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PRIZE GIVING CEREMONY OF MY COLLEGE (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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The last prize giving ceremony of our college is still very fresh in my memory. It was held on the first week of February last year. The DC of our district had consented to preside over the occasion. We decorated our college premises with flowers and festoons. When the DC arrived he was accorded guard of honour by the BNCC of our college. The proceedings began with the holy Quran Telawat. Then our national anthem was sung when all of us kept standing up. The principal read out his annual report. He recalled the progress that had been carried through during the past years, the achievements of our present and ex-students in various fields of activity. Then the main ceremony began. The principal called each recipient of award by name, announced the subject in which the award was made and the place of honour he occupied. I got two prizes -one for my standing first in the last annual examination and the other in sports. When the prizes were awarded, the cheering crowd greeted the recipients with applause which was loud enough to be heard miles away. With the complimentary speech of the president, the function came to an end. When I remember the day I feel very happy and wish to have the day again so that I can get prizes.

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