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                 Exam Strategy and its Importance

Exam fitness is a must for any student who tries to do well in the examination. There must be a strategy to make brilliant results. A student should study regularly right from the beginning of the school term. Regular work right from the very beginning makes one thorough. Students should try to understand the lessons instead of cramming to develop their creativity. They should not learn answers by rote taking from a common source. They should prepare their own notes which will help them to avoid giving almost the same answers in scripts. They should revise their lessons frequently. It is important for an examinee to check and double-check the dates and times of ensuing exams and be aware of carrying the necessary things along with to the examination hall. In the examination hall, students should go through the whole question paper before starting to write and take the mental preparation of attempting to answer all the questions. While having a glance at the question paper, it is better to underline the key words in the questions. Moreover, during answering ‘half way’ check is important to be in proper track. Care should be given to the hand writing so that it is legible to the examiner. Thus exam fitness enables an examinee to perform well in the examination hall, which brings success to a student. 

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