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RECALLING SCHOOL DAYS (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

Composition / Essay Writing

                  RECALLING SCHOOL DAYS


School life is one of the most important periods in the life of a man. It is this period and place where one learns the basic principles of behaviour, speech and etiquette. School life, in fact, is a period of learning --training in all the aspects of life of a man. One gets training in many fields like the maintenance of physical fitness, increasing one’s mental powers, learning the proper mode of behaviour and understanding life. School life is a period for the formation of character, mind and body on sound lines.

My school life was really an ideal one. It was ideal in the sense that this was a period of the training of mind. The impressions which I got during school life remain throughout life even if they are good, bad or indifferent. My school life prepared me to develop good habits, right and rational thinking. It made me duty-bound and obedient. The respect of teachers and elders was my abiding faith. I obeyed all my school teachers and parents and this was also one of the good habits which I developed during school life.

During schooling, I developed interest in playing games, staging dramas, debating and other extra-curricular activities.

I was a good debater and speaker, athlete and sportsman and at the same time hold positions in the class. All the qualities of head and heart earned for me a profound love and respect from my teachers and friends. My teachers encouraged me very much and helped me in all the possible ways. I was in the good books of all the teachers as well as of the Headmaster / Headmistress, because I won many medals, cups, trophies, shields and certificates for my extra-ordinary display in examinations, sports, athletics, debates, dramas and in many other events.


Broadly speaking, school life is not merely a period for learning, reading of books or playing, but it is also the time, when all the good habits are acquired, bad habits are shunned, good conduct, fair play, sound thinking are developed and the ideas of patriotism and nationalism are imbibed

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