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Waste Management (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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Waste Management

Waste management means maintaining and controlling waste or garbage at the fight place at the right time. Waste or garbage means the things which are of Rio use and are thrown away into the dustbins or here and there. In a word , the useless things are termed as waste or garbage. Our existence will Become impossible or difficult on earth if the environment gets polluted day by day. It is an alarming news for all that our environment is getting pollute'- wonderfully day by day. Sound environment is the pre-condition of a long happy and sound life on earth. So sound and decent life fully depends on Pollution free environment. Waste or rubbish is the root cause of our Environmental contamination. Toxic waste-products are thrown into rivers, canals and lakes which causes serious water pollution. Human waste, food waste and burnt oil are also dumped into rivers and canals which also causes severe water pollution. Industrial poisonous chemicals cause alarming air. pollution and odour pollution. Our environmental pollution can be controlled through proper waste management. It is obvious that proper Waste management plays a vital role in reducing environment a pollution. Waste management is also hampered owing to over-pollution. Violation of social and city laws is another cause of this acute problem. Social awareness be created in order to make waste management successful. Illiteracy must be eradicated from the society with a view to making waste management fruitful and effective. Only our sincere efforts and consciousness can make waste management fruitful and successful.

Waste Management

Waste management refers to the systematic control and maintenance of waste or garbage at the appropriate location and time. Waste or garbage comprises items that no longer serve a useful purpose and are discarded into bins or scattered indiscriminately. In essence, waste or garbage pertains to items deemed useless. The degradation of our environment due to increasing pollution poses a grave threat to our continued existence on Earth. It is disconcerting news that our environment is steadily deteriorating due to pollution. A healthy environment is a prerequisite for a long, happy, and prosperous life on Earth. Therefore, a clean and pollution-free environment is indispensable for a decent quality of life. Waste or rubbish serves as the primary source of environmental contamination. Toxic waste products find their way into rivers, canals, and lakes, leading to significant water pollution. Human waste, food waste, and discarded oil also contribute to severe water pollution when they are dumped into water bodies. Industrial chemicals, with their harmful properties, exacerbate both air and odor pollution, further endangering our environment. The mitigation of environmental pollution can be achieved through the implementation of effective waste management practices. It is evident that proper waste management plays a pivotal role in reducing environmental pollution. However, the effectiveness of waste management is often hindered by over-pollution. Another contributing factor is the violation of social and urban regulations, exacerbating this pressing issue. To achieve successful waste management, it is imperative to cultivate social awareness. Furthermore, eradicating illiteracy from society is crucial to ensuring the effectiveness of waste management efforts. Only through our genuine commitment and conscientiousness can waste management be rendered fruitful and successful.

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