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For further information about a tour (Letter, Application & Email Writing)




Write a letter asking for further information about a tour.

20 February 2021

The Manager

Unique Tour Company Ltd.

20/A Banani, Dhaka.

Sub : Asking for further information

Dear Sir,

Having known from your advertisement published in ‘The Daily Star’ of the 16th February, 2021, I came to know that you are offering a great scope to have a package tour in Cox’s Bazar. For long since I was cherishing the desire to go to Cox’s Bazar but could not manage. If I get any scope, I won’t miss it. So I need further information about the tour. I want to know about the tourist spots, transportation system, number of people in the package, total cost, facilities etc. Is there snack arrangements also? I expect that you would reply my letter as soon as possible to all my queries. I am looking forward to your reply. With thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Abidur Rahman

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