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A diary is a book used for a daily record of events, thoughts, appointments etc. It is really difficult to remember everything of life as there is a limit to our memory. So, in a diary one may record all that happen in a day. A diary supplies information when one means to write a biography, or an autobiography. Again, one may record some thoughts or ideas in a diary which, later on, one may use in his literary works. It is, in this sense, a store-room in miniature, of one’s personal affairs. In it the minute details of a life can be seen preserved. So keeping a diary is a good practice. A diary is of great use to all classes of people. It helps a student to make a periodical survey of the work he has done. The diary is a valuable reference book of life. It enables us to look back. Whenever our memory gets dim or uncertain, we can resolve our doubts by turning to its pages. We can review that past with the sober eye of experience and draw lessons for the future. A diary is an interesting family record too. A diary makes interesting and instructive reading for us and others as well. So, keeping and writing a diary is a very good job.

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