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Natural Beauties of Bangladesh (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

Updated: Apr 24

Paragraph Writing

Natural Beauties of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country of gorgeous greenery on the shore of the Bay of Bengal which is enriched with natural beauty and resources, many rivers, birds, forests, historical places and above all, six seasons. Every year thousands of nature lover come from various countries come here to learn from nature, to see awesome creations and to know about wild lives. Amongst those places Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach, the Shundarbans, Srimongal Tea Garden, Jaflong, Rangamati, Bandarban, Paharpur Buddha Vihara and so on are well known worldwide. An excellent combination of the picturesque natural beauty, sandy beaches, blue sky and the shimmering expanse of water of the Bay of Bengal and the evergreen forest makes Cox’s Bazar and Kuakata Sea Beach a much sought after tourist destination. It is one of the unique spots which allow a visitor to watch both the sunrise and the sunset from the beach. This sandy beach slopes gently into the Bay and bathing there is as pleasant as is swimming or diving. The Shundarbans, the land of rare plants and animals, is the largest mangrove forest of the world. One can see Royal Bengal Tiger, a lot of deer, monkeys, and elephants and so on. The real beauty of Shundarbans is the Shundori tree which is really exceptional. Various types of birds always charm the tourists. Srimangal which is one of the hilly districts of Sylhet division is famous for tea gardens and Seven Layered tea. Jaflong is known as land of stone. The Mari River is well known to all due to transparent glass like river water. You can see the ground of river from the top of water. In fine, it can be said that if you love nature, love natural beauty and especially green field you must not forget to visit those places of Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh is called a land of natural beauties. She is nature's darling child. No other country of the world, is so blessed with the beauty of nature as Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a land of rivers. So many rivers have flowed through the country making it a beautiful waterland. The beauties of the rivers of Bangladesh is like a dream. The banks of the rivers present an unbroken view of a variety of sights which enchant the eyes. The grand spectacle of the rivers on a moonlit night is simply bewitching.

The Bay of Bengal is another beautiful gift of nature. The blue water of the sea and its rising waves are always a pleasant sight which cools our turbulent mind within a moment. The sea-beach of Cox's Bazar is a nice place for the nature lovers. It is the longest sea-beach in the world. The Saint Martin island is a gift of nature in the Bay of Bengal. The Sundarbans, largest mangrove forest of the world is another bountiful gift of nature. Its wild life and mysterious setting makes it more charming.

There is always the play of light and shade in the land. She enjoys the pleasure of sunny weather, luxury of colours and throws an appeal of an unending expanse of greenery. Her green fields overflowing with golden crops, the spotless blue and cloudy sky, her moonlit and pitch-dark night— all these present scenes of romantic charm and beauty. In Bangladesh, six seasons in their distinctive roles, come in procession and adorn our land with exquisite beauty.

There are some hilly areas in Bangladesh which are the home of natural beauty. The tea gardens in the hill slopes in Sylhet are

very charming spots. The small hills in Mymensingh area are also very beautiful landscapes. The presence of tribal people there makes this place more beautiful. Rangamati, Khagrachari and Bandarbans are the three hilly districts where nature has opened her wings of beauty. The beautiful lakes and fountains of crystal-clear water are easily noticeable here which charm us all.

The natural beauties have made this country the homeland of many animals and birds. So, no one can deny that Bangladesh is a matchless beauty spot in the



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