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THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE ELDERLY(Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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It is said that childhood is a dream, youth a blunder and old age a regret. Many of the old, aged and senior citizens continue to be battered, strangled to death, rendered homeless and forced to live the last few years of their life in loneliness and despair. In our society, the old are neglected in this way or other. The younger generation doesn’t want to be bothered with the elderly. As a result many of them are now opting for old-age homes, where they get the much needed security, peace of mind, wholesome food and good company. The old people are also helpless because of ineffective laws and welfare state that offers no aid or security so the elderly remain vulnerable and open to attack. They continue to live lives of desperation. But we are to remember that elders are a part of society. Elderly persons are the people of greater age, experience and authority. By the way of their lives they play several important and vital parts that give too many benefits for the next generation. So the older persons should not be neglected anyway. They were the strength of our civilisation.

Considering all these things, the UNESCO has declared October 1 as the International day of the Elderly to draw the attention of the people to problems faced by the elderly people all over the world. On this day the problems of the elderly people are discussed and remedies are suggested to remove them. The day reminds us that many effective measures can be taken for them. Elderly people are often attacked by various diseases. So more hospitals could be established for these elderly people. Many old people have no house of their own and many others are detached from their families. More homes could be established for these people. A fund can be raised for the welfare of the older persons. The day has the significance to spread helping hand to elders. Whenever they are in any kind of trouble we can come forth to help them. We can let them know the current information of the world. We can include them in our working opportunity. Social awareness can be raised for the older persons. We must be kind to them. We must treat them as they treated us when we are helpless babies creeping upon the earth.

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