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A Syllabus is a curriculum in which the lists of subjects are included in a course of study or taught at a particular educational institution. The learners and teachers follow this syllabus for individual subject and marches onward. When a syllabus is followed for a long time, the teachers get equipped and experienced in that one. They become able to get research work on the syllabus which enables them to impart education more successfully. But it is sometimes felt that the old-fashioned and worn out ideas create boredom in the budding mind of modern learners and the teachers as well. So it becomes a need to formulate a new syllabus fitting to contemporary world and accordingly the authority concerned try to do so.

It is observed that in our country at S. S. C. & H. S. C. levels the syllabus of study course is frequently being changed. This noble task by the authority deserves the praise and at the same time criticism as well. Hence the question arises whether the frequent change of syllabus is effective or not.

Being a student, I myself have experienced this frequent change of syllabus and I feel that the authority have forgotten about the total socio-economic infrastructure of our country before changing this syllabus. Today we find that the standard of education of the S. S. C. & H. S. C. levels has declined considerably. The reasons behind these are manifold. Lack of training and motivation of the teachers is a source of great worry. Most of the teachers are not acquainted with this new type of syllabus. In regard to the subject of English, some of the teachers opine that the new syllabus is not much effective for us, as our students have not been brought up in English oriented environment. They feel discouraged in teaching this syllabus. To some of them, it is a modern carriage pulled by primitive wheels. As the teachers are not properly trained up, they can’t give proper guidance to the students. Then comes the pecuniary condition of the people. In some cases, the students in the urban areas are doing better because they get support from their guardians, private tutors, coaching centres etc. But in the rural areas, most of the guardians cannot afford two square meals a day, let alone education. So they cannot take care of their school or college going children. Moreover, the educational institutions are suffering from want of modern facilities. So the frequent change of syllabus really makes the average students the victims of the situation and the guardians are also mentally distorted for their bright career of their children or ward. The present situation looks forward to the proper decision of the authority concerned so that the students of our country can no more be the sufferers, rather be the gainers of the change of syllabus.

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