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THE NATIONAL DAYS OF BANGLADESH (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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Every nation has a few days which are national in character. They are nationally important and significant. On these days the nations holidays and the people become happy as well as mournful. The first day enjoys the Shaheed Day, the Victory Day, the Independence Day, include these days. Every year the people of Bangladesh celebrate these days in a grand manner.

We observe the Pahela Baishakh as one of the national days on the first day of the first month of Bangla new vear known as 'Nababarsha'. The day is celebrated with traditional festivities across the country. The day is a public holiday. The day's first programme begins at dawn at Ramna Batamul. Chhayanat, a leading cultural organisation organises the programme. A large number of people, wearing taditional dresses attend the programme. Bangla Academy, the Institute of Fine Arts bring out a colourful procession from their premises at 9-30 a.m. carrying festoons, placards, posters, banners and wear masks to welcome the Bangla New Year.

The 21st of February is an immortal day for us. This is also one of our national days. It is called the 'Shaheed Day' which means the 'Martyrs Day'. It is also known as the Ian uage day. On this day the Banglees pay glowing tribute to the sacred memory of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for theBangla language in 1952 . The Shaheed Day bears a great significance in the history of our nation. It is an eternal source of inspiration to us all. On this day we renew the pledge for the unity of the people to rise against all sorts of oppression and injustice. At present. this day is observed all over the world as the International Mother Language Day.

The Victory Dar is another important national day of our country. This day is celebrated on the 16th of December every year. On this day. Bangladesh emerged as an independent sovereign country. We celebrate the day with due solemnity. The 26th of March is our Independence Day. The day is a public holiday, too. A national committee sit in a meeting and chalk out an clabarate programme to celebrate Independence Day in a befitting manner.

We have a rich cultural heritage and the observance of our national days bears testimony to our rich culture and tradition.

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