mean, newspapers have their own spin on things, and it's always good to read between the lines. You know what they say, don't believe everything you read in black and white.

4. How has TV changed people's lives?

TV has been a game-changer, no doubt. It's not just a box in the corner of the living room anymore; it's like a window to the world. People gather 'round for family movie nights, binge-watch their favorite shows, and even catch up on the latest news. It's become a staple in our lives, shaping how we spend our leisure time and connect with the world.

5. What do you think of children watching TV?

Well, I reckon it's all about balance. A bit of screen time can be alright, but too much of anything ain't good, right? It's important for kiddos to have a mix of activities, from playing outdoors to reading books. As they say, everything in moderation, including cartoons and kid shows.

6. How has social media changed the way we get and share the news?

Oh, it's like a whole new ballgame with social media in the picture. These days, news spreads like wildfire. We're all just a click away from knowing what's happening across the globe. But, you know, there's a flip side – not all of it is as reliable as the evening news. It's a mixed bag, and folks need to sift through the noise to get to the real deal.

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