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Present environmental condition / Air Pollution / Environment Pollution (Letter, Application & Email Writing)

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Model -2

Write a letter to the local health officer informing them about the present environmental condition of your area.

The 29th May, 2009


The Health Officer, Chittagong.

Subject: Present environmental condition of Chittagong.

Dear Sir,

I am an inhabitant of Chittagong of Bangladesh. I would like to inform you about the present environmental condition of our area. It is a port city. Sea, hills, and rivers have adorned this place. But now-a-days, our environment is being polluted in many ways. Trees and hills are cut down indiscriminately. Industries are dumping their waste in the rivers and canals. They are also emitting smoke seriously. People are dumping domestic waste here and there. But the authority is not taking any step to check the environmental pollution. Reports are published in the dailies about the deforestation of our locality.

In these circumstances, I earnestly request you to find a way to check the pollution of our locality through discussing with the concerned authority.

Thanking you.

Sincerely yours,

Abidur Rahman

Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper suggesting measures for lessening air pollution in cities.

30 April 2021

The Editor

The Bangladesh Observer

Motijheel, Dhaka

Dear Sir,

I would greatly appreciate it if you could publish the following letter in your esteemed daily.

Yours faithfully,

Abdul Awal

280 Elephant Road, Dhaka

Suggesting Measures for Lessening Air Pollution in Cities

Air is the most vital component of the human environment. Without air, life cannot be sustained even for a moment. However, this crucial element is increasingly being polluted in various ways, posing a serious threat to public health. Inhalation of polluted air is a major cause of several fatal diseases.

To combat air pollution, stringent measures need to be implemented. Firstly, emissions from vehicles, a significant contributor to air pollution, must be regulated and controlled effectively. Vehicles emitting black smoke should be identified and their licenses revoked, prohibiting them from operating on roads.

Furthermore, the establishment of mills, factories, and industries should be carefully planned to minimize their adverse impact on air quality. Brick fields lacking proper chimney systems should be dismantled to curb their contribution to pollution. Additionally, indiscriminate deforestation must be halted to preserve green cover, which plays a crucial role in mitigating air pollution.

Public awareness campaigns should be intensified to educate people about the health hazards associated with air pollution. The government should take proactive measures to address this issue, including stricter enforcement of regulations and the implementation of preventive measures. Mass media can play a pivotal role in raising public awareness and fostering a sense of responsibility towards reducing air pollution.

Thank you for considering the publication of this letter.

Yours faithfully,

Abdul Awal


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