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THE UTILITY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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The modern age is an age of science and technology. Many of us say that it is the age of Information Technology. It is a very recent development. In the context of globalization, Information Technology is rapidly expanding and is being used by the common people. In the modern civilization, this technology is so important that we cannot ignore its utilisation. Now what is IT? It means the use of scientific knowledge, theory and information. Telephone is one of the most popular technologies which is widely used to send messages or information from one corner of the globe to another part.


The exchange of information by using technology is called communicating information technology. To use a telephone two persons are there. One is the sender of the information and the other is the receiver. Nowadays various kinds of technology are being used in the field of communication of information through signals. In ancient days, there were no such improved technology. They exchanged their information and messages through messengers, striking drum and whistling. The messengers of the message sometimes rode on a horse back to hand over the news to a far-off place. The Red Indians in America made fire and created smoke to send news. This is now quite unbelievable. Just before the invention of Information Technology, we sent information or news by sending letters to the desired person or persons.


With the rapid improvement of science, roads, waterways and of airways, communication has been widely improved and developed. In exchanging views and news, people have used different ways at different times.

Information Technology has made it easy to send urgent information in the twinkling of an eye. Telegraph, telephone, mobile phone, fax, internet— all these are the glorious means of sending and receiving information from any corner of the %vorld within a second or two

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