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The Historic 7th March Speech (Paragraph / Composition / Essay)

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The Historic 7th March Speech

"The Historic 7th March Speech of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman" was delivered by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on 7th March, 1971 who led the people of Bangladesh to independence in 1971. At that time when the Pakistani military rulers refused to transfer power to the Bengali nationalist leader Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, whose party Awami League gained majority in the National Assembly of Pakistan in the general election held in 1970. The speech effectively declared the independence of Bangladesh. The speech constitutes a faithful documentation of how the failure of post-colonial nation-states to develop inclusive, democratic society alienates their population belonging to different ethnic, cultural, linguistic or religious groups.   The speech was extempore and there was no written script. However, the speech survived in the audio as well as AV versions.

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The Historic 7th March Speech

The 7 March Speech, delivered by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the revered founding father of Bangladesh, holds immense historical significance. Presented on 7 March 1971 at the Ramna Race Course in Dhaka, this speech resonated with over two million people amidst escalating tensions between East Pakistan and the dominant political and military forces of West Pakistan. In his address, Mujibur Rahman announced a civil disobedience movement, urging every household to fortify itself. His words galvanized the Bengali populace, preparing them for an imminent struggle for independence in response to mounting reports of West Pakistan's military mobilization. Just 18 days later, the Bangladesh Liberation War erupted, sparked by the Pakistan Army's brutal Operation Searchlight targeting Bengali civilians, intellectuals, students, politicians, and armed forces personnel. The historic significance of this speech was further acknowledged when UNESCO included it in the Memory of the World Register on 30 October 2017, recognizing its status as a pivotal document in world history. This momentous day not only underscored the urgent need for a lasting solution for the oppressed Bengali people but also validated Bengal's steadfast resolve to fight for independence. Indeed, the directives, motivations, and unwavering determination articulated on that fateful day paved the way for the dawn of Bangladesh's independence. As a seminal event, the 7 March Speech occupies an indelible place in Bangladesh's history, serving as a perpetual source of inspiration, guiding the nation toward truth and political liberation.

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The Historic 7th March Speech

The 7th March speech is a very important speech in Bangladesh. It was given by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on 7th March 1971 at Ramna Race Course Maidan in Dhaka. There were about 2 million people there to listen. At that time, there was a lot of tension between East Pakistan and West Pakistan. In his speech, Rahman said, "This time's struggle is our liberation struggle." This speech inspired Bengalis to get ready for a war of independence because there were reports that West Pakistan was getting ready for a fight. Rahman asked all Bengalis in East Pakistan to be ready to fight against the Pakistani forces. This speech basically said that Bangladesh was now independent. It showed how countries after they became free from being colonies did not treat everyone fairly, which made people from different groups unhappy. The 7th March speech made everyone in Bangladesh feel like they had to join the war and defeat the enemy. Even after 1971, this speech still makes Bangladeshis proud and helps our country become stronger. It's a big deal that UNESCO recognized this speech because now everyone around the world knows how important it is.

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