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Collocation - alphabetical order a-l


above average

more than average, esp. in amount, age, height, weight etc.

absolutely necessary

totally or completely necessary

abuse drugs

to use drugs in a way that's harmful to yourself or others

abuse of power

the harmful or unethical use of power

accept (a) defeat

to accept the fact that you didn't win a game, match, contest, election, etc.

accept a challenge

to agree to do something difficult or dangerous

accept an apology

to forgive someone who says they're sorry

accept an invitation

to say "yes" after getting an invitation

accept responsibility

to take the blame when something goes wrong

aches and pains

mild pains that come and go, esp. from physical work or old age

achieve a goal

to do what you'd planned or hoped to do

act suspiciously

to behave in a way that makes people suspicious

action movie

a movie with lots of action and violence

active ingredient

the chemical in a drug, medicine or pesticide that makes it work

active volcano

a volcano that could erupt at any time

actively involved

playing an active role

admit defeat

to accept that you can't win a competition or achieve a goal

against the law


all alone

completely alone, or without friends or people you know

all along

continuously from when something begins

all over

completely finished

almost certainly

almost definitely

alphabetical order

an order based on the letters of an alphabet, with "a" being the first and "z" being the last in English

alternative energy

power or electricity produced by using energy from the sun, wind, water, etc.

alternative medicine

medical treatments using natural substances and traditional knowledge instead of pharmaceutical drugs and modern surgery

answer a letter

to write back to someone who sent you a letter

answer a prayer

to respond to a prayer

answer a question

to reply with information or an opinion after being asked a question

answer an advertisement

to contact a person or company after seeing their advertisement

answer the door

to go to the door and open it after someone knocks or rings the doorbell

answer the phone

to pick up a phone that's ringing and talk to whoever's calling

any more (1)

more of something you've already had or got

any more (2)

any longer, or as in the past or previously

apply for a job

to ask to be considered for a job you'd like to get

arrive on time

to arrive exactly when expected or scheduled to

artificial limb

a prosthetic arm or leg that replaces one that's been lost

ask a favour

to ask someone to do something for you because you need their help

ask a question

to ask somebody to tell you something

ask for advice

to ask someone what they think you should do

ask for directions

to ask someone to tell you the way to a place

ask permission

to ask your boss, teacher, parent, etc. if you can do something

attract attention

to create interest

attract sb's attention

to do something to make someone notice you

awful lot

more than expected, usual, normal, etc.


back pay

money a worker earned in the past but hasn't been paid yet

back road

a small country road

back street

a street in a town or city that's away from major roads or central areas

back taxes

taxes that weren't paid when they were due

bad breath

breath that doesn't smell nice

bad diet

an unhealthy diet

bad habit

a habit that badly affects you or other people, or that others think is wrong or bad

bad loser

someone who gets upset or angry when they lose

bad mood

a mood in which you're easily annoyed or angered

bad temper

a tendency to become angry quickly and easily

badly damage

to do a lot of damage to something

badly hurt

seriously injured

balance a budget

to make income and expenditure equal in a budget

balanced diet

a diet with the proper amounts of all necessary nutrients

bare essentials

things that are needed the most

barely able (to do sth)

only just able to do something

basic right

a fundamental right that we all share, or that all animals share

bear a resemblance (to sb/sth)

to look like, or be similar to, somebody or something

beat a record

to do something better, faster, longer, etc. than somebody else

beat to death

to beat a person or animal so badly that it causes death

become increasingly

become more and more

best ever

best until now

best friends

closest friends

best possible

the best that can be found or achieved

big brother | big sister

older brother, older sister

big deal

something that's very important or very special

big decision

very important decision

big money

a lot of money

bitterly cold

extremely cold, of weather, wind, rain, etc.

bitterly disappointed

extremely disappointed

blind faith

unquestioning belief in something, even when it's unreasonable or wrong

blind loyalty

unquestioning support under any circumstances

blind obedience

unquestioning obedience, even when you're told to do something you know is wrong

blissfully ignorant

unaware of something that might sadden or disturb you if you knew about it

block of flats

a building with flats or apartments on several levels or floors

blow your nose

to clear your nose of mucus by forcing air through it

book a flight

to buy a ticket for a flight on a plane

boost morale

to increase morale or enthusiasm within a group of people

break a law

to do something illegal

break a promise

to fail to do what you promised to do

break a record

to beat a previous record in sport, speed, sales, etc.

break news

to tell someone bad news

breaking news

current news that a media organization gives special or live coverage to

bright future

successful or happy future

bright idea

a brilliant, clever or original idea

bring about change

to cause or create change in something or someone

bring attention to

to make people aware of something

bring to an end

to conclude an event, a process, a sequence, etc.

bring to justice

to make somebody face trial or punishment for their crime

broken home

a family in which the parents have separated or divorced

budget deficit

a negative balance between revenues and spending


Collocations beginning with C. Select a collocation for more details.

call a meeting

to order or invite people to hold a meeting

call a name

to say somebody's name loudly

call a strike

to decide that workers will protest by not going to work

call an election

to decide that an election will be held

call attention to

to make someone notice or consider someone or something

call in sick

to telephone your place of work and say you're not coming because you're sick

call sb names

to tease or bully somebody by calling them nasty or offensive names

call the police

to telephone the police, esp. in an emergency

can't afford

unable to buy or do something because it's too expensive or problematic

can't help

unable to stop yourself doing something you shouldn't do

can't stand

dislike someone or something very much

carry weight

to have authority or influence

cast a spell

to use magic to make something happen

cast a vote

to vote in an election or a poll

cast doubt

to make something seem less believable or less reliable

casual clothes

comfortable clothes you wear in your free time

casual relationship

a relationship that isn't serious or long-term

catch a cold

to become sick after being infected with a cold virus

catch a glimpse

to see something or someone for a moment only

catch a whiff

to smell something for a moment only

catch sight of

to suddenly see something or someone

cause trouble (1)

to create problems or difficulties for somebody or something

cause trouble (2)

to start fights or incite violence

centre of attention

the main focus of interest or attention

certain amount

some, or not very much but more than very little

change course

to go in a different direction

change the subject

to start talking about a different topic

change your mind

to change your opinion or decision

claim responsibility

to say that you're responsible for something

clean energy

energy or power supply that doesn't pollute or damage environments in its production or use

clear message

a message that's easy to understand

clear understanding

an understanding that's free of confusion or doubt

close the gap

to reduce the difference between people or things

close together

very near to each other, or separated by a short distance or time

come alive

become lively, active or exciting

come close (to)

almost do something, achieve something, complete something, etc.

come to a conclusion

to conclude, decide or believe something after thinking about it

come to a realization

to become aware of something

come to a stop

to stop moving or happening

come to an end

to finish, of an event, a performance, a meeting, etc.

come to expect

learn to expect that something is likely to happen

come to sb's rescue

to save someone or something from danger or failure

come true

to become real, or what you'd hoped for

comfort food

food you eat to make yourself feel better, esp. food you liked as a child

commit suicide

to deliberately kill oneself

common knowledge

something that nearly everyone knows

common language

a language that both you and the person you're talking to can speak

completely different

totally different

conduct research

to organize and carry out research into something

consider a possibility

to think about a possible choice, solution, outcome, etc.

contact details

details you need to contact someone, like a telephone number, email address, etc.

cost a fortune

cost a lot of money

cover costs

to make enough money to pay for costs like production, materials, labour, etc.

cross sb's mind

to briefly think of something

crystal clear (1)

completely clear or transparent

crystal clear (2)

easy to understand or very obvious

cut and paste

to select and copy text or a graphic from one part of a file or computer to another

cut costs

to reduce costs


Collocations beginning with D. Select a collocation for more details.

daily life

life as experienced from day to day

dead ahead

straight ahead

dead body

corpse, or the body of someone who's died

dead end (1)

a point at which no further progress seems possible

dead end (2)

a street or road that traffic enters and leaves at one end only

dead tired

very tired

dead-end job

a job with no prospects for advancement

deadly weapon

any object that's used for killing

deafening silence

a silence that everyone notices

declare war

to officially announce that a country is going to war against another country

deep sleep

If you're in a deep sleep, you can't be easily woken.

deeply divided

seriously split by disputes or different opinions

deeply held

strongly held, esp. of beliefs, views, convictions, etc.

deeply rooted (in)

strongly connected to the past, esp. of beliefs, culture, prejudice, conflict, etc.

deliver a baby

to manage or assist in the birth of a baby

departure time

the exact time at which a plane, train, etc. is scheduled to leave

desk job

a job at a desk or in an office

detailed description

a description that includes many details

diametrically opposed

completely different

direct flight

a flight that doesn't stop on its way to a destination

direct quote

the exact words that a quoted person said or wrote

directly opposite

straight across from

dirty joke

a joke that's related to sex

dirty laundry

unwashed clothes, sheets, towels, etc.

dirty player

a player who breaks the rules or tries to hurt other players

distant relative

a relative you share distant family ties with

do a deal

to make an arrangement, esp. in business

do a favour

do something to help somebody

do better

to improve in performace or condition

do business (with)

to engage in business activity

do damage

to cause harm or damage

do good

to have a good effect on somebody or something

do harm

to have a bad effect on somebody or something

do likewise

do the same thing

do the dishes

to wash plates, cups, pots, pans, knives, forks, etc. used to cook and eat a meal

do the ironing

to iron clothes, sheets, etc.

do the shopping

to buy food and groceries

do the washing

to wash clothes, sheets, towels, etc.

do well

to perform well in a job, a game, an exam, etc.

do work

to put effort into a task or a job

do your best

do all you can to succeed

do your duty

do what you should do at work, at home, or for your community

doesn't matter

doesn't have any effect

don't care

to not be upset or concerned about something

don't mind (1)

don't care, or not be upset about something

don't mind (2)

to not dislike, or to not have an aversion to something

drive (sb) crazy

to make somebody feel very annoyed or upset

drop the subject

to stop talking about something

dual nationality

having citizenship in two different countries


Collocations beginning with E. Select a collocation for more details.

early days

soon after something begins

early night

earlier bedtime than usual

early riser

someone who usually gets up early in the morning

early start

a beginning or departure early in the morning

earn a living

to work and earn money for yourself or your family

easy answer

a solution that's easy to find and adopt

easy money

money that's made without working hard

easy question

a question that most people can answer correctly

easy target

someone or something that's easy to attack or criticize

eat properly

to eat proper amounts of healthy food

eat well

to eat plenty of food

eating habits

what you usually eat and the way you eat it

economic growth

an increase in the size of an economy, or the rate of this

educational game

a game that helps students to learn

eke out a living

to earn just enough money to survive

empty promises

promises that probably won't be kept

empty words

words that aren't really meant, or that won't lead to action

enter a plea

to plead guilty or not guilty in a court of law

enter politics

to begin a career in politics

entry-level job

a job at the lowest level of pay or responsibility

equal rights

rights that are the same for all races, genders, classes, etc.

equally important

of the same importance

essential services

basic services like water, electricity, postal services, medical care, free education, etc.

ethical investment

investment in a company that's ethical, not harmful or exploitative

ethical standards

ethically acceptable levels of behaviour

ethnic minority

a group of people living in a country in which most other people are from another culture or race

ethnic tensions

bad feelings between people from different races or ethnic groups

even number

any whole number that can be exactly divided by two, such as 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.

evenly matched

If two opponents are evenly matched, they are equally likely to win.

every single

all of them

exactly the same


exceed expectations

be more or better than expected

express concern

to say or show that you're worried about something

express interest (in)

to show that you're interested in something

extend a deadline

to give someone more time in which to do something


Collocations beginning with F. Select a collocation for more details.

face a challenge

to have to deal with a challenging situation

face down

with the front or face towards the ground

face the fact(s)

to accept that something is real or true, esp. if it's difficult to accept

fail miserably

to fail very badly

fair deal

a reasonable deal in business or a morally correct arrangement

fall asleep

to go to sleep

fall dramatically

to fall quickly, esp. of prices, sales, rates, temperatures, etc.

fall in love

to suddenly feel love for someone you're attracted to

false impression

a misleading or incorrect image

false teeth

teeth that aren't natural

familiar face

someone you know personally

far away

a long way from somewhere

far better (1)

be much better

far better (2)

do much better

far more

much more, or to a much greater degree

fast asleep

sleeping deeply, or in a deep sleep

fast becoming

quickly becoming

fatal accident

an accident in which someone dies

fatal mistake

a bad mistake that has terrible consequences

feel guilty

to feel bad about what you have or haven't done

feel strongly (about)

to have a very strong, or passionate, opinion about something

fight a fire

to try to put out a fire

fight a war

to engage in, or resort to, war

fight corruption

to try to prevent corruption in government and business

fight hard

to try very hard to get or achieve something

figure prominently

to be an important part of a process, an event, a story, etc.

fill a gap

to fill a space or an opening

fill in a form

to complete a form by writing in the spaces

find difficult

to feel that something's difficult, esp. while trying to do it

find time

to make time available, or find room in your schedule

fire a shot

to make a gun shoot a bullet

firmly established

well established and unlikely to change

flat battery

a battery that no longer works, or needs recharging

flat tyre

a tyre that doesn't have enough air in it

follow a pattern

happen in a regular way, or according to a pattern

follow advice

to do what someone advises you to do

follow directions

to go the way you've been told to go, or do something as directed

follow instructions

to do what instructions or instructors tell you to do

foreign policy

policy relating to international or foreign issues

free speech

speech that isn't restricted by law, religion, censorship, etc.

free spirit

a person who doesn't behave in a conventional way

front door

the door at the front of a house

front page

the first page of a newspaper

front row

a row of seats at or near the front

front seat

any seat in the front of a vehicle, or the seat next to a car's driver

fully understand

to understand the full meaning or importance of something


Collocations beginning with G. Select a collocation for more details.

gain access

to get into a place, or be given access to something or someone

generally accepted

accepted by most people

get (sb) ready

prepare yourself, or somebody else, for something

get (sth) ready

prepare something

get a call

to receive a telephone call from somebody

get a chance

to have an opportunity, or the time, to do something

get a joke

to understand a joke

get a shock

to be very surprised by something

get a ticket

to get a fine for parking illegally, speeding, etc.

get angry

to become angry about something

get back together

to become a couple or a group again after being apart

get better

to improve

get better (at)

to improve in skill or ability

get changed (1)

to be changed by someone or something

get changed (2)

to put on different clothes

get dark

to become dark, esp. when the sun goes down

get dressed

to put on clothes

get into trouble

to become involved in a bad, difficult or dangerous situation

get lost

to become lost, or be misplaced

get married

to marry somebody, or marry each other

get old

to become an old or elderly person

get rid of (1)

to throw away, give away or sell something you don't want anymore

get rid of (2)

to stop, or remove, something or someone that's annoying or upsetting you

get sleep

to spend time asleep

get tired

to become tired and feel like resting or sleeping

get tired of

to become bored or annoyed with something or somebody

get to know

to get familiar with somebody after spending time with them

get to sleep

to start sleeping

get upset

to become unhappy, disappointed or annoyed because of something

get used to

to become accustomed to something

give a hand

to give help, support or assistance

give advice

to tell somebody what you think they should do

give birth

If a mother gives birth, her unborn baby passes into the outside world.

give evidence

to say what you witnessed or know in a court of law or at an inquiry

give notice

to tell somebody that a job, or the occupation of a property, will end at a certain time

give permission

to allow or permit somebody to do something

give rise to

to cause or result in something

give sb a call

to telephone somebody

give sb a chance

to give somebody the opportunity to do something

give sb a lift

to take somebody somewhere in a car or other vehicle

give sth a go

to attempt something, esp. something you've never tried to do before

give thought (to)

to think about or consider something

give up hope

to stop hoping for something because you think it's no longer possible

give way (1)

to collapse due to weight or pressure

give way (2)

to yield, or let another vehicle go first, when driving in traffic

go bald

to become bald, or have hair fall out

go bankrupt

to be unable to pay debts and go out of business or into receivership

go crazy (1)

to become mentally ill

go crazy (2)

to get very excited

go on a date

to go out with someone you're dating

go out of fashion

to become unfashionable

go smoothly

happen without problems, difficulties or delays

go unchallenged

to not be challenged or corrected

go unnoticed

to not be seen or noticed

go wrong

to not go well, or to have bad results

good cause

an organization, activity or charity that helps people or animals in need

good chance

quite a high probability or likelihood

good company

If someone says you're good company, they enjoy spending time with you.

good deal

a fair deal or fair price

good enough

as good as necessary

good luck

good fortune

good time

an enjoyable or fun experience

great deal of

a very large amount of

greatly appreciate

to appreciate very much

growing number (of)

more and more, or an increasing number

guilty conscience

a feeling of shame or remorse after doing something wrong or bad

guilty party

person or organization guilty of doing something wrong or bad


Collocations beginning with H. Select a collocation for more details.

happy ending

The last part of a story is a "happy ending" if all ends well for the main characters.

happy hour

a scheduled time when alcoholic drinks cost less than usual

hard job

a difficult job or task

hard to believe

difficult to believe

hard to see (1)

difficult to see

hard to see (2)

difficult to imagine

hard to tell

difficult to know or deduce something

hard work

any activity that requires a lot of energy or concentration

hardly any

almost none

hardly ever

almost never

hardly likely

very unlikely or very improbable

hate to think

to be afraid to, or not want to, imagine something

have a baby

to give birth to a baby

have a chat

to have a friendly talk with someone

have a go (1)

to have a turn at doing something

have a go (2)

to attempt to do something

have a look

to look at something

have a right

have a moral or legal claim or ability

have a word

to talk about something with somebody

have access (to)

to be able to get or use something

have an effect (on)

to cause a change

have an idea

to think of something

have got

to own, possess or have

have got to


have room

to have enough space for something

have sex

to have sexual contact with someone

have the chance (to)

to have the opportunity or the time

have time

to have enough time to do something

have trouble

to find it difficult to do something

healthy diet

a diet that's good for body's health

heavily armed

having or carrying many weapons

heavily guarded

guarded by many people

heavy drinker

someone who drinks a lot of alcohol

heavy losses

large or high losses, esp. of money or lives

heavy schedule

a schedule with many meetings, appointments, dates, etc.

heavy smoker

someone who smokes a lot of cigarettes

heavy traffic

traffics that's congested and moving slowly

heavy workload

If you have a heavy workload, you have a lot of work to do.

hidden extras

extra costs that companies or sellers try to hide from buyers

high level

a level that's above the normal or expected level

high quality

very good quality

high standard

very good standard

highly regarded

thought to be very good by many people

highly unlikely

very unlikely

hold a referendum

If a country holds a referendum, citizens can vote for or against introducing a new law or piece of legislation.

hold an election

to have or conduct an election

hold an inquiry

to have or conduct an official inquiry

hold hands

If two or more people hold hands, each person holds another person's hand.

hold office

to occupy a powerful position or role, esp. in government

hold sb hostage

to imprison somebody and demand something in exchange for their release

hold sb prisoner

to force somebody to stay somewhere

hold talks

to have formal or official discussions about an issue or a situation

honest mistake

a mistake that wasn't made deliberately, or had no bad intent

hope so

used to express hope that something's true

human cost

damage or loss caused to people or societies, incl. material loss, social costs, psychological damage, etc.

human error

a mistake caused by a person, and not by mechanical failure or natural forces

human life

human existence or human experience

hurt sb's feelings

to upset somebody by being insensitive to their feelings


Collocations beginning with I. Select a collocation for more details.

icy cold

extremely cold

icy wind

very cold wind

ill effects

bad effects caused by something

ill health

poor health

immediate action

action taken right away, or without waiting

immediate family

your closest relatives by birth, meaning only your parents, brothers, sisters and children

immediate future

the period of time directly following the present

impose conditions

to set conditions or requirements that must be met or satisfied

impose restrictions

to place limits or bans on particular actions or activities

impose sanctions

to ban or limit trade or contact with a country in order to bring about a change of government or policy

inextricably linked

If two or more things are inextricably linked, the connections between them are essential or extremely close.

innocent victim

a person who wasn't involved in the events or actions that harmed them

insect bite

a bite or sting from an insect

inside information

information only known by people inside a particular organization

intense pressure

very strong or extreme pressure

interest rate

the percentage of a loan that borrowers must pay back in addition to the amount they borrowed

internal injury

an injury inside the body

internal organ

an organ inside the body

invest heavily

to spend a lot of money on something to improve or develop it

irreparable damage

damage that's too serious to repair

issue a permit

to give somebody an official document that permits them to do something


Collocations beginning with J. Select a collocation for more details.

jet fighter

armed jet plane used in war

job interview

an interview you attend if you're trying to get a job

job losses

reductions in the number of jobs available

job opportunity

prospect or chance of finding a job

join a club

to become a member of a club

join forces

If two or more people or groups join forces, they work together to achieve a common goal.

join the army

to enlist and serve in the army

joint account

a bank account held jointly by two or more people

joint effort

something achieved or created by two or more people working together

joint owners

two or more people or parties who share ownership of something

jump to a conclusion

to decide, or make up your mind, before knowing all the facts

junk food

unhealthy food, esp. processed food with lots of fat, salt, sugar, etc.

junk mail

advertising material that's sent to people who haven't asked for it

just about

almost or very nearly

just cause

a cause that it is morally right or just

just now (1)

at this moment

just now (2)

a moment ago, or a very short time ago


Collocations beginning with J. Select a collocation for more details.

jet fighter

armed jet plane used in war

job interview

an interview you attend if you're trying to get a job

job losses

reductions in the number of jobs available

job opportunity

prospect or chance of finding a job

join a club

to become a member of a club

join forces

If two or more people or groups join forces, they work together to achieve a common goal.

join the army

to enlist and serve in the army

joint account

a bank account held jointly by two or more people

joint effort

something achieved or created by two or more people working together

joint owners

two or more people or parties who share ownership of something

jump to a conclusion

to decide, or make up your mind, before knowing all the facts

junk food

unhealthy food, esp. processed food with lots of fat, salt, sugar, etc.

junk mail

advertising material that's sent to people who haven't asked for it

just about

almost or very nearly

just cause

a cause that it is morally right or just

just now (1)

at this moment

just now (2)

a moment ago, or a very short time ago


Collocations beginning with K. Select a collocation for more details.

keep a diary

to own and write in a diary

keep a promise

to do what you promised to do

keep a secret

to not tell anyone a secret

keep an appointment

to meet somebody at the time you agreed to

keep busy

to have or find many things to do

keep fit

to stay in good physical condition by exercising

keep going (1)

to continue in the same direction

keep going (2)

to continue driving, riding, running, walking, etc.

keep going (3)

to continue doing whatever you're doing

keep in touch

to have regular contact with somebody by phone, mail, email, etc.

keep quiet

to make very little noise

keep records

to store detailed information, e.g. in business, legal cases, health care, education, etc.

keep safe

to prevent loss or damage

keep sb waiting

to make somebody wait

keep sb/sth quiet

to stop somebody or something from making too much noise

keep score

to keep a record of the score in a game or a match

keep still

to not move

keep the change

to not return the change after someone has paid for something

keep your balance

to remain steady on your feet and not stumble or fall

key issue

the most, or one of the most, important issues

key role

the most, or one of the most, important roles

keynote address

the main speech or lecture at a conference, seminar, meeting, etc.

keynote speaker

the main speaker at a conference, seminar, meeting, etc.

kick a goal

to score a goal by kicking a ball

kill time

to do something to fill in spare time

know best

to know what the best thing to do is

know better

to be sensible enough to know that it's better not to do something

know the score

to know the truth or the facts about something


Collocations beginning with L. Select a collocation for more details.

language skills

skills related to using a language

last long

continue for a long time

late night

a night when you go to bed later than usual

laugh out loud

to laugh audibly, or laugh aloud so people can hear you

law and order

public order that police or military forces maintain

lay the groundwork

to do preliminary work in preparation for future work

lead the field

to be winning in a race

lead the way (1)

to go first to show others the way

lead the way (2)

to do something first or best

lead the world

to be the most successful or advanced in the world

lead to believe

to encourage somebody to believe something, or to hint that something might happen

leading role

the most important role in a film, play or TV show

leave a message

to leave information for someone you haven't been able to meet or talk to

leave home

to move out from the home you grew up in

leave sb alone

to stop annoying, bothering or criticizing somebody

leave school

to stop going to school

leave sth alone

to not touch, change or use something

legal advice

advice from a lawyer, a solicitor, or any other a legal expert

let go (1)

to allow somebody or something to go free

let go (2)

to stop holding on to something

let sb know

to tell or inform somebody

level playing-field

a situation that's fair for everyone, or in which everyone has the same opportunities

level teaspoon

a teaspoon filled to the level of the sides of the spoon

lie ahead

If something lies ahead, it's going to happen in the future.

light a fire

to start a fire

liquid refreshments

alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks

little bit

slightly, or a little

little brother | little sister

younger brother, younger sister

little known

not known by many people

live at home

to live in the home you grew up in, or with the people who raised you

live music

music played on instruments in front of an audience

living conditions

physical conditions in which people live

living things

all things that are alive, incl. microorganisms, plants, animals, etc.

long ago

in the distant past

long overdue

should have been done, or should have happened, a long time ago

long time

a great amount of time

long way

a great distance

look nice

appear attractive, pleasant, enjoyable, delicious, etc.

lose a game

to be defeated in a game

lose a job

to be told you no longer have your job

lose control

to no longer be in control of something

lose faith

to no longer have faith in something you once believed in or trusted

lose hope

to no longer have hope

lose interest

to no longer be interested in something

lose money

to have less money after gambling, investing, starting a business, etc.

lose weight

to become lighter in weight

lose your life

to die because of an accident, war, illness, crime, etc.

lose your temper

to suddenly become angry

love dearly

to love very much, esp. of family members and friends

loved one

someone you love, esp. a family member or partner

lucky escape

If you had a lucky escape, you came close to being killed or badly injured